Top Comedy Drama TV Series to Keep You Laughing and Engaged

Are you ready to laugh, cry, and be thoroughly entertained? Look no further than the best comedy drama TV series that have graced our screens over the years. From the beloved classics like "Show With Bob and David" and "The Comeback" to the more recent gems like "The White Lotus" and "Rap Sh!t," these shows have it all. They will make you laugh until your sides hurt and tug at your heartstrings, leaving you wanting more. Join us as we take a journey through some of the most captivating and hilarious TV series that have ever been created.

Show With Bob and David (1995 - 1998)

Brillstein-Grey Entertainment/Everett

One of the best sketch series from the late '90s that flew under the radar was Mr. Show With Bob and David. Aired on HBO from 1995 to 1998, the show gained a devoted following of comedy writers, comedians, and fans who appreciated its intelligent, absurd humor. Many saw it as a worthy successor to acclaimed variety shows like Monty Python, SCTV, and Kids in the Hall. Mr. Show, created, written, and executive produced by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, who also starred in the series, had many celebrity fans, including Conan O'Brien, Janeane Garofalo, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key. Despite not receiving the necessary network support and struggling to find a wider audience during its four-season run on cable, Mr. Show remains essential viewing for comedy lovers and fans of irreverent, satirical comedy.

Where to watch Mr. Show: Max

Cast: Bob Odenkirk, David Cross

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The Comeback (2005, 2014)

Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Cherish on 'The Comeback'.

John P. Johnson/HBO

Just a year after the popular sitcom Friends ended, Lisa Kudrow returned to television with HBO's The Comeback. Created by Kudrow and Michael Patrick King, known for Sex and the City, the show is a unique blend of sitcom and reality TV. It follows the comeback journey of fictional sitcom star Valerie Cherish, played by Kudrow, as she returns to TV. The show was ahead of its time stylistically, using found footage and chronicling Cherish's attempts to revive her career. Despite developing a devoted following, it was canceled after just one season. However, in 2014, the show was revived for a second season, following Cherish as she tries to pitch a pilot to Bravo's Andy Cohen. Smart, satirical, and offering valuable insights into the television industry, The Comeback is a delightful reminder of Kudrow's comedic talent beyond her role in Friends.

Where to watch The Comeback: Max

Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Malin Åkerman, Robert Bagnell, Lance Barber, Robert Michael Morris, Laura Silverman, Damian Young

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Pushing Daisies (2007 - 2009)

Anna Friel and Lee Pace in 'Pushing Daisies'.


The 2007/2008 Writers Guild strike had a significant impact on many TV shows, and one of its unfortunate casualties was Pushing Daisies. This hour-long comedy drama aired on ABC for only two seasons, despite winning seven Emmy Awards. The show revolves around professional pie maker Ned, played by Lee Pace, who possesses the supernatural ability to bring people back to life with one touch, but if he touches them again, they will die once more. This power creates a dilemma when Ned brings his childhood crush Chuck, played by Anna Friel, back to life, realizing that a physical relationship with her is now impossible. Featuring Kristin Chenoweth and narrated by Jim Dale, the show offers a whimsical plot and stunning production design that would have inspired countless Pinterest boards if it had aired in the era of Pinterest.

Where to watch Pushing Daisies: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride, Field Cate, Ellen Greene, Swoosie Kurtz, Kristin Chenoweth

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Veep (2012 - 2019)

Colleen Hayes/HBO

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won nine Emmys for her acting and producing work on the political comedy Veep. Created by Scottish writer Armando Iannucci, the show offers a satirical take on America's political system through the lens of Vice President Selina Meyer, played by Louis-Dreyfus. Meyer's political ambitions far outweigh her moral compass, and she is surrounded by a team of equally ruthless D.C. staffers. The show's seven-year run coincided with the increasing polarization of America's political landscape, blurring the lines between real-life politics and Veep's satirical version of them. Known for its superb cameo casting, Veep benefited from its perfect timing and is one of the few comedies that delivered a satisfying series finale. It only gets better with time, solidifying its status as a fantastic show.

