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When in need of a light watch, reality shows are a perfect option. While TikTok can keep you on the loop, the content on EW's list is bound to make you forget your phone! Whether it's romance with shows like Love is Blind and Love on the Spectrum, or an escape to an entirely different reality with Selling Sunset, Netflix has all the must-watch content you crave.

This History competition is a true survival test. Stranded in the wilderness, ten competitors must rely on their individual skills to outlast each other without any interaction. The only goal is to not be medically evacuated or quit. The winner goes home with a grand prize of $500,000 ($1 million in later seasons).

As of May 2023, only the eighth season of Alone is available on Netflix. Located on the shores of a glacial lake in British Columbia and subtitled Grizzly Mountain, this season is ideal for fans who miss Survivor's survival focus. —Kevin Jacobsen

Stream Alone on Netflix

You won't be able to watch all 40 seasons of Survivor on Netflix, but the streaming platform offers a selection for your enjoyment. The show, which pits 16 to 20 people in a deserted location, requires them to fend for themselves, work together, and vote each other out until only one winner remains. The fun of Survivor is in watching alliances form and break, and contestants use different strategies to make it to the end.

CBS still airs the beloved series every year, but Netflix only offers two previous seasons (which are sometimes replaced with two other seasons). —K.J.

Stream Survivor on Netflix

Survivor's strategic counterpart, Big Brother, is also a favorite among game enthusiasts. In a house, strangers from different backgrounds conspire against each other to win a hefty cash prize. CBS viewers have enjoyed the competition series since 2000, with numerous game twists introduced through the years.

Like Survivor, Netflix only offers two seasons of Big Brother at any given time, with seasons 10 and 14 currently available. Fans of the show will recognize these as the Dan Gheesling seasons, in which he is hailed as one of the best houseguests to ever play the game. —K.J.

Click here to watch Big Brother on Netflix and experience the thrill of competition. If you're not one for the backstabbing of Survivor or Big Brother, fear not! The Amazing Race is the reality show for you, with only a small amount of backstabbing in the form of roadblocks. Every season, a group of either 11 or 12 teams of two compete in a race around the world, completing locale-specific tasks along the way. The team that arrives last each episode is typically eliminated, with the ultimate winning team taking home a grand prize of $1 million.

Currently, only two seasons of The Amazing Race are available on Netflix, but subscribers who enjoy any of these three CBS reality shows can find every season of Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race on Paramount. Join the competition and watch The Amazing Race on Netflix now by clicking here.

The Circle, a social experiment slash reality TV show, begs the question: to catfish or not to catfish? Contestants become virtual neighbors in a luxurious apartment complex, but there is a twist. The players never meet face-to-face and instead, communicate solely through television screens and text messages. Each player can only access carefully curated photos and bios of the other contestants. The ultimate goal is to be the most-liked resident, with the last one standing taking home a large sum of cash. With surprise celebrity appearances and shake-ups to the rules along the way, The Circle is a must-watch. Tune in to The Circle on Netflix by clicking here.

Queer Eye, a revival of the early 2000s hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, made a triumphant return to our screens in 2018 with a mission to transform the lives of everyday people. Since its debut, the show's cast, including hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness, counselor Karamo Brown, chef Antoni Porowski, interior designer Bobby Berk, and fashion expert Tan France, have not only accomplished that, but also won over hearts and minds. These five experts are the fairy godparents of our dreams. Watch Queer Eye on Netflix today by clicking here.

Experience a transformative encounter every time you watch the Fab Five work their unique charm and bring encouragement to those they help. With six incredible seasons to catch up on, you won't want to miss out before the highly anticipated release of season 7. The Fab Five have announced they will be returning to our screens with a brand new season, filmed in the captivating city of New Orleans. The show's Twitter account shared a teaser, stating "Get ready for new adventures and more tears real soon." The much-anticipated season 7 will be available to stream on May 12. —E.S.

Watch Queer Eye on Netflix

The Great British Baking Show is different. It is refined, and exceptional; traits that are uncommon in reality TV. The show's elegant approach to competition is unparalleled as contestants cheer each other on, and lend a helping hand when necessary, making the series all the more heartwarming. Viewers from all over the world have been charmed by the show's evolved concept, one that showcases amateur bakers competing and improving with class. Over the course of 10 weeks, contestants work to quickly learn and develop new skills as the intensity level increases. A competition that is full of tension and challenge, The Great British Baking Show never fails to lighten the mood with its comic relief and empathy. —E.S.

