Top TV Shows for 10-Year-Olds: From High School Musical to Doctor Who and Anne With An E

Looking for the best TV shows that will captivate the imagination of your 10-year-old? Look no further! From thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales, this article has got you covered. Whether your child is into high school drama, fantastical worlds, or even a baking challenge, we've handpicked a selection of shows that will keep them entertained for hours on end. Get ready to dive into a world of excitement and wonder as we explore the top picks for the best TV shows for 10-year-olds!

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, season 3

TV tonight Sofia Wylie and Matt Cornett go back to school.

Sofia Wylie and Matt Cornett return to school in the new third season of High School Musical. In High School Musical season 3, the Wildcats have traded East High's hallways for Camp Shallow Lake, a theatre summer camp in Los Angeles. As they prepare for a new production of Frozen, the drama ensues and emotions run high.

Olivia Rodrigo (Nini) is a guest star in this season, while Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family and social media sensation JoJo Siwa also make guest appearances. Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Matt Cornett (E.J.), and Sofia Wylie (Gina) reprise their roles as regular cast members.

Why Watch: This season offers a fresh location and captivating music, as well as enjoyable characters and relatable teenage angst.

Our 10-year-old says: "It's a fun and enjoyable show, and we love the music."

Where to watch: Disney Plus

Number of Seasons: 3

Episodes: 27

Average episode length: 35 mins

The Letter For The King (Netflix, 11 )

  • From Netflix: "A young knight in training contends with ancient prophecies, magical powers, and fickle companions as he sets out on an epic quest to save his kingdom."
  • Why we liked it: This series has all the excitement of Game of Thrones without the graphic content. It's a captivating story with kings, knights, sword fights, and magic.

Shadow and Bone (Netflix, 14 )

  • From Netflix: "Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war-torn world."
  • Why we liked it: This show features a strong female main character and offers a darker and grittier storyline. It's a captivating story that may also get kids interested in the book series.

Good Omens (Amazon Prime, 13 )

  • From Amazon: "The End of the World is coming, which means a fussy Angel and a loose-living Demon who've become overly fond of life on Earth are forced to form an unlikely alliance to stop Armageddon. But they have lost the Antichrist, an 11-year-old boy unaware he's meant to bring upon the end of days, forcing them to embark on an adventure to find him and save the world before it's too late."
  • Why we liked it: This quirky and wacky show is based on a Neil Gaiman novel and features a fantastic performance by Jon Hamm as Archangel Gabriel. Note that there is one suggestive scene near the end of the series.

Lost in Space (Netflix, 13 )

  • From Netflix: "After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fights against all odds to survive and escape. But they're surrounded by hidden dangers."
  • Why We Liked it: This reboot of the original show is suspenseful and gripping while still maintaining a family-focused storyline.

My Octopus Teacher (Netflix, 8 )

  • From Netflix: "A filmmaker forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world."
  • Why we liked it: This documentary offers a unique and touching look at underwater life. It's a captivating and educational experience.

More Shows for Tweens & Young teens

The Great British Baking Show

Another baking show that's fun for the whole family! Amateur bakers from the U.K. undergo a series of difficult challenges to impress veteran bakers and judges while competing to be crowned the best baker.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Unlucky orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire go through a series of unfortunate events while trying to evade Count Olaf and his gang of strange associates who are after the orphan's inheritance.

The Baby Sitter's Club

Based on the popular book series, a group of teen friends experience what it's like to run their own babysitting business while navigating life.

Nowhere Boys (Amazon, 10 )

  • What Amazon says: "Four teenage boys – Jake, Felix, Andy and Sam – go on a school excursion trekking through the dense forest. They find themselves lost and get caught in an unexpected and violent lightning storm. When they return home the next morning, they realize that they have returned to a world where they no longer exist!"
  • Why we liked it: This show is like Stranger Things Lite, less scary but still suspenseful and exciting. We watched all four seasons, even when they introduced a new set of main characters.

His Dark Materials (HBO Max)

  • From HBO: "Based on Philip Pullman's epic novels, His Dark Materials follows a young orphan on an epic adventure into a parallel world where a human's soul exists in the form of a talking animal."
  • Why we liked it: This show features a strong and brave girl as the main character, and we loved getting lost in the fantasy world of the story.

100 Foot Wave (HBO Max, TV-14)

  • From HBO: "The six-part series intimately captures the decade-long odyssey of surfing pioneer Garrett McNamara, who, after visiting Nazaré, Portugal in hopes of conquering a 100 foot wave, pushed the sport to ever-greater heights and alongside locals helped transform the small fishing village into the world's pre-eminent big-wave surfing destination."
  • Why we liked it: Though younger kids may be bored at times, we were captivated by the story of extreme surfing. The series also features a couple of fierce female surfers.

The Healing Powers of Dude

Meet Noah, an 11-year-old boy who's struggling with social anxiety disorder. On his first day at a new school, Noah faces challenges and anxiety. To help him cope, his parents get him an emotional support dog named Dude.

Dude is not your typical well-behaved support dog. He can talk and has a funny and sarcastic personality. Through their adventures, the show explores mental health in a relatable and accessible way.

Why Watch: This show starts conversations about mental health and showcases how panic attacks feel. It's funny, heartwarming, and emphasizes the power of love, friendship, and the bond between humans and dogs.

Our 10-year-old says: "It teaches you that dogs can do anything and that everyone is different."

Where to watch: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 1

Episodes: 8

Average episode length: 25 minutes

Man Vs Bee

Rowan Atkinson stars as Trevor, a bumbling house-sitter assigned to look after a luxury mansion. However, his job gets complicated when he crosses paths with a mischievous bee.

With hilarious physical comedy and comedic situations, this short nine-part series will have the whole family laughing.

