This List Contains the Top 14 Adventure Programs Similar to Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones has undeniably become a cultural icon for the intersection of the fantasy and action film genres. Harrison Ford, who played Indiana Jones in the original 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark and has since become practically synonymous with the Indiana Jones brand (though he has been portrayed by other actors in various mediums), played the role for the first time.

Four Indiana Jones films have been released so far, with a fifth currently in production and set for theaters in July of 2021. However, the character known simply as "Indy" has also been featured in a number of comic books, original novels, and Disney attractions.

My first experience with Indiana Jones was in 1997, when I was a tiny five-year-old and unable to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland because I was too short. You don't know how devastated I was by it until you hear me out. looked awesome Especially after my nine-year-old sister's post-ride declaration that she wanted to be an archaeologist. To stray off topic

We've compiled a small collection of TV shows that were inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise because we know how many fans there are out there.

To satisfy your Indiana Jones-esque thirst for adventure, here is a rundown of the best action shows currently airing on television.

(From 1992 to 1993) on ABC: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Naturally, we'll get things rolling with an original series starring the man himself, Indiana Jones! True to its name, the first few episodes focus on a young Indy, roughly 8 to 10 years old, while the remaining episodes cover his transition into a young adult, aged 16 to 21.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles gives context to the events of the movies and sheds light on Indy's character. We see how he got along with his dad, and we hear about many of his adventures during pivotal historical moments.

The series' platform as an educational show for kids and teens is enhanced by Indy's encounters with historical figures like Leo Tolstoy, Al Capone, Mata Hari, and Theodore Roosevelt.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Where to Find It

CBS's Blood & Treasure will air for three years, from 2019 to 2022.

new adventure TV show on CBS

CBS's Blood & Treasure, which follows the theft of a priceless artifact and the kidnapping of an expert on said artifact, takes us all over the world in true Indy fashion even decades after we first met him.

Danny McNamara, played by Matt Barr (Hellcats, Valor), is a retired FBI agent with a specialty in looted artwork and artifacts. Alongside him in the cast is Sofia Pernas (The Brave, Jane the Virgin), who plays the con artist and art thief Lexi Vaziri. Unlikely partners team up to bring terrorist Karim Farouk to justice.

They meet a slew of international characters along the way who might be allies, but might also be enemies in disguise. A "2000-year-old battle for the cradle of civilization" becomes apparent as the search for the thief Farouk develops.

To find a showing of Blood & Treasure, try the following.

Netflix and the Outer Banks (in the year 2020)

new teen adventure drama on Netflix

For a teen-friendly spin on the classic treasure hunt format, check out Outer Banks on Netflix. It features action and romance set against the beautiful beach community of Outer Banks, North Carolina.

John B., J.J., Kiara, and Pope are four friends who spend their summer searching for buried treasure that may be connected to John B.'s missing father. While trying to find out what happened to John B's dad, they'll have to deal with forbidden romances and the growing gap between the wealthy and the working class in Outer Banks.

Outer Banks, starring a young ensemble of rising actors and shot in picturesque Charleston, South Carolina, is a must-see for anyone looking to get into the spirit of summer without sacrificing the excitement of a high-stakes action film.

Places to catch the Outer Banks:

2016's Sky 1: Hooten & the Lady

best adventure TV shows

The American and British collaborations continue as we travel across the pond to watch Sky 1's Hooten & the Lady, an adventure drama series.

American explorer Ulysses Hooten, portrayed by Michael Landes (Love Soup, Save Me), has a charming mix of mischief and charisma. Ophelia Lovibond (W1A, Elementary) portrays the title character, Lady Alexandra Lindo-Parker, a curator at the British Museum.

They meet by chance and decide to work together, albeit hesitantly at first, to search the world for the most elusive treasures and the solutions to mysteries that have been thought to be buried for far too long.