Where to watch Veep: Max

EW grade: B (read the review)

Cast: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott

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Silicon Valley (2014 - 2019)

Ali Paige Goldstein/HBO

In the 2010s, the world of startup culture presented itself as ripe for satire, and HBO's Silicon Valley rose to the occasion. This six-season comedy series follows coder Richard Hendricks, played by Thomas Middleditch, as he embarks on launching his startup, Pied Piper, while navigating the challenges of competition, unscrupulous investors, and the chaotic tech industry. Written by nerds, for nerds, and about nerds, Silicon Valley provides sharp satirical commentary on the geek culture of the Bay Area. It brilliantly parodies the cycle of success and failure driving the startup community and humanizes the people behind it all. Packed with rapid-fire wit, clever humor, and a deep exploration of the tech world, Silicon Valley appeals to a wide audience, whether tech-savvy or not.

Where to watch Silicon Valley: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, Christopher Evan Welch, Amanda Crew, Zach Woods

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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (2014 - 2023)

Paula Lobo/HBO

When Senior British Correspondent John Oliver left The Daily Show after seven years, he embarked on his own late-night series on HBO, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. This weekly talk show takes a deep dive into topical events through monologues, satirical segments, and in-depth coverage on a single subject per episode. The series quickly won over viewers and critics, but also faced backlash from politicians and big businesses for its unapologetic coverage. Last Week Tonight has had a tangible impact on legislation and cultural change, fearlessly speaking truth to power. It has even faced defamation lawsuits, which it ultimately prevailed. Educational, subversive, and consistently funny, Last Week Tonight has won seven consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series and continues to be a powerful voice in late-night television.

Where to watch Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: John Oliver

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High Maintenance (2016 - 2020)

David Russell/HBO/Courtesy Everett Collection

High Maintenance stands out as one of the most unique comedies on this list. Originally a web series on Vimeo, it made the transition to HBO and expanded its content to a consistent half-hour format. The show follows a New York City-based weed dealer known as "The Guy" as he bikes around the city, delivering weed and interacting with his eccentric clients. The series debuted in 2012 with short episodes ranging from five to 20 minutes, and it developed a cult following. Each episode features different clients, exploring themes like loneliness, connection, and politics through their perspectives and living situations. High Maintenance offers thoughtful, funny, and insightful character studies that unfold like one-act plays, with The Guy serving as the common thread tying it all together.

Where to watch High Maintenance: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Talent: Ben Sinclair

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Insecure (2016 - 2021)

Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji on HBO's 'Insecure'.


Two years after Broad City successfully transitioned from a web series to Comedy Central, HBO had its own digital-to-broadcast success story with Insecure. Partially based on Issa Rae's popular YouTube show The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, Insecure was co-developed by Rae and comedian Larry Wilmore. The show follows the lives of Issa and Molly, best friends navigating adulthood in South Los Angeles. It explores relatable issues faced by 20-somethings of every generation, such as complicated friendships, uninspiring relationships, career challenges, and the journey towards independence and self-acceptance. Insecure quickly gained a cult-like fan base and propelled Rae to stardom in the film industry. It is hailed as a smart, funny, and authentic portrayal of reality.

Where to watch Insecure: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis, Lisa Joyce, Natasha Rothwell, Amanda Seales

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Search Party (2016 - 2022)

A unique blend of dark comedy, social satire, mystery, and thriller, TBS struck gold with their late-night sleeper hit, Search Party, which first aired in the late 2010s. The series follows Dory (played by Alia Shawkat), a resident of Brooklyn who finds herself trapped in a toxic relationship and surrounded by self-absorbed friends. When Dory learns that her college acquaintance Chantal has gone missing, she becomes obsessed with finding her. As she delves deeper into the mysterious disappearance, Dory gets tangled up in dangerous situations and encounters questionable individuals. The more invested she becomes in Chantal's life, the more her own life unravels. Spanning five seasons, Search Party presents an unexpected narrative arc and explores the struggle of misguided Millennials searching for meaning.

