Unleashing the Power of TCL 4-Series Roku TV: The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Experience lifelike viewing like never before with the TCL 4-Series Roku TV 43S435, the best value 43-inch TV out there! Get ready to be mesmerized as we take you on a journey through the features and performance of this incredible television. From entertainment at your fingertips to choosing how you watch, this article will dive into the powerful control you'll have in your hands. So, settle in and prepare to be blown away as we update you on not just one, but 62 TVs! Get ready to revolutionize your viewing experience with the TCL 4-Series Roku TV 43S435.

Experience Lifelike Viewing


Stunning Ultra HD provides four times the resolution of Full HD, resulting in enhanced clarity and detail.


Delivers bright and accurate colors to create a lifelike viewing experience.


Pair with an HDTV antenna to access dozens of local broadcast TV channels without the need for cable.

Simple, Personalized Home Screen SIMPLE, PERSONALIZED HOME SCREEN

Seamlessly access thousands of streaming movies and TV episodes.


High-speed 802.11ac wireless connectivity allows easy access to your favorite content.


Experience full, rich sound that creates an immersive cinematic audio surround sound experience.

4-Series Endless Entertainment

Roku TV Features

For smart features, the 4-Series uses Roku TV, which provides the same apps and services as a Roku media streamer. Most big names are available, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube (though Twitch remains absent from Roku’s library).

The TV is also Apple AirPlay compatible, allowing you to stream content from your Mac or iOS device. WiDi/Miracast enables wireless screen mirroring from Windows PCs and some Android devices, but Google Cast is not available for streamlined Android streaming.

TCL 4-Series Performance

The TCL 43S435 is a 4K high dynamic range (HDR) TV with a 60Hz refresh rate. It is compatible with HDR10 and HLG, but not Dolby Vision.

We test TVs using a Klein K-80 colorimeter, a Murideo SIX-G signal generator, and Portrait Displays’ Calman software, following methodology based on Imaging Science Foundation’s calibration techniques. Out of the box, in Movie mode (the most color-accurate mode on the TV) with an SDR signal, the 43S435 has a peak brightness of 208.381cd/m^2 and a black level of 0.07cd/m^2, resulting in an effective contrast ratio of 3,155:1. While this isn't particularly bright, it is expected for such an inexpensive TV. Brightness can be increased to 273.228cd/m^2 in Normal mode, resulting in a contrast ratio of 4,027:1, but this mode leads to cooler colors.

Contrary to some higher-end TVs, the 43S435's contrast performance with an HDR signal is similar to SDR. When tested with an HDR10 signal in Dark (HDR) or Bright (HDR) picture modes, the measured numbers remain very close to SDR.

While HDR doesn't make the picture brighter, it significantly broadens the color range of the 43S435. The color performance with an SDR signal is compared to Rec.709 broadcast standards, while the color performance with an HDR signal is compared to DCI-P3 digital cinema standards. The TV demonstrates generally accurate SDR colors, although reds are slightly oversaturated. With an HDR picture, the TV manages to cover the color space well, accurately reproducing blues and reds and reaching deep into the green spectrum. However, magentas lean slightly blue, and yellows lean slightly red. Overall, the TV delivers surprisingly strong color performance for its affordable price.

During playback of BBC’s Planet Earth II, colors appear balanced on the 43S435, although greens appear slightly undersaturated and lack the vividness one would hope for. Fine details, such as fur, are crisp and sharp in well-lit scenes but tend to fade and lose detail in darker, heavily shadowed parts of the frame.

While the 43S435's greens may not be impressive, reds are deep and vibrant, as seen when watching Deadpool. Deadpool's costume looks properly vibrant in the opening scene, even under overcast lighting, and skin tones appear natural. The flames in the burning lab fight sequence look bright and vivid, although the TV's modest contrast leads to faded shadow details against the fire.

In The Great Gatsby's high-contrast party scenes, the 43S435's performance is decent, although dark details like cuts and textures of black suits can appear washed out or muddy depending on the overall brightness of the frame. Skin tones, however, appear natural and balanced against the dark blacks and whites.

TV input lag is tested using an HDFury Diva HDMI matrix to determine the time between when a TV receives a signal and when the screen updates. With Game Mode disabled, the 43S435 exhibits a mediocre input lag of 45.2 milliseconds. Enabling Game Mode reduces the input lag to 23.3ms, which is a significant improvement but still exceeds the 20ms threshold considered optimal for gaming.


With America's #1 streaming platform¹ built-in, you'll enjoy an easy, lightning-fast experience and automatic updates that continually enhance your TV experience.²

Cable, streaming, cord cutter friendly


Watch your favorite entertainment however you prefer, whether through a streaming service, cable or satellite subscription, or free over-the-air channels. The possibilities are endless.

powerful mobile app


Transform your smartphone into a Roku remote with voice control, the ability to browse or add new channels, and even enjoy TV audio on headphones connected to your mobile device for private listening. All with the free Roku mobile app.³

easy voice control

62 TVs Updated

We have retested popular models. The test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.

In conclusion, the TCL 4 Series Roku TV 43S435 offers an unparalleled viewing experience that will make you feel like you're part of the action. With its lifelike picture quality and immersive Roku TV features, this TV is the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best value in a 43-inch television. Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, but it also puts entertainment right at your fingertips, allowing you to choose how and what you want to watch. With powerful control in your hands, you'll have the ultimate TV viewing experience. With all these incredible features and its recent update, the TCL 4 Series Roku TV 43S435 is truly a standout among the 62 televisions currently available.

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