The Ultimate Guide to the Best Home Renovation TV Shows

In the world of home renovation, there is no shortage of inspiration and entertainment. From jaw-dropping designs to heartwarming transformations, the best home renovation TV shows have taken the industry by storm. Whether you're looking for expert tips, stylish makeovers, or simply a dose of interior design eye candy, these shows have got you covered. Join us as we take a closer look at the most popular and captivating home renovation TV shows that are sure to leave you inspired and craving for more.


Real Estate and Design Inspiration


Discover the Most Breathtaking Vacation Rentals in the World

Where to Watch: Netflix 

This mirrored Joshua Tree home is featured on The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals.

This stunning mirrored home in Joshua Tree is showcased on The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals. 

Photo: NetflixGet ready to embark on a journey across the globe through sixteen captivating episodes. In two seasons, hosts Megan Batoon, Luis D. Ortiz, and Jo Franco explore fascinating, luxurious, and architecturally significant homes that can be rented for short-term vacations. This includes the ultra-modern Invisible House in Joshua Tree, California, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwartz House in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, a snake-shaped property in Mexico City, a cave in the Ozark mountains, and more.

Explore Luxury Real Estate in Sydney

Where to Watch: Amazon

Realtor Simon Cohen on Luxe Listings Sydney.

Real estate agent Simon Cohen appears in Luxe Listings Sydney.

Photo: Brook RushtonIf you've already exhausted episodes of Million Dollar Listing and Selling Sunset, dive into this version set Down Under. Luxe Listings Sydney grants you a glimpse into some of the most luxurious homes in Sydney, Australia. Most of these properties are ultra-modern giants offering breathtaking water views that can rival any home in Los Angeles. 

The Million Dollar Listing Franchise

Where to Watch: Bravo, Peacock

Originally called Million Dollar Listing when it premiered in 2006, this highly successful reality show revolving around high-end real estate has spawned numerous spin-offs. The original series, now known as Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, is currently in its 14th season. The most popular spin-off, Million Dollar Listing New York, took a break in 2022.

Million Dollar Beach House

Where to Watch: Netflix

Image may contain Water Waterfront Dock Port Pier Human Person Vehicle Transportation Boat Outdoors and Nature

One of the featured properties this season on Million Dollar Beach House.

Courtesy of NetflixMillion Dollar Beach House is to the Hamptons what Selling Sunset is to Los Angeles. This Netflix original series, consisting of six half-hour episodes in its first season, is filled with drama and showcases stunning mansions through the lens of the agents at Nest Seekers International. Regardless of whether you enjoy the drama, the show offers a fascinating look at the diverse architecture in this upscale area, ranging from ultra-modern designs to classic shingled beach houses.

Selling Sunset

Where to Watch: Netflix

Chrishell Stause Emma Hernan and Micah McDonald on Selling Sunset.

Chrishell Stause, Emma Hernan, and Micah McDonald on Selling Sunset.

Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/Netflix © 2022This Netflix reality show has gained a cult following over its five seasons, thanks to its abundant drama. Selling Sunset revolves around the real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. However, beyond the entertaining squabbles, the show showcases breathtaking, multimillion-dollar properties. From the construction of a modern Hollywood Hills mansion that sold for a staggering $35.5 million to various other elegant homes, the show highlights the beauty and diversity of high-end real estate in the city. Jason Oppenheim, the founder of the Oppenheim Group, particularly loves a traditional property featured in season two, where agent Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet tie the knot. He describes it as having a timeless yet refined traditional architecture, beautiful brass fixtures, a South of France-inspired pebbled driveway, and a private, spacious yard. According to Oppenheim, it's the type of property that will remain stunning for decades to come.

Selling the OC 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Brett Oppenheim Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose four people standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean

Brett Oppenheim, Alexandra Jarvis, and Alexandra Rose with a client on Selling the OC.

Photo: © 2022 Netflix, Inc.If you're a fan of Selling Sunset, you'll enjoy this spin-off series based in the Oppenheim Group's Newport Beach office. Selling the OC introduces a new cast of characters, including male realtors, which is a fresh twist compared to the Los Angeles office. Along with the expected drama, the show offers a glimpse into stunning homes and can be the perfect background entertainment while cooking or doing chores.

Amazing Interiors

Where to Watch: Netflix

File this under aspirational fantasy homes come to life. This series showcases homeowners who have transformed the interiors of their properties in eccentric and unique ways to reflect their personal interests and lifestyles. From a retiree's living room with a full-size aquarium for scuba diving to an apartment inspired by origami with movable walls, each episode is a visual feast of creativity.

