This list ranks the 18 greatest Nickelodeon shows of the '90s and '00s.

Do you recall having to dash home from school to watch your favorite program? In the '90s and '00s, when streaming wasn't yet a thing, people relied on old-fashioned DVDs and cable networks. And there was a wide variety of television programs to pick from. Nickelodeon was the one we watched, whether it be animated or real-life, Actually, every Nicktoons, or shows broadcast on the Nickelodeon network Those times were extraordinary.

The TV network's announcement of its partnership with Netflix coming back in the year 2020 A few of the first shows to join the streaming giant's library are "SpongeBob SquarePants" and The Legend of Korra: Avatar, the Last Airbender Furthermore, in a time when we are (generally) encouraged to stay at home, revisiting our favorite childhood shows has never been more restorative.

Because of this, we decided to gather some more classic episodes of Nick shows that will make you reminisce Are you ready for a nostalgic journey through the world of television?

The first animated series to ever have a run was "Rugrats" (1991-2004).

old Nick shows

It's been 17 years since the final episode of Rugrats aired on Nick, but the show's legacy remains stronger than that of almost any other classic Nick series. After all, with over ten seasons, three movies, and even a spinoff series, it was arguably the most popular cartoon of the '90s and '00s.  

Read about the exploits of some close friends. Tommy and Chucky, Phil and Lil, Angelica, the resident badass, and the rest of the gang They get into all kinds of mischief together, and they haven't even finished kindergarten! Everything is more enjoyable when you're a cute little baby, that's for sure. In addition, don't force us to pick a favorite; they're all terrific. Even Angelica, if you must know

Two, Arnold (1996-2004)

old Nick shows

Go, football noggin just one of many unforgettable aspects of Hey Arnold Characters in this show are among the most complex and nuanced in the history of animated television. Think about it: how many fictional teenagers in cartoons can you name? that intriguing - without the benefits of being superhuman, half-magical, or even secret spies  

In a sea of Nick shows set in the suburbs, the fact that they were city kids gave them an advantage. ( Hillwood Similar to styles popular before the rise of the hipster Brooklyn Not to mention, who needs abilities or superpowers when your bedroom looks like this Arnold ’s Confess: you begged your parents for a makeover when you were a kid. And as for the furnishings inside the rooms, don't even get us started on Helga the hidden altar of a person who is "all the way" Whoa there, babe ” 

Series 3: The Myth of the Lost Temple (1993–1995)


Before the popular app, Temple Run and the OG Tales of the Mystical Temple's Secret Location This kids' game show was exciting and a great place to learn some interesting information. Lost treasures guarded by mysterious Mayan temple guards are said to be housed in the temple of the same name. ” 

In this competition, six pairs of people will work together to retrieve an artifact from the temple. The catch They'll need to do a lot of tricks (like climbing up a rope) ) (and respond to inquiries about past and present events, mythology, and geography  

P S This is another classic Nick show that will be rebooted in the near future. Those millennials now in their 20s who long to revisit their youth will be the target audience for the revival.

(2004-2007) 4 Unfabulous

old Nick shows

There was a singer before Taylor Swift. Miss Addie Singer from Unfabulous Additionally, her surname suggests that she is a songwriter and guitarist. (The music in this Nick show was specifically composed to make you cry laughing so hard you'll pee your pants. She's the prototypical 14-year-old in that she's equal parts eccentric and angsty. In all candor, We support this idea wholeheartedly. Teens should just be teens and not try to act mature or wise.  

Addie sings pretty much about everything that happens to her. Her material covers a lot of ground, from the hilarious (desiring to be a Mexican wrestler but, like, in an emo way) to the painfully relatable (concerns about one's appearance, such as having braces or flat hair). Naturally, most of her music is based on her feelings for a boy, or more specifically, two boys. Which side did you choose, Jake or Randy?  

5. Zoey 101 (2005-2008)

Nickelodeon shows

We had always imagined ourselves at our top-choice school long before we even applied there. The Pacific Coast High School (PCA) In this made-up Malibu university, the events of Zoey 101 Even so, it wasn't your typical boarding school with strict principals and antiquated buildings. On the contrary, PCA's vibrant buildings and exciting features, such as a movie theater and a Japanese restaurant, create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and recreation.  

Meanwhile, not wanting to be outdone, Substitute: Zoey Brooks and her group of friends was also full of fascinating people with interesting quirks of their own. To put it simply, we wished we could hang out with them in real life. Overall, Zoey 101 was the pinnacle of escape comedy-drama on Nickelodeon at the time it aired Leaving home, attending a perfect school, and using adorable technology Aw, man, if only!  