Why Watch: This series offers bite-sized episodes filled with laughter as Trevor finds himself in comedic mishaps while looking after a fancy house.

Our 10-year-old says: "It's really funny, and it features Mr. Bean!"

Where to watch: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 1

Episodes: 9

Average episode length: 12 minutes

You vs Wild: Out Cold

Bear Grylls lights a fire.

In this interactive film, survival expert Bear Grylls finds himself hanging upside down in a tree after a plane crash. With no memory of what happened, Bear needs your help to survive. Will you prioritize food, shelter, or water?

Viewers get to choose Bear's next moves, and the outcome of his survival depends on their decisions. It's an absorbing and exciting experience that teaches survival skills and quick decision-making.

Why Watch: This interactive series puts you in control as you guide Bear through challenging situations. It's thrilling, educational, and a great lesson in making decisions under pressure.

Our 10-year-old says: "It's fun to watch and take part in. It feels a bit scary because it feels so real, and I felt the pressure to get things right in a good way!"

Where to watch: Netflix

Number of Seasons: 2


Average episode length: 14 to 25 mins depending on your decisions. 

Crazy Delicious

Doctor Who

14th Doctor Ncuti Gatwa, photographed at the Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards on May 8, 2022.

The iconic British series Doctor Who features the adventures of the 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, who is the first female to portray the role. She travels through the galaxy, battling aliens, and saving the world.

As Jodie Whittaker's tenure comes to an end with one final special episode airing this autumn, Ncuti Gatwa from Sex Education has been confirmed as the 14th Doctor. He will embark on a new series of intergalactic adventures.

Why Watch: Doctor Who offers a thrilling story every week, filled with action, heart, and love for humanity.

Our 10-year-old says: "This is my absolute favorite show. It can be scary at times, but I love the idea of aliens around us and how the Doctor and her friends work together to save the world."

Where to watch: BBC America in the US and BBC iPlayer in the UK

Number of Seasons: 13 (since the 2005 revival)

Episodes: 30 with the current doctor Jodie Whittaker

Average episode length: 44 mins

Free Solo (Disney , 11 )

  • From Disney: "Free solo climber Alex Honnold prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: scaling Yosemite's 3200-foot El Capitan without a rope."
  • Why we liked it: This Academy Award-winning documentary from National Geographic will leave you holding your breath. It's a captivating story that may inspire bravery.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The stars of Unit 99

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is a spin-off of the 2008 series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It follows Clone Force 99, a group of elite clone troopers. The story begins with the shocking death of Jedi Master Depa Billaba, which doesn't sit well with the independent-minded members of Unit 99.

As they defy orders and encounter insurgents, they find themselves running for their lives.

Why Watch: The characters of Clone Force 99 are likable and strong. They're a rebel group who think outside the box and always support each other.

Our 10-year-old says: "I like the characters, their teamwork, and the action scenes. There's a lot of fighting and great battles."

Where to watch: Disney Plus

Number of Seasons: 1 (season 2 is set to arrive in autumn 2022)

Episodes: 16

Average episode length: A 70-minute special followed by 25-minute episodes.

Operation Ouch

Twins and doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken.

Real-life twins and medical doctors Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand van Tulleken explore the inner workings of the human body. They conduct experiments, visit hospitals, and reveal fascinating facts about various conditions and illnesses affecting children.

From muscles to brains, each episode is filled with valuable information presented in a fun and engaging way. The show encourages older kids to think about science and biology in new ways.

Why Watch: The van Tulleken brothers are entertaining and informative, providing a wealth of information and facts in every episode. The show also celebrates the hardworking medical staff who play vital roles in our lives.

Our 10-year-old says: "It's educational and fun at the same time. It's interesting to see what happens in a hospital and learn about different jobs that we may not appreciate as much."

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, CBBC, BBC iPlayer.

Number of Seasons: 10

Episodes: 122

Average episode length: 28 mins

  • Best CBBC shows
  • Best shows for 7 year olds

Kids TV Shows On Amazon Prime

I am creating a separate category for shows on Amazon Prime because I absolutely adore them. These shows are not only loved by kids, but they are also enjoyable for the whole family to watch together.

This is just another reason why I have a great affinity for Amazon Prime. The shows are distinct, innovative, and feature characters that are quirky, intelligent, and relatable to real children.

I have included shows that are targeted towards slightly older audiences, apart from preschoolers, but there are also shows available for that age group. I strongly urge you to give them a try.

23. ANNE DROIDS (Amazon Prime - Amazon Original Series)

24. Just Add Magic (Amazon Prime - Amazon Original Series)

25. Gortimer Gibbons Life On Normal Street (Amazon Prime - Amazon Original Series)

If you're looking for more content to entertain your tweens, you can follow Sunshine and Hurricanes on Pinterest for a collection of Tween Activities.

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Are there any Kids Shows I’ve missed that your family loves?

Anne With An E

This historical drama is an adaptation of L.M. Montgomery's novel, "Anne of Green Gables." Your tween will receive bonus points if they have already read the book! It follows the story of Anne, an orphan girl growing up in the 19th century. Each episode is filled with adventure and Victorian-era whimsy as Anne tries to navigate her new life on Prince Edward Island and her unconventional family.

This article was originally published on June 20, 2022.

With a wide range of options to choose from, there is no shortage of captivating TV shows for 10-year-olds. Whether it's the musical magic of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, the gripping fantasy of Shadow and Bone, or the heartwarming adventures of The Baby Sitter's Club, there is something for every young viewer. So grab some popcorn and get ready for hours of entertainment as these shows transport you to exciting worlds and inspire your imagination. With these fantastic choices, there's no doubt that the TV screen will be a source of joy and wonder for any 10-year-old.

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