Where to watch Search Party: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Alia Shawkat, John Reynolds, John Early, Meredith Hagner

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South Side (2019 - 2021)

South Side, which aired on Comedy Central before being picked up by HBO Max, is set in Chicago, a beloved American metropolis that has served as the backdrop for various TV projects. The show revolves around Simon and K, two furniture repo men residing in the city's Englewood neighborhood. South Side aims to showcase the diversity and diverse experiences found in the area. The creators envision the series as a "Black Game of Thrones," featuring numerous characters who evolve from the background to the forefront. Despite receiving critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, HBO Max unfortunately scrapped plans for a fourth season. However, audiences can still enjoy the first three seasons on Max.

Where to watch South Side: Max

Cast: Sultan Salahuddin, Kareme Young, Quincy Young, Chandra Russell, Bashir Salahuddin, Diallo Riddle, Lil Rel Howery, Zuri Salahuddin

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Los Espookys (2019 - 2022)

HBO logo

Los Espookys is a Spanish-language comedy series created by and starring Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen. The show revolves around a group of friends, including Torres, Fabrega, and Armisen's character, who is an esteemed parking attendant and uncle to one of the main characters. Together, they form a business focused on designing and executing fake horror experiences. From organizing faux exorcisms for competitive priests to creating sea monsters and staging fake abductions, Los Espookys specializes in providing fabricated scares. With a perfect balance of humor and suspense, the first season's six episodes (the seventh was delayed due to COVID-19) captivate audiences. As one EW critic aptly phrases it, if you're comfortable with spontaneous laughter, Los Espookys is a must-watch. Unfortunately, production delays caused the cancellation of the show's second season. Nonetheless, Los Espookys stands as a testament to its ability to both frighten and entertain with its unique sense of humor.

Where to watch Los Espookys: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Bernardo Velasco, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres, Fred Armisen

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The Other Two (2019 - 2023)

HBO Max logo

The Other Two introduces a hilarious and relatable concept — for every young YouTube star who achieves fame, there are two adult siblings struggling in life. The comedy centers around the less successful older brother and sister, Cary and Brooke, whose teenage brother, Chase, unexpectedly becomes a viral sensation. Cary, a gay actor desperate for stardom, and Brooke, a former professional dancer turned real estate agent, find themselves overshadowed by Chase's newfound fame. Meanwhile, their mother, Pat, easily adapts to the glamorous lifestyle that comes with Chase's success. Created by former co-head writers of Saturday Night Live, The Other Two takes the family on absurd and comedic escapades as they navigate their journey through fame. Although they face many challenges, they sometimes manage to come out on top.

Where to watch The Other Two: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Heléne Yorke, Drew Tarver, Case Walker, Ken Marino, Molly Shannon, Brandon Scott Jones, Josh Segarra

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Tuca & Bertie (2019 - 2022)

Netflix logo

Tuca & Bertie, initially canceled by Netflix after its first season, found new life on Adult Swim and HBO Max for two additional seasons before facing cancellation for the second time. Created by Lisa Hanawalt, a producer and production designer for BoJack Horseman, this resilient animated series follows the adventures of two human-sized birds, Tuca and Bertie, and their anthropomorphic plant friends. Hanawalt aimed to create an animated show for adults that explores the lives of women with honesty and comedy, delving into mature themes such as substance abuse and assault. While targeted at Gen Z, Tuca & Bertie appeals to a wider audience. The show's unique animation style and clever humor make it a must-watch, even in its limited run.

Where to watch Tuca & Bertie: Max

Cast: Tiffany Haddish, Ali Wong, Steven Yeun, John Early, Richard E. Grant, Reggie Watts

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The Sex Lives of College Girls (2021 - 2022)

HBO Max logo

The Sex Lives of College Girls fills the void left by Sex and the City for the Gen Z audience. Produced by Mindy Kaling, this comedy series follows the lives of four eighteen-year-old women from different backgrounds as they navigate college life in Vermont. Representing diverse racial, socioeconomic, and sexual preferences, the characters offer a fresh perspective on college hookup culture and sexual liberation. The show has found critical and commercial success, with two completed seasons and a third on the way. As the subject of education gains prominence in cultural and political discourse, The Sex Lives of College Girls uses satire to explore a multitude of topics.

