Thirteen Undiscovered TV Series with Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Scores (Plus Two Remarkably Close)

If you haven't heard already, Rotten Tomatoes is more than just a leading platform for reviewing movies. It also evaluates TV shows through its Tomatometer score. Rotten Tomatoes has become a vital resource for audiences in deciding what to watch, surpassing even ambitious marketing campaigns and becoming a crucial tool for them.

However, achieving a perfect score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes is no easy feat, especially for TV shows that span multiple seasons and inevitably have highs and lows. Take, for example, the first season of "Black Mirror" which had a perfect score of 100%, but its third season dropped to 93%, resulting in an overall score of 96% for the show. On the other hand, "Breaking Bad" had a surprising 78% for its first season, but all the subsequent four seasons scored a perfect 100%, giving the series an overall score of 95%.

We are currently in a golden age of television where networks of all sizes, whether they are streaming or broadcast, are producing original shows. It was only a matter of time before a few TV series achieved the coveted 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. And indeed, 13 shows have reached that milestone.

Presenting to you, "13 TV Shows You Were Unaware Had Achieved a 100% Score on Rotten Tomatoes (And 2 That Came Extremely Close)."

Gus, Jimmy, and Mike in Better Call Saul Promo Image


Even after five seasons, FX's "The Americans" maintains an impressive overall score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, surpassing even the acclaimed "Breaking Bad" during its five-year run.

While "The Americans" revolves around the concept of marriage, it is also filled with action. The show follows two married KGB spies residing in Washington, D.C. during the 1980s, the era of President Reagan. The central couple, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, is portrayed by actors Matthew Rhys (known for his role in "Brothers & Sisters") and Keri Russell (famous for playing the title character in "Felicity").

After the successful runs of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and "Sons of Anarchy," "The Americans," along with "Fargo," "Atlanta," "Justified," and "Legion," came in the wake of the triumph of "American Horror Story." This led FX to invest even more in its original programming.


Better Call Saul, the compelling spin-off/prequel penned by Vince Gilligan, has achieved a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes than its predecessor, Breaking Bad. With the completion of three riveting seasons, Saul has garnered an impressive 97% on the Tomatometer, surpassing Breaking Bad's overall score of 95%.

Master of None

This gripping crime drama revolves around the enthralling journey of Saul Goodman, an attorney, and Mike Ehrmantraut, a former police officer, both of whom captivated audiences in Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul has garnered fourteen Emmy nominations and seven accolades from the Writers Guild of America. It has effortlessly embraced the critical acclaim bestowed upon its predecessor, albeit without attaining the same degree of mainstream popular culture recognition.

As the series entered its third season, yet another iconic character from Breaking Bad graced the narrative of Better Call Saul. Gus Fring, a revered methamphetamine dealer who ingeniously employs his Los Pollos Hermanos fast food establishment as a front, added depth and intrigue to the show's already gripping storyline.

Jane smiling in Jane the Virgin


Aziz Ansari, who catapulted to fame through NBC's Parks and Recreation, continues to astound as the creative force behind Netflix's original series Master of None. This brilliant comedy, hailed by critics as one of the finest in existence, has achieved a remarkable 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show draws inspiration from the age-old adage, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Similar to HBO's Girls, Master of None artfully tackles various pertinent issues faced by aimless youths while enigmatically navigating the complexities of life. What truly sets this series apart is its unabashed directness in addressing specific subjects in each episode, providing astute social commentary.

Dear White People Trailer

Aziz Ansari's Master of None also stands as a noteworthy cultural achievement, showcasing a more authentic and dignified portrayal of the Indian community on television, in stark contrast to the stereotypical depictions often seen in shows like The Big Bang Theory.


In its third season, Jane the Virgin, a television series on The CW, still maintains a perfect Tomatometer score of 100%, making it the network's most highly regarded show currently airing.

The success of Jane the Virgin has also resulted in three Golden Globe nominations for its leading actress, Gina Rodriguez, in the category of Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. Rodriguez emerged victorious in 2015.

Jane the Virgin has garnered acclaim for its comical yet authentic portrayal of a young woman's unexpected pregnancy. The series successfully strikes a delicate balance between silliness and seriousness, captivating audiences of all ages, from children to teenagers to adults.

An additional notable aspect of Jane the Virgin is its depiction of a resilient Latina protagonist, her family, and a storyline that seamlessly weaves both English and Spanish.


