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Actor and director Taylor Sheridan was born in the United States on May 21, 1970[1]. Sheridan played both David Hale and Danny Boyd on the FX series Sons of Anarchy and the WB series Veronica Mars, respectively, from 2005 to 2007.

Sheridan is no stranger to the world of filmmaking; he was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay for his work on the script for Sicario (2015). For the film Hell or High Water (2016), for which he received four Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture), he was nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Sheridan also penned the 2018 sequel to Sicario and directed the neo-Western crime film Wind River in 2017. Not only did he co-create the crime thriller Mayor of Kingstown, but he also co-created the Paramount Network television series Yellowstone and its prequels 1883 (2021) and 1923 (2022). Along with Terence Winter, he created and currently co-writes and shows the crime drama Tulsa King. [3]

Sheridan was recognized as a worthy member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2021. [4]

Early life [ edit ]

Sheridan was raised in Cranfills Gap, Texas, on a ranch. His family was so poor that they didn't even have a stereo. Sheridan said, "I would still be living there if we hadn't lost the property in the '90s." Sheridan left Texas State University and started a new life in Austin, where he worked as a landscaper and a house painter after dropping out. Sheridan was job-hunting in a mall when he ran into a talent scout who gave him the opportunity to move to Chicago and pursue an acting career. Later in his acting career, he made his home in both New York and Los Angeles. [5][6]

Career [ edit ]

Sheridan began his career as an actor, showing up in independent films and making guest appearances on shows like Veronica Mars, Walker, Texas Ranger, and, most notably, Sons of Anarchy, where he played the pivotal role of David Hale. After reaching the age of 40, he decided to switch to screenwriting. His first feature film as a writer was Denis Villeneuve's Sicario. Focuses on FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), who is part of a government task force trying to bring down the head of a powerful and brutal Mexican drug cartel. Both Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro appeared in it [9, 10]. The movie was well-received by critics (94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and audiences alike, earning several nominations (including one for Sheridan at the Writers Guild of America Awards for Best Original Screenplay). [12][13]

Comancheria was Sheridan's follow-up to Sicario. A number of years of development delays caused Comancheria to appear on the Black List in 2012. Later retitled Hell or High Water and starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster, it was released in August of 2016 to widespread acclaim. Sheridan's screenplay was widely recognized, and he was nominated for several prestigious awards for it. [16][17]

Although Sheridan's name is attached to the low-budget horror film Vile, he has stated in a 2017 interview with Rotten Tomatoes that he does not consider it his directorial debut.

This [Wind River] is probably my first major film role. A buddy of mine raised $20,000 or so, cast his pals, and had me tell him not to direct a bad horror movie he had written. He had planned on directing and producing the project, but after getting nervous about it, he called and asked, "Can you help me?" To which I replied, "Yeah, I'll try " I was the one who kept the course steady while they went off to edit and do their thing. That you would refer to me as the director is very kind of you. Somehow, I feel like he was trying to express gratitude. It was a great chance to practice my camera skills, which helped me immensely on Wind River. [18]

With Wind River, starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, he made his directorial debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017; it was his third feature as a screenwriter. A veteran game tracker (Renner) and an FBI agent (Olsen) investigate a murder on a Native American reservation. After purchasing the rights to distribute the film at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival[19], the Weinstein Company decided not to show it at Sundance. [20] However, the business ultimately concluded a distribution agreement. After a limited release, [21]Wind River had a wide release in the United States on August 18, 2017. Wind River is the final film in Sheridan's trilogy about "the modern-day American frontier," which also includes Sicario and Hell or High Water. [23]

The American adaptation of the 2015 French drama-thriller Disorder, starring Matthias Schoenaerts and directed by Alice Winocour, will be written by Sheridan, according to a Deadline report from September 15. The original plan called for David Beaubaire to oversee production at the studio and be worked on by Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, and Tony Shaw of Escape Artists. For the directing duties, [24]James Mangold was set to

Starting on June 20, 2018, the fifth season of Sheridan's 2017 TV series Yellowstone, which stars Kevin Costner, will air on the Paramount Network. [25]

Sheridan penned the 2018 film Sicario: Day of the Soldado, which was directed by Stefano Sollima and starred Alejandro G. Iárritu. Just recently, [26] his contract with ViacomCBS as a whole was renewed. [27]

The film Those Who Wish Me Dead, directed by Sheridan, had its distribution rights purchased by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema in May 2019. It premiered in theaters around the world on May 5, 2021, but it was in South Korea. Released on May 14, 2021, in the USA [29] [30]

Style [ edit ]

Sheridan, who started out as an actor, claims that his "allergy to exposition" in writing was shaped by the sheer volume of expositional dialogue he read on television. Also, in order to zero in on the characters, he has said that "absurdly simple" plots are what he's looking for. Writing-wise, [31] he credits the Coen brothers, Cormac McCarthy, and Larry McMurtry. [32]

He is well-known for experimenting with conventional screenplay elements. A "five-act structure and a five-act structure within that" was used by Sheridan in Sicario. He has faith in the viewers' wits and uses the stories' framework and setting to play with their expectations: "I look at each movie as, 'How am I breaking the rules this time?' '"[33]

Private matters [ edit ]

The couple tied the knot in 2013, and Sheridan has been happily married to Nicole Muirbrook since then. Their family now includes a son They currently make their home in Weatherford, Texas. [34][35]

Filmography [ edit ]

Film [ edit ]

Television [ edit ]

Year Title Director Writer Producer Creator Showrunner Notes 2018–present Yellowstone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Co-developer alongside John Linson 2019–present This Man Was the Last Real Cowboy No No Yes Yes No Cowboys compete in an unscripted reality show to see who will win the
winnings of $1,000,000 in the Reining competition 2021–present They elected a new mayor in Kingstown. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Creator (along with Hugh Dillon) 2021–2022 1883 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yellowstone's prologue 2022–present Tulsa King No Yes Yes Yes No Terence Winter is a co-showrunner on the show. 2022–present 1923 No Yes Yes Yes Yes The book that came before Yellowstone and after 1883. 2023 Lioness No Yes Yes Yes Yes Filming TBA Reeves, Bass Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Filming 2023 Land Man No Yes Yes Yes Yes Pre-production

Acting [ edit ]

Notes [ edit ]

  1. ^ However, despite the director credit, Sheridan does not see this as his directorial debut. [36]

References [ edit ]

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