Where to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls: Max

Cast: Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp, Alyah Chanelle Scott, Gavin Leatherwood

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The White Lotus (2021 - 2023)

HBO logo

With two seasons already premiered, The White Lotus is a dark comedy that delves into the world of luxury resorts and the intriguing dynamics between management and wealthy guests. The series takes place at The White Lotus, a fictional chain of luxury resorts, with each season set in a different location. The show is an anthology, featuring a rotating cast that showcases the talented performances of renowned actors. The White Lotus offers a satirical exploration of privilege, class, and family. Created by Mike White, the comedic genius behind School of Rock, the show has been praised for its thought-provoking and funny portrayal of different aspects of society. With a third season set in Thailand, The White Lotus continues to captivate audiences.

Where to watch The White Lotus: Max

EW grade: B (read the review)

Cast: Jennifer Coolidge, Jon Gries, Connie Britton, Aubrey Plaza, F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli, Steve Zahn

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Abbott Elementary (2021 - 2023)

ABC logo

If you're a fan of heartwarming comedies like Ted Lasso, then Abbott Elementary is the show for you. Created by Quinta Brunson, known for her work on A Black Lady Sketch Show, this mockumentary-style sitcom focuses on the lives of teachers in an underfunded Philadelphia elementary school. The show highlights both the young, idealistic teachers and the seasoned educators who have become disillusioned. The school's self-involved principal, along with a cast of adorable child actors, adds to the charm of the series. Abbott Elementary received critical acclaim and won Emmys for its creator, Quinta Brunson, and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph. With education becoming an increasingly important topic, the show's satirical potential is limitless.

Where to watch Abbott Elementary: Max

EW grade: A- (read the review)

Cast: Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Chris Perfetti, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter, Janelle James

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PAUSE with Sam Jay (2021 - 2022)

Macall Polay/HBO

Sam Jay, a stand-up comedian and writer for SNL, brings a unique talk show experience to the network with her series PAUSE with Sam Jay. The show, co-created by Sam Jay herself, turns late night into a party. Every week, Sam co-hosts a soiree at her apartment and invites guests to discuss cultural issues such as race relations, politics, sexual identity, and celebrity. PAUSE also includes interviews, sketches, and animation, taking late night out of the studio and into the real world. This creates an authenticity and ease that is not typically associated with the genre. With a guest list that includes established and up-and-coming comedy talents, PAUSE is a talk show for comedy fans, cultural critics, and anyone who enjoys good conversation. Season 2 concluded in July 2022, and Jay confirmed in February 2023 that there will not be a third season. The series consists of only 14 half-hour episodes, making it ideal for a weekend binge.

Watch PAUSE with Sam Jay on Max

Cast: Sam Jay

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The Flight Attendant (2020 - 2022)

Kaley Cuoco on 'The Flight Attendant'.

Lara Solanki/ HBOMax

TV star Kaley Cuoco, known for her role in The Big Bang Theory, took on a new project after leaving the sitcom in 2019. She starred in the Max Original comedy drama thriller, The Flight Attendant, a year later. Cuoco plays the character Cassie Bowden, a flight attendant and alcoholic whose reckless behavior leads to her becoming a person of interest in an FBI investigation into a murder. With no memory of the night in question and haunted by hallucinations, Cassie tries to clear her name and solve the crime. However, her drinking and self-destructive tendencies hinder her efforts. The Flight Attendant combines suspense and comedy, with Cuoco's performance stealing the show, even as her character navigates messy situations while under the influence.

Watch The Flight Attendant on Max

Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Michiel Huisman, Zosia Mamet, T. R. Knight, Michelle Gomez, Colin Woodell, Merle Dandridge, Griffin Matthews, Nolan Gerard Funk, Rosie Perez, Deniz Akdeniz, Mo McRae, Callie Hernandez, J.J. Soria, Cheryl Hines

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Barry (2018 - 2023)


Fans of action-comedy should look no further than the Emmy-winning series Barry, created by Bill Hader. The show follows the journey of Barry Berkman, a hitman from Cleveland who ends up pursuing a career in acting while on assignment in Los Angeles. As Barry tries to navigate his new passion for acting, he must also find a way to distance himself from his criminal past. The fourth and final season, which concluded in May 2023, takes a darker turn while exploring themes of redemption and personal transformation.

