There Are Some Fishing Shows You Can't Miss If You Want the Catch of Your Life

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Casting the rod and hauling in a fish by muscle is the pinnacle of fishing for many. Unfortunately, only full-time professional fishermen ever fish.

When it comes to our free time, most of us can only go fishing on the rare weekend. In any case, there are a few things you can do to get your adrenaline fix without leaving the couch. As an illustration, if you're looking for a good fishing show, you could turn on your TV and scroll through the channels.  

The following is a sample of the finest fishing entertainment available:

  • If you're into enigmas and bizarre creatures, you'll love river monsters.
  • Deadliest Catch is a great show about crabbers.
  • What else do you need besides drama, action, and giant tuna?
  • Wired2Fish is an excellent fishing instructional channel that can be found on YouTube.
  • To many, Chasing Monsters is the best fishing show on Netflix.
  • Battlefish: Netflix's Raw Fishing Action
  • Among the top fishing shows on YouTube is Mike Ike's Live Fishing.
  • Retrieving Monsters, Such as Evil Tuna

Would you like to learn more about these programs? If this is the case, we'll make sure to keep reading. Generally speaking, we will discuss the storylines of each program. This review contains no revealing information, so read on with confidence.  

The River Monsters

River Monsters, created by Jeremy Wade, is one of those shows that never gets old. Quite exciting, interesting, and straightforward.  

Jeremy looks into strange deaths that have occurred near waterways around the globe. Each episode features a new case, a new lake or river, and a new criminal. Contrary to usual criminal behavior, in this instance it is a fish that is responsible for the wrongdoing.  

Thus, the program resembles a marine crime scene investigation. Truth be told, Jeremy often describes himself as a "freshwater detective." All episodes culminate in Jeremy's fight against a massive fish. Animal Planet has halted production on new seasons for the time being. However, you can watch any of them whenever you like thanks to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or your cable or satellite provider.

Jeremy has worked as a freshwater detective for a long time, during which he has caught many different species of fish, including arapaimas, catfish, and even stingrays. Naturally, they're all ridiculously enormous.   

See Jeremy Wade's new show, Dark Waters, if you enjoyed River Monsters. In this, Jeremy explains the backstory of some of the most well-known maritime myths in the world.   

Perilous Retrieval

Despite the absence of fish, the show is still entertaining. Maybe you think the name is a bit much. However, these fisherman endure inhumane conditions.  

The show is set in the Bering Sea during snow crab season. In each episode, you'll see how hard the captains and crew work to catch the incredibly valuable Alaskan king crab. Darkness, storms, and low temperatures make everyday tasks more challenging and risky.  

Some boat captains have reported seeing fatalities while fishing in these waters. But normally crew members are thrown off the ship, slip and fall, get hit by a cage, or lose a finger or two, nothing to worry about. See, you got it now: that's why the show is called that.  

If you're into extreme fishing, you'll love this show. Another option is to subscribe to a streaming service like Hulu or Amazon Prime.  

Evil Tuna

The only small fish you'll see at Wicked Tuna are the ones they use for bait, which is a major perk. As a result of the enormous size of the tunas that these fishermen catch. The vast majority of them are over 200 pounds.  

Each and every one of the show's anglers is after the elusive Atlantic bluefin tuna. It's possible to make as much as ,000 off of a 200-pound bluefin tuna, given that each pound of fish is worth $20 to $40. It seems like a simple way to make money. However, the truth is that it is  

In the dark, bluefin tuna lurk. When they bite, they drop rapidly in the water. Hours are spent attempting to reel in the massive tuna, with the anglers crossing their fingers that the line doesn't break. Each angler then has the responsibility of securing the fish and letting it cool down properly after the intense battle. The priceless meat will be wasted otherwise.  

If your cable or satellite package includes National Geographic, you can watch Wicked Tuna episodes there.  


Wired2Fish is the best fishing channel on YouTube, period. Fishing videos cover a wide range of topics, from the best fishing knots and how to tie them to the best soft plastic lures and how to rig them. Quite frankly, we think it's a great channel.  