Traveling to Bhutan in search of a Buddha scroll, to Moscow in search of a Fabergé egg, and to Egypt in search of Alexander the Great's lost tomb are all examples.

Hooten & the Lady performance locations:

Disney's National Treasure: Edge of History (2020s)

Disney's new National Treasure series is another recent addition to this list of the best adventure TV shows that Indiana Jones fans will enjoy.

The 20-year-old Baton Rouge native Jess Valenzuela of National Treasure: Edge of History, whose mysterious ancestry sends her on a treasure hunt to recover lost artifacts, is played by Cage once again.

With the help of her friends and the seasoned treasure hunters Peter Sadusky and Riley Poole, Jess gradually learns the truth about her family's past and immerses herself in the perilous world of treasure hunting.

National Treasure: Edge of History — Where to Find It

The Syndicated Adventures of Relic Hunter (1999–2002)

As some of the artifacts they seek out have unexplained supernatural characteristics or technology beyond its time, the Canadian adventure series Relic Hunter has all the elements of a historical fantasy action series with a healthy injection of science fiction.

Sydney Fox, played by Tia Carrere (General Hospital, AJ and the Queen), is an American archaeologist, professor of Ancient Studies, and skilled combat artist. Christien Anholt (Flyboys, Dark Corners) portrays Nigel Bailey, her British assistant, who not only helps her out in the classroom but also goes on her relic-hunting expeditions.

After a brief introduction to the object's history, Fox and Bailey are hired in each episode to find and return the artifact (in some cases saving it). This frequently necessitates their visits to far-flung locales, but they're always up for the adventure.

In what theaters you can catch Relic Hunter:

A.I. Ventures, Inc. , Worldwide (2002-2003)

Just three seasons after Relic Hunter ended, Adventure Inc. premiered. , a TV series about a globetrotting adventurer named Judson Cross who happens to be a sailor

His exploits are inspired by those of real-life scuba diver and archaeologist Barry Clifford, who found the world's only confirmed pirate shipwreck, the Whydah, captained by pirate Captain Samuel Bellamy.

This is not the case in Adventure, Inc. Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens) plays Cross, the owner of the titular treasure hunting company. Together with his partners Mackenzie (Flash Gordon's Karen Cliche) and Gabriel (Our Hero's Jesse Nilsson, who died before the series finale aired), he goes to any lengths necessary to recover stolen artifacts.

Online Streaming Sites for Adventure, Inc. :

BBC One's Bonekickers from 2008.

The science, mystery, and conspiracy elements in BBC One's Bonekickers have led to comparisons to the popular CSI and Indiana Jones franchises. Specifically, it follows a group of archaeologists at the made-up Wessex University in the United Kingdom, led by the formidable Dr. Julie Graham, known for her roles in Benidorm and The Bletchley Circle, portrays Gillian Magwilde.

The archaeologists' mission was to investigate growing conspiracy theories in the UK and around the world by uncovering hidden pieces of history. The search for Excalibur, the cause of the Great Fire of Rome, and a possible run-in with the modern-day Knights Templar are all examples of such enigmas. There was only one season of Bonekickers, consisting of six episodes, but every one of them was jam-packed with exciting action and thrilling plot twists.

Bonekickers viewing locations:

ABC's Veritas: The Quest (2003,)

It would appear that the year 2000 was a productive one for mystery-action-adventure films. For a younger demographic, ABC added Veritas: The Quest to its roster of adventure series featuring thrill-seeking, heroic protagonists. You could say that Veritas: The Quest is the show for you if you're looking for an adventure show like Outer Banks and don't mind the 2000s aesthetic.

Nikko Zond, played by Ryan Merriman (Pretty Little Liars, In the Rough), is a smart but rebellious teen whose storyline dominates the entire first season.

His father Solomon (CSI's Alex Carter) is the leader of an archaeological team called Veritas, whose name comes from the Latin word for "truth" and is therefore searching for the truth behind Nikko's mother's disappearance from their family's life years ago. Nikko decides to tag along on their travels in search of his mother, and it quickly becomes clear that his fate will be tied to much larger secrets.