Speaking of broad representation, Dear White People excels in addressing racism from a multitude of perspectives, presenting viewers with complex and thought-provoking characters and narratives.

Netflix's Dear White People, based on the 2014 film of the same name, was created by Justin Simien, a director often compared to Spike Lee, but who draws inspiration from Woody Allen. Notably, the series' fifth episode, "Chapter V," was helmed by Barry Jenkins, the writer and director of the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight.

Issa Rae in Insecure

Given the exceptional talent involved, it comes as no surprise that Dear White People boasts a flawless 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This show has not only become a fan-favorite on Netflix but also a critically acclaimed gem with the potential for long-lasting success.


It appears that Hulu is finally making a serious push to become an Emmy contender, directly competing with Netflix and HBO. Their original series, The Handmaid's Tale, which is based on Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name, is a visually stunning, brilliantly written, and expertly directed show that still remains under the radar for many viewers.

The Handmaid's Tale has received a well-deserved 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and has been praised as a must-watch series by television critics. It is also a remarkable achievement for its lead actress, Elisabeth Moss, who had previously gained fame for her role in Mad Men. With this successful follow-up, it is clear that Moss shows no signs of slowing down.

Good Fight


Following the success of her online series Awkward Black Girl, writer, director, and actress Issa Rae pitched Insecure to HBO. The network, eager to bring on a young, talented female creator after the conclusion of Lena Dunham's Girls, quickly recognized the potential in Rae's show.

The bet paid off tremendously, as Insecure became an instant hit with both young and African-American audiences. It achieved a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and secured a second season for the show. While Insecure is not autobiographical, the protagonist is portrayed so convincingly and placed in such relatable situations that audiences often mistake the writer and actress for the character she portrays. The shared name of Issa between the creator and the character only adds to the confusion.


CBS' new political drama, The Good Fight, has a flawless 100% overall score on Rotten Tomatoes. You might not have heard of it, as the show was exclusively produced for CBS All Access, the network's streaming service.

Bryan Tyree Henry Keith Standfield and Donald Glover in Atlanta

Featuring the renowned Christine Baranski (from the film "Mamma Mia 2"), Rose Leslie (known for her role as Ygritte in "Game of Thrones"), and Cush Jumbo (from "The Good Wife"), "The Good Fight" is a spin-off of the popular series "The Good Wife." In this new show, the character of Diane Lockhart and her protege Maia join a predominantly African-American law firm that specializes in cases of police brutality.

Similar to "Star Trek: Discovery," "The Good Fight" is part of CBS's endeavor to create high-quality content exclusively distributed online, competing directly with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.


"Atlanta" marks Donald Glover's debut as a creator and producer of a television series. Prior to this, he had a significant acting role in "Community" and worked as a writer on "30 Rock." Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has achieved great success as a rapper, with three highly acclaimed studio albums, including 2016's "Awaken, My Love!"

This FX dramedy, which has received widespread critical acclaim and a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, delves into the lives of young African-American adults navigating the hip-hop scene in the city of Atlanta. Since the show's release, Donald Glover has secured major roles in films such as an undisclosed character in "Spider-Man: Homecoming," Simba in the upcoming adaptation of "The Lion King," and Lando Calrissian in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars spin-off. He is also set to collaborate on an animated TV series for FXX based on "Deadpool," scheduled for release in 2018.


Enter the renaissance of the renowned comedy series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, known as Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return. This revival, which originally graced various television networks such as Comedy Central and Syfy from 1988 to 1999, now finds its delightful comeback.

After witnessing an astonishing triumph in the realm of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where a remarkable sum of $5.7 million dollars was amassed, the ingenious minds at Netflix couldn't resist procuring MST3K for an exhilarating new season. This latest installment brings back the artistic brilliance of Joel Hodgson while introducing a fresh ensemble cast, including the likes of Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, and Jonah Ray. Furthermore, the gracious backers of the Kickstarter campaign were granted exclusive privileges, allowing them to revel in the episodes prior to their grand debut on Netflix.

Dory Sief looking serious while standing on the street in Search Party.

Although the original series fails to possess any numerical measurement on Rotten Tomatoes, it is worth noting that Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie gracefully achieved a commendable score of 80%. However, the Tomatometer shone radiant beams of perfection upon Netflix's The Return series, bestowing it with an impeccable 100% rating, thus solidifying its grandeur.