Fun fact It turns out that principal component analysis (PCA) The University of Pepperdine IRL That's so awesome.

Sixth, Ginger (2000-2006): As Told by Ginger

Nickelodeon shows

Follow Foutley, Ginger as she experiences some universally familiar growing pains, many of which she chronicles in her writing. She had a lot of brains, but all she cared about was fitting in with the cool kids. Once she made friends with the queen bee, her wishes came true. Courtney ... though not without opposition from Courtney's trusted aide, Miranda Normal stuff that happens in middle school

And the genuineness of The Ginger Recount that was so popular among its audience We'd go so far as to say it was ahead of its time for Nickelodeon. It helped pave the way for the empowerment of many young girls by discussing the subject that no one wants to talk about: puberty.

Seventh, The Wild Thornberries (1998-2004).

Nickelodeon shows

What to expect from the show's namesake family is pretty much implied by the title. Suppose your parents are avid nature videographers. documentaries , and the obvious perk of visiting many different locations It was a typical day for an eleven-year-old girl. Electrifying Eliza Thornberry Amazingly, she also has the ability to communicate with animals.

Actually, if you ask Eliza, she might disagree. She can't tell anyone or she'll lose her abilities, for starters. On the other hand, there's yet another benefit to A Case of the Thornberries is the underlying message it sends about protecting the environment from threats like extinction, pollution, and deforestation. Furthermore, when we think back to our youth, we realize that it laid a solid groundwork for making environmentally conscious decisions as an adult.  

Improve your trip by reading Travel Smarter: 15 Proven Strategies for Giving Back to Host Communities.

(2004-2007) 8 Danny Phantom


My body and soul are leaving this mortal coil. ,” was Fenton, Danny phrase that has become a cultural icon It has achieved such cultural significance that several preteen boys have adopted it as their own. too and continued to take it seriously as an adult If you must know, I was joking. If you still don't believe us, look up some memes about this topic. But, yep, apparently tampering with your parents' ghost-hunting lab results in you becoming a half-ghost. Whoops  

It's Danny Phantom, the Ghost possibly the most memorable theme song of any Nickelodeon program As a matter of fact, that's quite a compliment Also, as a kid, I remember enjoying watching his transformation scenes frequently. However, we wouldn't mind seeing these again after more than a decade.

Ned's Unofficial Student Survival Guide (2004-2007) 9.

old Nick shows

The truth is that we have no idea if the hints on The Officially Unclassified Edition of Ned's School Survival Guide was whether or not they were useful To be sure, they were hilarious in their own unique ways. Follow Ned Bigby together with his pals as they brave the social minefield that is middle school We laughed so hard because of how often Ned broke the fourth wall.  

This Nick show particularly stands out in retrospect as a clever take on the so-called "rules of popularity." Like a millennial take on teen movies from the 1980s. Everything from how to be popular at lunch to a stray weasel breaking into the school was on their minds. It's strange, we know, but you have to see it to believe it.

Top Ten: Amanda Show (1999-2002)

Nickelodeon shows

Amanda's Reality Show is widely regarded as the peak of Nickelodeon's programming of the '90s Even though it only lasted for three seasons, the show's comedy sketches have remained memorable. Who could forget the late, great Jack Klugman's portrayal of such offbeat characters as Judge Trudy, Moody Fallon, and The Procrastinator? Ms. Amanda Bynes  

Many of the channel's future big names got their start on the variety show. In this context, it's not hard to tell that Drake Bell and Josh Peck who went on to star in the show of the same name And don't forget the jiving lobsters! In retrospect, we can't believe we never questioned their presence. Because it was so logically sound

No. 11: Kenan and Kel (1996-2000).

old Nick shows

There hasn't been another show that pays as much attention to orange soda as T.V.'s Kenan & Kel Who doesn't adore orange soda Kel is crazy for orange soda. Yes, he does, and Many children of the 1990s still use this witty expression.  

Look how this powerful pair Kenan Thompson, also known as and To paraphrase Kel Mitchell two high school friends who get into all kinds of mischief, all on their own accord After all, Kenan was forever plotting some wild new way to make a fortune overnight. And Kel, being Kel, was always forced to tag along. They are the gold standard for bromances and family-friendly comedy.  

Fun fact Some time after the series ended, Kenan went on to join Weekend Update Currently, he holds the record for longest tenure on this popular late-night comedy show.  

