"Unveiling the Top 9 Reality TV Shows that Push Celebrities to their Limits"

Being a celebrity is not an easy task by any means. Your fame could vanish in the blink of an eye. Once you've reached the peak of your career, it becomes challenging to maintain that luxurious lifestyle. Surviving in the limelight requires you to continually stay relevant, and that's where reality TV comes in.

Celebrity reality shows have a unique appeal that caters to the audience's desire for something new and unexpected. Some shows feature an actual competition, while others focus on bringing together an unlikely cast of celebrities to create an entertaining spectacle. What makes them fascinating is watching these celebrities push themselves out of their comfort zones.


9 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test' (2023- )


Fox's latest creation, Special Forces, pits athletes, musicians, actors, and reality stars against the toughest military training to demonstrate their grit and determination. The show doesn't offer a large cash prize to its winners; instead, they receive the satisfaction of realizing their full potential. The challenges are so intense that some members of the cast have to leave the show due to injuries, but it reinforces the idea that anyone can achieve greatness with the right mindset.

Unlike most reality shows that seek to humiliate its participants, Special Forces sets itself apart by showcasing the capability of individuals who are typically overlooked by society.

8 'The Surreal Life' (2003- )



The Surreal Life is VH1's answer to MTV's Reality TV phenomenon, The Real World. The show takes a unique approach, focusing on a group of bizarre celebrities living together in a house for two weeks. Their goal is to project their genuine personality to prove that they are more than what the audience perceives them to be.

The Surreal Life is an opportunity for these celebrities to break out of their typical mold and reveal themselves to the world. The show's unique format introduces some fantastic pairings that are both bizarre and entertaining. But what makes the show special is the unexpected moments of authenticity that shine through.

7 'RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race' (2020- )


RuPaul's Drag Race has provided a platform for the LGBTQIA community while bringing Drag culture mainstream. The show has become so popular that famous faces are eager to participate in its exciting format. RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race took it a step further, featuring a new group of celebrities each week competing to win the title.


Throughout the second season, Secret Celebrity Drag Race combined elements of the original show with The Masked Singer format, exciting fans even more. The show's appeal lies in its unique blend of talent, entertainment, humor, and acceptance, which makes it an exciting and fun watch for everyone.

Drag is a grueling and demanding art form that requires not only fashion-savvy but also a larger-than-life personality that can captivate an audience with comedy, dancing, and lip-sync performances. Drag Race's celebrity contestants have come to understand this the hard way, as they are expected to deliver top-notch drag performances every week with the guidance of legendary Drag Race alum. As RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race continues to expand its global presence, it is undoubtedly a cherished addition to the Drag Race family.

The life of a circus performer is more of a lifestyle choice than a simple profession. It necessitates years of practice and absolute dedication. Celebrity Circus is an adaptation of a Portuguese reality show with the same name that follows the journey of renowned personalities like Stacey Dash, Antonio Sabato Jr., and Wee Man, as they take on the challenge of putting on a genuine circus performance with minimal training. It's grueling and physically demanding, as the celebrities must push themselves to the limit. Though the show only lasted for one season on NBC, it remains a relevant and interesting concept for a revival in today's society where multi-hyphenate celebrities are crucial for staying in the spotlight.


Big Brother has become a popular reality TV staple worldwide. Therefore, it only makes sense to expand the franchise with Celebrity Big Brother. This version sees an ensemble of celebrities thrown together into a house with surveillance cameras capturing their every move. Unlike the traditional Big Brother show, the celebrities know each other and have existing relationships, adding a new layer of complexity to the diplomacy and social deduction game. Although the US version has only had three seasons, it has already had its fair share of iconic moments, including when influencer and musician Todrick Hall's controversial gameplay followed him into the real world, becoming a controversial point in his career.


The Masked Singer is a wildly popular show that first aired in 2019 and has since spawned numerous international adaptations. The premise of the show is simple; celebrities sing while masked, and a panel of judges tries to guess their identity. It's an amusing guessing game and has caught the public imagination, thanks to the celebrity contestants, outlandish costumes, and power-packed performances week after week. With its broad appeal and addictive mystery, it has the potential to become a long-standing franchise with many more seasons to come.

The rise of The Masked Singer was an unexpected phenomenon. With its strange premise and lack of major rewards, it's a wonder the show has become as popular as it has. Originally based on a South Korean format, the show features iconic celebrities who suit up in elaborate disguises to compete in a singing competition while remaining anonymous. A panel of judges, featuring Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, and Nicole Scherzinger, rate the performances and try to guess the identity of each participant.


Despite the potential discomfort of the show's costumes and live performances, it is undoubtedly an exciting experience for participants. Without any monetary prizes, contestants can solely focus on having a good time. Now in its ninth season, The Masked Singer has become a commonly enjoyed pastime among its fans.

Splash is a sport competition show showcasing celebrity divers such as Louie Anderson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Chuy from Chelsea Lately. Adopting the format of popular shows, such as Dancing With The Stars, Splash presents a lesser-known sport - competitive diving - to audiences.

The unique aspect of Splash is its ability to demonstrate how demanding diving is even for average people. Contrary to what many viewers might believe, the sport is not just about jumping and pointing down. Each episode reveals the cast's learning process as they try to become skilled divers. Although its run was short-lived, Splash is recommended watching for diving enthusiasts and everyone else likewise.


Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew from VH1 offers much-needed insight into the struggles of celebrities and their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Across multiple seasons, Dr. Drew takes on the task of helping celebrities overcome their addictions.

This show requires an immense amount of vulnerability from its cast members. Sharing one's personal life can be daunting, and doing so on-screen for a national audience adds extra pressure. Despite the potential for the show to venture into trash TV territory, Celebrity Rehab approaches its participants with respect and empathy, making it a genuinely heartwarming watch.


I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! is a show that aired on ABC from 2003 to 2009. It is a survival reality TV series that forces celebrities to compete in various challenges and stunts in a remote location. The show's main charm is its ability to portray celebrities as ordinary people.

Instead of presenting them as glamourous idols, I'm A Celebrity offers audiences an opportunity to see celebrities in a new light, enduring challenges just like anyone else. On the show, viewers are given a rare chance to connect with their favorite celebrities on a more personal level.

Despite running for more than 20 seasons in the UK, I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has yet to fully resonate with American audiences, as both attempts to adapt the show were unceremoniously cancelled after just a single season. The show offers a unique angle on Survivor, plopping notoriously pampered celebrities into the wilderness and forcing them to fend for themselves with only the barest of necessities.


What sets this show apart is the sheer amount of discomfort experienced by the cast. Each week, a participant is eliminated after undergoing strenuous challenges testing their survival skills and social savvy alike. The ultimate goal is to outsmart and outlast the other contestants until only one remains at the end. Here's to hoping that American audiences give this show another chance to shine.

In other news, check out our picks for the top 10 reality competition shows set to return in 2023.

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