In which locations can I view "Veritas: The Quest"?

TNT/Syndicated's The Lost World ran from 1999 to 2002.

The TV show The Lost World was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel of the same name, published in 1912. Although the premise is similar, this should not be confused with The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), which was adapted from Michael Crichton's 1995 novel of the same name.

Professor George Edward Challenger is a scholar and explorer whose sole motivation is to disprove his skeptics at the London Zoological Society that a "lost world" exists. In order to accomplish this, he assembles a motley crew of people who are all participating in the expedition for their own individual reasons.

They meet Veronica, a jungle-savvy girl whose family and research group disappeared along with her hot air balloon, when it crashes on uncharted land. As a group, they face off against dinosaurs, cavemen, and a local tribe of lizard men as they try to leave the island.

Watch The Lost World on:

Seasons 2009-2014 on SyFy's "Warehouse 13."

Warehouse 13, a SyFy series that veers more toward science fiction but still has an Indiana Jones vibe, is named after a make-believe warehouse in South Dakota that houses a wide variety of historical relics, both well-known and little-known.

South Dakota is the thirteenth Warehouse, following ones in the Hunnic Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Russian Empire, British Empire, and United Kingdom.

Agents at Warehouse 13 come from all corners of the United States government, and they've been handpicked for their exceptional intelligence and unique abilities. Some of these include the ability to read auras and "know" whether a given situation is positive or negative, as well as eidetic memories and the ability to break codes. Throughout the course of the show's five seasons, the agents encounter a wide variety of artifacts with mysterious supernatural powers that they must neutralize before bringing back to Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13: Where to Find It on TV

TNT's The Librarians (2014-2018).

Many people were thrilled to learn that TNT would be airing a new series adaptation of the original The Librarian movies that had originally aired on television. Since it is a direct continuation, it is canon and shares continuity with the films; therefore, watching the films first may be beneficial.

The Librarian of the Metropolitan Public Library is entrusted with the safety of a hidden treasury of priceless artifacts. In the movies, Flynn Carsen played the role of Librarian, and he has continued to do so in the series. The series deviates from the traditional model of having only one Librarian by introducing multiple characters who share that role.

The four-person team consists of a former NATO colonel, a genius with a penchant for languages and a variety of other subjects, a mathematician with synesthesia, and a technologically-savvy thief (with hidden charitable inclinations). Together, they uncover historical mysteries, retrieve magical artifacts, and battle forces threatening the world.

The Librarians: Where to Find It

The 2013 ABC News Special Zero Hour

Differentiating itself from the other mystery/thriller adventure shows on the list, ABC's Zero Hour has a more paranormal conspiracy vibe than just planning relic-hunting adventures. It's true that only one artifact from the past, a clock, is fundamental to the functioning of this entire establishment.

Played by Anthony Edwards (ER, Northern Exposure), Hank Galliston is the protagonist whose wife disappears shortly after he buys an antique clock. His previous adventures had consisted solely of editing a magazine for skeptics of the paranormal, but now he's embroiled in a convoluted mystery involving the Nazis and the development of the Catholic Church. as he races against the clock to use cloning and other cutting-edge technologies to save his wife and the world

In which locations can I view Zero Hour:

Title character in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, Peacock (2021).

Our final adventure series is a new one that just started airing.

Dan Brown brought Harvard art history and symbology professor Robert Langdon to life in a series of five thriller mysteries titled Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, and Origin.

The film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon was released in 2006. And then in 2009 we got Angels & Demons, and in 2016 we got Inferno. Now, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol series is drawing inspiration from the novel.

Ashley Zukerman plays a younger version of the famed Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, who must save his mentor by solving a string of deadly puzzles and stop a global conspiracy in the process

Viewing The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown:

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