Clarissa Delights in Enlightening Everyone (1991–1994)

old Nick shows

Melissa Joan Hart, before she was Sabrina Spellman, was the star of the eponymous Everything You Need To Know, As Told By Clarissa In this role, she portrays a sarcastic teen from a nameless suburb who keeps a baby alligator as a pet. From first loves and sibling rivalry to graduating high school and starting college, she frequently addresses the audience directly.  

Fun fact The first Nickelodeon show to feature a female protagonist  

The Fairly OddParents (2001-2017)

Nickelodeon shows

Really, who hasn't seen Weird Parents if only once After all, it has aired on Nickelodeon for an impressively long time. The series had been scheduled to end in November 2006, after five seasons, but production was picked back up in 2008 and continued all the way through 2017.

Timmy Turner, a nerdy 10-year-old with awfully clueless parents and a truly awful babysitter, is the film's protagonist. When he meets Cosmo and Wanda, two fairy godparents who will grant his every wish, things start to look up for him. Unfortunately for Timmy, wishes like these often backfire and make things even worse.  

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990-2000)


To What Extent Do You Fear the Void? is a time-honored collection of chilling tales that never cross the line into outright horror. Stories are told by members of the fictional Midnight Society as they sit around a campfire in the woods. In many ways, this classic Nick show can be compared to Goosebumps franchise, with its specters that range from the bizarre and unsettling to the uncannily real (even on second viewing as an adult).  

Series 15: Rocko's Modern Life (1993-1996)

old Nick shows

In This Is Present-Day Rocko The protagonist, Wally, is a neurotic but cool Australian wallaby who moves to New York. As he settles into his new life, he discovers that independence and the American Dream aren't all they're cracked up to be. He's lucky to have Heffer, Filbert, and Spunky the dog by his side as they face countless challenges and misadventures together.  

Like many other Nickelodeon shows from the 1990s, this one was met with criticism and ultimately was canceled. seen as too morbid for young children To be clear, this is not for everyone; rather, it is likely to appeal to fans of satirical social commentary and darker humor, such as animated shows that present adulthood in a less than optimistic light.

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Toon Network's CatDog (1998-2005)

old Nick shows

When thinking about classic Nick shows, CatDog wins the prize for most peculiar Where else can you find a cartoon with actual interspecies sibling conjoining? The high-strung Cat and the bumbling Dog give new meaning to the term "polar opposites" as you watch their comedic antics unfold. Most of the episodes focus on them fending off the Greaser Dogs, a gang of bullies, and Winslow, a mouse who has illegally moved into their home.

To name a few: Drake & Josh (2004-2007)

Nickelodeon shows

A.K.A. Drake & Josh focus on two stepbrothers who couldn't be more different from one another When asked about his name, Josh Nichols the lovable dork who also happens to be an Oprah fan, while Parker, Drake is a handsome, successful musician who seems to have no trouble finding dates. Plus, there's Drake's little sis, Megan Someone who is brilliant in the realm of technology and has an inexhaustible supply of jokes and tricks up their sleeve

The plot isn't particularly original, but the undeniable chemistry between the leads makes up for it. Also, there are a lot of funny lines, like Josh's, " No, I'm not labeling you a truth seeker. , " or Drake's " This is because: new Jersey Plus, back then, almost every preteen and teenage girl wanted to be Drake's girlfriend. (Guys, he styled his mop of brown hair to the side and gave himself bangs. way pre-Justin Bieber )

To number eighteen, we have iCarly (2007-2012).

Nickelodeon shows

The youngest member of the group is, of course, last. If we compare it to the other Nickelodeon shows here, iCarly aimed squarely at the youngest members of the Z generation and those born in the late '90s However, we believe it was released at the perfect time, during the "Age of the Vlogger." You know, right before the eyes of practically suddenly started wanting to become well-known on the video-sharing site Carly Shay had a head start on them  

Creating an offbeat web series with your best friends If your older brother is an abstract painter and you're currently living with him, As well as cooking up strange dishes like "spaghetti tacos." Carly, you had it made. In addition, for those who have also been watching A.K.A. Drake & Josh it was fascinating to witness Ms. Miranda Cosgrove transmogrify from cunning sibling to mellow internet star Discourse on Personal Growth  

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To say that Nickelodeon produced some of the most iconic children's and youth television programs would be an understatement. Even though we can't go back to our younger selves, we can always enjoy reliving those years through the movies we loved. at-home viewing of classic Nick shows To that end, which of these timeless series and why they were your favorites at the time  

Acknowledgement is given to for all images. IMDB

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