Watch Barry on Max

EW grade: B (Read the review)

Cast: Bill Hader, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Glenn Fleshler, Anthony Carrigan, Henry Winkler, Sarah Burns, Robert Wisdom

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2 Dope Queens (2018 - 2019)

Mindy Tucker/HBO

2 Dope Queens on HBO is not your typical television show. Based on the popular podcast hosted by comedians Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, the series consists of comedy specials, each focusing on a different theme. Season 1 includes four episodes covering topics such as black nerdiness, hookups, hair, and living in New York City. Season 2 explores themes of luxury, music, fashion, and nostalgia. 2 Dope Queens invites comedians and celebrities to join its hilarious hosts for hour-long episodes filled with laughter. Directed by comedian Tig Notaro, the show aims to explore representation while showcasing established and up-and-coming comedians from the late 2010s. Whether you're a fan of the podcast or new to Williams' and Robinson's work, 2 Dope Queens offers a unique and binge-worthy comedy experience for everyone.

Watch 2 Dope Queens on Max

Cast: Jessica Williams, Phoebe Robinson

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Rap Sh!t (2022 - 2023)

Alicia Vera/HBO Max

When Mia Knight reaches out to her old high school friend Shawna for a babysitter, she finds herself forming a rap group and creating a viral single instead. Rap Sh!t is based on the real-life rap duo City Girls, who are also co-executive producers of the series. The show goes beyond music and explores themes of friendship, motherhood, and pursuing dreams. Mia and Shawna are both musicians with different artistic sensibilities. While Shawna wants her music to advocate for social issues, Mia believes in the freedom to rap about anything, with a focus on sex and partying. Rap Sh!t is Issa Rae's second project with HBO Max, following the success of Insecure. The series premiered in June 2022 and was renewed for a second season in September.

Watch Rap Sh!t on Max

Cast: Aida Osman, KaMillion, Jonica Booth, Devon Terrell, RJ Cyler

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The Rehearsal (2022)


Nathan Fielder, a comedian known for his cringe comedy style, takes it a step further in The Rehearsal, a docu-comedy series he created, wrote, directed, and starred in. The show explores the concept of rehearsing difficult moments in life to make them easier. The production value is impressive, utilizing sets, costumes, and casting to heighten each rehearsal. Fielder's deadpan delivery and willingness to examine his own life add depth to the series. The Rehearsal is a creative and meta show that blends sketch comedy with performance art. The less you know about it going in, the more you'll enjoy the unique experience it offers.

Watch The Rehearsal on Max

Cast: Nathan Fielder

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Our Flag Means Death (2022 - 2023)

Aaron Epstein/HBO Max

Experience the 1700s with Our Flag Means Death, Max's pirate rom-com that offers both hilarious characters and significant LGBTQ representation. Loosely based on the real-life story of Stede Bonnet, the series follows his journey from a luxurious life in Barbados to becoming a pirate aboard the ship "Revenge." Our Flag Means Death is a cheeky farce featuring Taika Waititi as Blackbeard and Joel Fry as Frenchie. While the show brings laughter, it also explores heartfelt queer romantic storylines. Audiences have appreciated the inclusion of a nonbinary pirate, portrayed by Vico Ortiz, who has expressed how the show's authenticity extends to its representation behind the scenes.

Watch Our Flag Means Death on Max

Cast: Rhys Darby, Ewen Bremner, Joel Fry, Samson Kayo, Con O'Neill, Nathan Foad, Vico Ortiz, Kristian Nairn, Matthew Maher, Guz Khan, David Fane, Samba Schutte, Rory Kinnear, Nat Faxon, Taika Waititi

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These comedy drama TV series have provided us with years of laughter, tears, and unforgettable moments. From the brilliant sketches of Show With Bob and David to the biting political satire of Veep, there is a show for every sense of humor. Whether it's the outlandish adventures of High Maintenance or the hilarious misadventures of The Other Two, these series have brought joy to our screens. As we bid farewell to some of these beloved shows and eagerly await new ones like Rap Sh!t and The Rehearsal, we can be certain that the world of comedy drama television will continue to amaze and entertain us for years to come.

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