What is your viewing tally for movies and TV shows starring Mandy Moore?

2 Something to Remember and Walk On (2002)
A Walk to Remember

The protagonist of the romantic drama film A Walk to Remember is a young man named Landon who, after getting into some legal trouble, is sentenced to perform community service. A part of his detention is acting in the school play. On the other hand, he develops feelings for Jamie, the minister's daughter, during this time.

3 Holiday Season in Conway (2013)

The protagonist is a senior at a Christian high school who is a devout Evangelical Christian. When she finds out that her boyfriend is gay, her problems begin. After being shocked at first, she decides to help him and has sex with him to cure him of his homosexuality because she has a vision of Jesus. Unfortunately, it only makes her pregnant.   

The Battle of Midway, which occurred after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II, is the focus of the film Midway, a historical action war drama. In order to defeat and destroy the Japanese forces, the film depicts how the US Navy's Admirals had to make a series of tough decisions.        

Henry Roth's publisher sends a new artist by the name of Lucy to work with him after the death of his illustrator partner. They have less than a month to deliver his newest book, but he keeps finding ways to annoy and insult her. When her former flame returns to try and win her back, things get complicated.

7 A Tale of Two Princesses (2001)

The Princess Diaries, the movie that made Anne Hathaway a household name, is a comedy about a regular high school sophomore from San Francisco who is magically transformed into the Princess of Genovia. High school senior Mia Thermopolis finds out she is a princess and, with the help of her grandmother, tries to learn the ins and outs of being a royal while also adjusting to life as a teenager.

9 Seeking Freedom (2004)

Anna Foster, the 18-year-old daughter of U.S. President James Foster, runs away with Ben Calder, a British photographer she has just met, after she grows tired of the constant surveillance of the Secret Service team. Ben, unbeknownst to Anna, is an undercover agent tasked with protecting her without drawing attention to himself. They develop romantic feelings for one another while touring Europe. What will happen, though, when Anna learns the truth?  

11 Most Sinister Brains (2018)

A dystopian future in the United States is the setting for the science fiction action film The Darkest Minds. In this future, young people with superpowers are captured by the government. A group of teenagers are on the run from the authorities after they suddenly develop superpowers.  

12 Subterranean 47 Meters (2017)

In the horror film 47 Meters Down, the protagonists, Kate and Lisa, are two sisters who go cage diving in Mexico after being invited to do so by their uncle. They pretend Lisa has prior diving experience so they can go diving together despite Lisa's inexperience. When the cage's winch system fails, sending it tumbling to the ocean floor with the girls inside, things quickly turn violent.   

13 Since I Said So (2007)

The romantic comedy Because I Said So follows a mother who goes to great lengths to match her daughter with the "perfect man."  

14 U.S.A.'s Best Hopez (2006)

Parodying the worlds of showbiz and politics All eyes are on hot finalists Sally Kendoo, a Midwestern girl, and Omer Obeidi, an ex-terrorist and show-tunes fan on the hit TV singing competition "American Dreamz," hosted by the incorrigible Martin Tweed. Meanwhile, Omer's former organization is interested in the competition because its leader has been recruited as a guest judge out of concern for the US President's apparent nervous breakdown.  

Teenage Halley is confused by the concept of love because she has witnessed so many failed relationships, starting with her own parents' split. When she meets a guy named Macon, however, everything changes.

17 The Southland Saga (2006)

Sci-fi satire set in a dystopian Los Angeles and revolving around a fictional United States under nuclear attack. Activists, businesses, and governments all have their own agendas to push, and they use widespread fear as cover. Meanwhile, a porn star and a police officer plot the star's next film.

18 Permission to Wed (2007)

Sadie's dream wedding was to take place in the church where she was baptized. With her ideal partner finally found, Rev. If she and her fiance don't complete Frank's marriage preparation course, he won't give his blessing to the marriage. Their wedding day is rapidly approaching, and they still haven't figured out whether or not they're truly meant to be together by completing their assignments.  

19 Marriage, Engagement, and Love (2011)

When both of her parents decide to divorce, a marriage counselor is forced to face the harsh realities of married life and reconsider her own ideals about marriage.

20 The Finkels' Swing Set (2011)

A young boy named Sora embarks on a journey to save the world from the forces of darkness after witnessing the destruction of his world and the mysterious disappearance of his friends.

Nolan, a retired horse trainer, takes in a stray zebra cub and raises it as his own. The young zebra is convinced he is a racehorse and hopes to one day compete in the event.

The second film in the Dr. Dolittle series is a comedy that continues the adventures of the animal-loving veterinarian (Hugh Laurie) with extraordinary telepathic abilities (Steve Carell). In this movie, he tries to save a forest from development while also assisting a bear named Archie with his romantic life.  

The film is based loosely on the German fairy tale "Rapunzel," which tells the story of a young princess who gets lost and finds her way home thanks to her long, blonde hair. She defies her mother's wishes and, with the help of an intruder, escapes from the tower where she has been imprisoned.  

Tangled Up Forever (2012)

Princess Rapunzel and her fiance Flynn Rider are about to tie the knot. On the other hand, things become more complicated when their friends Pascal and Maximus misplace the rings. They fight desperately to locate them in time.

Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

After finding a Wi-Fi router in their arcade, Ralph and Vanellope embark on a new journey into the vast and uncharted world of the internet.  

The End of the Beginning: Tangled (2017)
The Wild West of Sheriff Callie
Song by Elton John called "Original Sin" (2002)
This is Magical Al and the Thought Machine. (2000)
Waste of Red Bull Energy (2009)
This Is Us Idol of the Dramatic Screen 2020 With Fond Remembrance Groundbreaking Acting by a Woman 2002
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