We rank the top 10 films and TV shows starring Cillian Murphy.

Even before his starring role in Oppenheimer, one of 2023's most anticipated films, Cillian Murphy has accumulated an impressive filmography.

Cillian Murphy is the eldest of four kids, and his bio on IMDb says he was born in Douglas, Ireland. His mother teaches French and his father works for the Irish Department of Education. Presentaiton Brothers College Cork was his alma mater, but he only lasted one semester studying law at University College Cork. Murphy went on to follow his passion for music and play in several bands. Later in life, he became a member of the Corcadorca Theatre Compan, where he frequently took the stage as the play's protagonist. Murphy then started looking for film roles, and in 2022 he was cast in Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, a zombie film that catapulted him to fame, garnered him several nominations, and opened doors for future acting opportunities.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 films and TV shows starring Cillian Murphy.

10-The Sequel to "A Quiet Place"

It's not easy to make a movie that can top the first one, but A Quiet Place 2 did a great job of adapting to the times and scaring audiences once again. Without John Krasinski's Lee Abbott, there was worry that the story would feel hollow as the Abbott family and other survivors faced off against dangerous extraterrestrials known as "The Creatures" and feral humans. After Lee's death, Murphy's character Emmett, a family friend, is introduced to help fill the void; he appears to be well-prepared to protect himself against the dangers of this world, but he also has to learn how to hope and let people back in.

A Ray of Hope

Although Sunshine isn't as well-known as other science fiction epics, that doesn't make it any less enthralling. There is a dying sun and the end of humanity is near in this tale set in the distant future. They set out into space with the intention of using their stellar-bomb invention to revive the star, but their mission takes an unexpected turn when they receive a distress beacon from a missing spaceship. Murphy portrays Robert Capa, a brilliant physicist who keeps to himself. Murphy went the extra mile by consulting with actual physicist Brian Cox in order to gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge concepts, and the results speak for themselves.

8. Red Eye

Wes Craven's latest thriller, Red Eye, is on par with the director's other thrillers. Hotel manager Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) runs into Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy) at the airport. Assasination plot involving a cutesy meet-cute that requires Lisa to use her managerial skills to reassign the target's room. Murphy's ability to go from charming to deadly so effortlessly is a testament to his range as an actor, and his ability to complement other actors is also on full display here.

Number Seven: The Get-Together

In The Party, we get to see a slew of interesting characters in supporting roles in a dark comedy. Janet, played by Patricia Clarkson, is a politician who has been promoted to the position of shadow minister of health. She hosts a small gathering at her home, and due to the eclectic mix of guests, secrets are revealed and hilarious antics ensue. Tom, played by Murphy, is a handsome banker who is married to Janet's coworker Marrianne. Tom, however, has his own problems and may be hiding a drug addiction and violent tendencies. To portray a person on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Murphy is able to skilfully navigate the space between subtlety and overtness.

6, Inception

A highly trained team in the mind-bending film Inception must penetrate the consciousness of a businessman whose father owns a major energy corporation. Murphy portrays the role of Fischer, a businessman. The audience's hopes for the success of the mission rest on this character, even though he spends most of the film asleep. You can rewatch this story over and over and still notice new details and develop new theories about what they all mean because of how densely layered the story is.

A.V. Club: 5 Movies You Must See Before You Die

Playing Batman is incredibly challenging, and so is playing one of his villains. There are very high standards to meet when dealing with such notorious villains. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow is played by Cillian Murphy, who is a great choice for the role in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. The psychology professor turned Gotham City villain enjoys instilling fear, and in Batman Begins he puts the Dark Knight through a terrifying ordeal that compels him to face his own demons. When it comes to live-action portrayals of Scarecrow, Murphy is currently the best there has been.

#4 The Wind That Shakes the Barley

Time and place for The Wind That Shakes the Barley is the 1920s, during the Irish War of Independence. Damien (Murphy) is an Irish medical student who was planning to begin his training in London, but after witnessing the violence and anarchy unfolding, he decided to enlist in the Irish Republican Army instead. It's a tragic story, and while you'll want Damien to find a calm place where he can realize his potential, you'll also understand why he'd want to fight for what he believes in, no matter how complicated that may get.

Third, a pause

In Intermission, Murphy plays John, a Dubliner who tries to break up with his girlfriend (Kelly Macdonald) and sees how it goes. As a result, she starts dating a middle-aged banker, and John quickly begins to feel remorse for his earlier actions. For their heist, John recruits a low-level criminal named Lehiff (Colin Farrell), whose place of employment is a bank. Nothing in this story has any real purpose, but because of the characters' immaturity, everything that happens is complete nonsense. However, the performances are stellar, and the film as a whole successfully captures the clumsiness of the modern man.

It's Been 28 Days

There has been no diminishment in 28 Days Later's impact since the film's initial release. When Jim finally emerges from his month-long coma, he finds a world gone to hell. People are desperately trying to make it through the zombie apocalypse in what's left of his city. There is a palpable air of chaos in this film. When bad things happen, it's easy to feel powerless to stop them and to end up making choices you'd rather avoid. Early in his career, Murphy demonstrated a command of the material and an sensitivity to how to effectively convey a range of conflicting emotions.

Premiere of Peaky Blinders

Tommy Shelby's role in Peaky Blinders is a dream come true for Murphy. He runs a criminal enterprise with his family in early 20th-century England. His brothers and he served in the British Army during World War I, and now they rule the streets of Birmingham. However, their enemies have proven to be just as tenacious. Pressure from the Royal Irish Constabulary isn't the only force working to bring down their empire; other gangs and powerful parties must be dealt with as well. Tommy maintains his composure under duress and resorts to violence only when absolutely necessary. A compelling tragedy, he is tortured by the burden of maintaining the family business while suffering painful losses. Murphy should have been nominated multiple times for his performance in this role, but anyone who has followed his career knows that he gave an outstanding performance.

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