Watch The Great British Baking Show on Netflix

The Oppenheim Group's premier real estate agents in Los Angeles feature in Selling Sunset, a drama-heavy series jam-packed with absurd housing deals and much more. The hit series developed by the creators of The Hills, delivers luxurious homes, petty drama, and even romance, that will keep you hooked throughout all five seasons. There's also a spin-off series, Selling Tampa, also available on Netflix. A must-watch for anyone looking for an escape from the tiny home van life trend. The series' sixth season will be released on May 19. —E.S.

Watch Selling Sunset on Netflix

Don't let the subtitles deter you from watching Old Enough!, a delightful and long-running Japanese television show available on Netflix in the U.S. With two seasons available, this show follows Japanese children between the ages of 2 and 5 as they embark on their first solo errands. Each episode is filled with endless cuteness as these little ones navigate through adult chores alone for the first time, from purchasing flowers for grandma to making juice for mom. Whether the tasks are completed without a hitch or mundane distractions, you will be smiling from ear to ear. —E.S.

If you're craving something sweet, tuck into Nailed It!, the scrumptious show where amateur bakers take on the challenge of replicating professional desserts for a chance at winning $10,000. Comedian extraordinaire, Nicole Byer, is the hilarious host of the original show, which has sprouted various spin-offs like Nailed It! Mexico and Nailed It! France. But this isn't just any cooking show. The contestants are often novices who can sometimes be clueless, which makes for comedic gold.

Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without the expert guidance of world-renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres and a rotating cast of celebrity guest judges like Wayne Brady, Reggie Watts, and Sam Richardson. So, whether you're cracking up at the contestants' unorthodox methods, admiring the judges' culinary confections, or both, Nailed It! is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Everyone deserves love, and Love on the Spectrum proves that people on the autism spectrum are no exception. The Australian matchmaking show follows the journeys of several individuals with varying forms of autism as they navigate the ups and downs of dating and relationships. Communication can pose a challenge, but the show takes a compassionate approach to showcasing how individuals with autism can find love.

From first dates to heartbreaks, Love on the Spectrum portrays relatable experiences and helps to normalize misconceptions about autism. By shining a spotlight on the diverse spectrum, viewers are sure to be enlightened and entertained.

Love is Blind, the ultimate experiment of whether true love is blind, might just make you question if you'd marry someone sight unseen. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show places contestants in isolated pods where they get to know each other intimately without ever laying eyes on one another. After multiple potential matches and proposals, the couples spend three weeks together on a honeymoon before deciding whether to say "I do" at the altar.

The stakes are high, as the finale takes place in front of an audience of family and friends as well as millions of viewers at home. With four seasons to indulge in and a fifth on the way, Love is Blind has captured America's hearts with its fascinating social experiment that is both dramatic and heartwarming.

Ready to binge-watch? Catch Nailed It!, Love on the Spectrum, and Love is Blind on Netflix now.

Indulge in Nailed It! on Netflix

The term "snowflake" has been adopted by conservatives as a weapon against progressives, targeting the younger generation as entitled and lacking life skills. Snowflake Mountain curates contestants who appear to embody this stereotype, living at home with their parents, boasting lavish lifestyles, and fulfilling their juvenile desires. 

Ten selected participants believe they are embarking on a journey to a luxury villa but instead find themselves stranded in the British countryside, forced to engage in wilderness survival tasks to remain on the show and win a grand prize of $50,000. The objective is to equip these "kidults" with essential life skills that will help them break out of their stagnant lifestyles and venture beyond the boundaries of their parents' homes. Throughout the show, contestants receive support, encouragement, and the occasional shoulder to cry on from their mentors, who dispense tough love, grow and change alongside them. Can all of these "kidults" emerge from this experience with renewed vision and a fresh outlook on life? Tune in to find out. —E.S.

Discover Snowflake Mountain on Netflix

Sima Taparia, a matchmaker trained in ancient techniques like Kundali, pairs beautiful singles with each other. She executes traditional matchmaking practices with a contemporary twist. On the show, Sima Aunty's best intentions match persistence with pushback. Will her hopeful clients ever find true happiness?

Her success is evident with Netflix's renewal of Indian Matchmaking for a third season (streaming April 21!). —E.S.

Experience Indian Matchmaking on Netflix

As a kid, did you ever imagine that the floor was lava? This show takes that idea to the extreme and transforms the floor, into well, lava (or at least, dyed slime). Contestants must undertake American Ninja Warrior-style feats like moving platforms, vertical nets, and intense monkey bars while evading an "active" volcano.

If you fail to complete the task, you'll fall into the "actual" lava. This new version of the beloved childhood game takes it to the next level of intensity. It's perfect family viewing. —E.S.

Enjoy Floor Is Lava on Netflix

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