Describing the TV realm as uncharted territory for most viewers, the enigmatic TBS dark comedy known as Search Party has slowly been earning the affections of critics. Mindfully crafted by the duo behind the 2014 independent film Fort Tilden, this hidden gem conceals wonders untold.

Centered around the tenacious efforts of Dory, impeccably portrayed by the incomparable Alia Shawkat (well-known for her ventures in Drunk History), Search Party guides us through the depths of her unyielding devotion to locate the whereabouts of an enigmatic disappearance named Chantal Witherbottom. Intriguingly enough, Dory gazes upon this mysterious figure with a sense of familiarity, despite their lack of a substantial connection. Consequently, the mesmerizing narrative spirals into a whirlwind, captivating all those entangled in the labyrinthine investigation. Notably, the gifted actors Ron Livingston (renowned for his appearances in the cinematic masterpiece Office Space) and Rosie Perez (widely recognized for her stint as a host on The View) intermittently grace the series as recurring characters.

Carrie Fisher as Mia in Catastrophe Season 3

Remarkably, this bizarre, yet captivating TBS creation has clinched a flawless score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, asserting its unwavering strength. As a testament to its unparalleled excellence, Search Party delightedly secured a renewal for a highly anticipated second season scheduled to enthrall audiences in the year 2017.


A&E’s The Returned is an American television program based on the French show Les Revenants. The series was developed by Carlton Cuse, one of the two main showrunners of Lost. The cast included Kevin Alejandro from Southland and True Blood, Agnes Bruckner known for her role in Blood and Chocolate, and India Ennenga, famous for her work in Treme.

Despite receiving rave reviews and achieving a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, The Returned was prematurely canceled by A&E after just one season, leaving fans without a proper conclusion. This decision caused further controversy for the network, as they had already faced backlash for renewing Duck Dynasty and canceling Longmire without proper finales.


Catastrophe is a British comedy series featuring the late Carrie Fisher in a recurring role. Initially rejected by the BBC, the show found success on Channel 4 in the UK and was later picked up by Amazon Prime Video in the United States.

With a perfect score on the Tomatometer, Catastrophe has been hailed as the best-kept secret in British comedy television. It even won a 2016 BAFTA Craft Award in the Best Writer: Comedy category. After three seasons of six episodes each, the show is preparing for another season in 2018. The season 3 finale paid tribute to Carrie Fisher, dedicating the episode to her with the phrase "For Carrie" appearing after the credits.


Deutschland 83 is a German television series centered around Martin Rauch, a border patrol guard in the 1980s. In order to gather NATO military secrets, Martin goes undercover in West Germany. The cast includes Sylvester Groth, renowned for his role in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag

Created by Anna Winger, whose essays have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, and her husband Joerg Winger, this thrilling espionage television series delves into the era of the Cold War. Known as Deutschland 83, the first season captivated audiences with its intense storyline. Now, fans eagerly await the second season, Deutschland 86, which takes place three years after the events of the first season and is set to air in 2018. The producers have hinted at the possibility of a third season, which would continue the captivating narrative with yet another time jump, this time to the year 1989, aptly renaming the series Deutschland 89.

While Deutschland 83 may not have received widespread recognition, its hidden gem status is solidified by its extraordinary 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This accomplishment sets it apart from the crowd and solidifies its unique appeal.

Solo Star Wars Story Han Character Poster

Now, let's shift our focus to another remarkable television show, Fleabag, an original production by Amazon Prime Video and BBC. This collaboration is a testament to Amazon's success in the realm of television production and its ongoing partnership with British networks.

Fleabag is a brilliantly crafted series that uncovers the complexities of a young woman grappling with the aftermath of traumatic experiences. With its six episodes filled with dark humor, the show provides a captivating portrayal of life amidst the bustling backdrop of London.

Much like Deutschland 83, Fleabag has also achieved a perfect rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and has garnered an impressive number of five-star reviews on Amazon Prime Video. However, fans craving a second season may have to wait, as Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the show's main writer and actress, has hinted at a season that will depart from the familiar, promising a brand-new and thrilling experience.

Now, let's shift our focus to a different topic. Are you curious about how many of these remarkable 100% TV shows you've seen? Which one is your favorite? We invite you to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

Here are some key release dates to look forward to:
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • The Lion King
  • Han Solo
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