The video tutorials on Wired2Fish are great for anglers of all skill levels, but they are especially helpful for novice kayak fishermen. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are when their video updates occur. So, you should definitely take a look inside of it.  

Monster Hunting

Did you enjoy River Monsters despite finding the drama to be too much? If so, you'll love the show Chasing Monsters. It follows Cyril Chauquet as he swims the world's oceans in search of monstrous sea creatures. They can hide on saltwater or freshwater, but Cyril's rod will find them.  

The show is uncomplicated and focuses on fishing rather than fishing techniques. Cyril's journeys take him to faraway places, across perilous landscapes, and into fierce battles with enormous beasts. For those with a taste for adventure and fishing, Chasing Monsters is a must-try. Even if you've never picked up a rod before, you'll have a great time watching it.  

In terms of fishing shows, Netflix has some of the best with Chasing Monsters. No, it's only available on Hulu.  


Fantastic fishing action can be seen on Battlefish. It's not for everyone, though, because it's very unfiltered. This is just the way it is for these fishermen, though. And that's the charm, if you ask us Photos and poetic prose aren't the only rewards of fishing. It's not just about victory, though; there's blood, sweat, and toil involved as well.  

There are elements of both Deadliest Catch and Wicked Tuna in the show. In contrast to the massive fishing vessels we typically see on Deadliest Catch, the anglers in this episode catch albacore tuna from the deck of a yacht. The basic idea is the same, though fewer people and no crabs are involved.   

We don't know if or when Netflix will produce a second season, and there's only one of the episodes. Battlefish is a fantastic show, so we're crossing our fingers.  

Similarly to Wicked Tuna, Battelfish is a Netflix-exclusive title.

The Real Deal Ike Fishing

This YouTube channel is for you if you enjoy fishing podcasts and similar media. Journey with Mike Laconelli on all of his exciting journeys. That's right, it was the same Mike who won the big bass fishing tournament. Therefore, it is safe to say that he is a seasoned veteran. As a result, you can learn a lot by observing how he catches fish using various lures and methods. He also provides instruction on how to rig lures and recommends the most effective baits for various fishing conditions. Put simply, we love the show. It's entertaining to watch, with great music and smooth cuts.  

However, there's more to Ike Live Fishing than just watching Mike cast. In addition, he has a series of videos in which he shows his students how to construct their own unique boat. Reviews of the professional bass tournament and conversations with other anglers can be found on his channel.  

Subscribing to his channel on YouTube is a must. Trust me, you won't be sorry.  

Monster Capture

That's a lot like Wicked Tuna, another one of my favorites. Both document the perilous journey of intrepid fishermen who give up their lobstering livelihoods for nearly two months to chase the elusive Atlantic bluefin tuna.

In Catching Monsters, as opposed to Wicked Tuna, there is significantly more conflict between the anglers. Most cable and satellite TV providers carry it.

A Relaxing Activity: Fishing From Home

There's nothing better than going fishing yourself rather than just watching it on TV, and we all know that. But there are times when you simply have to act. It's for this reason that we're providing this collection of fishing programs. This way, you'll always have something to do when you're bored and can't go fishing. Besides, you can learn a lot by observing how other people fish. New methods can be learned, which may come in handy down the road.  

River Monsters, Chasing Monsters, and Battlefish are some of our favorite shows. The latter pair of shows are Netflix's top picks for anglers. Regrettably, they are only available on their official website. However, you can catch River Monsters if you want to  

There is a lot of overlap between River Monsters and Chasing Monsters. However, they are outstanding in their own right. The first is akin to a police procedural, while the second focuses more on a relaxing day of fishing.  

However, we suggest Wired2Fish and Ike Live Fishing if you want to learn the fundamentals of fishing or develop your skills. You can learn a lot by watching these two professional anglers on YouTube, and they are both excellent resources for amateur fishermen.  

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