Extreme Homes

Where to Watch: HGTV and Discovery

For those who seek adventure in their homes, Extreme Homes provides a glimpse into unconventional and uniquely structured dwellings. The featured homes include one that stretches like an accordion, another made entirely of refrigerator panels, and one designed to resemble Easter eggs.

The House Hunters Franchise

Where to Watch: HGTV and Discovery

A scene from an episode of House Hunters International.

A scene from an episode of House Hunters International.

Courtesy of HGTVIn its remarkable 220th season, HGTV's House Hunters offers a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of individuals and families searching for their dream homes. The franchise has countless spin-offs showcasing different types of buyers. House Hunters International, a fan favorite now in its 179th season, takes viewers across the globe as people search for homes in cities like Prague and São Paulo. 

Marriage or Mortgage

Where to Watch: Netflix

A scene from season one of Marriage or Mortgage.

A scene from season one of Marriage or Mortgage.

Courtesy of NETFLIXIf you're looking for a unique reality show concept, Marriage or Mortgage fits the bill. Inspired by Love It or List It, this Netflix series follows couples as they decide between putting a down payment on a house or investing in a dream wedding. The show offers a captivating look at the choices these couples make and the factors that influence their decisions. 

Buying Beverly Hills 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Alexia Umansky Farrah Brittany and Mauricio Umansky in a scene from Buying Beverly Hills.

Alexia Umansky, Farrah Brittany, and Mauricio Umansky in a scene from Buying Beverly Hills.

Photo: © 2022 Netflix, Inc.For fans of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this real estate reality show will be a treat. Buying Beverly Hills revolves around Mauricio Umansky's brokerage, The Agency. While his wife, Kyle Richards, doesn't appear on the show, their daughter Farrah Brittany and Mauricio's daughter with Kyle, Alexia Umansky, work at The Agency and are part of the cast. The series shares similarities with Selling Sunset, but it provides an inside look at the dynamics of the Umansky family.


Selling Sunset


If you have a passion for luxurious real estate, you will absolutely adore this captivating reality series. It takes you behind the scenes of The Oppenheim Group, where elite real estate brokers cater to the needs of affluent buyers in the glamorous city of Los Angeles. Prepare to be mesmerized not only by the stunning homes showcased on the show, but also by the high drama that unfolds among the brokers.

Watch "Selling Sunset" on Netflix now.


"Selling the OC"Netflix


Designing Miami


Step into the vibrant city of Miami, where two of the hottest designers are not only competitors but also husband and wife. Eilyn and Ray Jimenez are on a mission to elevate the style of South Florida, one house at a time. Despite their differing approaches - Eilyn favors a minimalist aesthetic while Ray embraces a maximalist approach - they navigate the challenges of working with deep-pocketed clients, their teams of young designers, and even their own close-knit families who are involved in the construction side of their business. Through it all, this talented and stylish couple manages to maintain a healthy dose of humor.

Watch "Designing Miami" on Netflix.


"Buy My House"Netflix


Buy My House


Prepare to be taken on a thrilling journey through the competitive world of the housing market in this captivating reality series. Homeowners from all over the country seize the opportunity to sell their properties in a seller's market. Each homeowner gets the chance to pitch their property to four experienced real estate investors, each with their own unique investment preferences. These investors ask probing questions, meticulously inspect the homes, and ultimately decide whether the property is worthy of the opportunity of a lifetime. It's a high-stakes game that showcases the trials and triumphs of ordinary homeowners hoping for a life-changing deal.

Watch "Buy My House" on Netflix now.


"Buying Beverly Hills"Netflix


Buying Beverly Hills


Explore the captivating world of luxury real estate in Los Angeles with this reality series. The show takes you behind the scenes of Mauricio Umansky's renowned agency, The Agency, in Beverly Hills. Join Mauricio, his daughters Farrah and Alexia (yes, the daughters of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards), and their talented team of agents as they navigate the high-stakes world of luxury real estate. Experience the thrill as they tour breathtaking homes in stunning locations, compete fiercely to close the best deals, and gracefully handle the demands of being in the spotlight in one of the country's wealthiest and most glamorous cities.

Watch "Buying Beverly Hills" on Netflix now.


"Motel Makeover"Netflix


Motel Makeover


If you were a fan of watching the cast of "Schitt's Creek" attempt to transform the Rosebud Motel, then this show is a must-watch. Join hospitality entrepreneurs Sarah Sklash and April Brown as they embark on an exciting journey to renovate a motel in Canada, all while navigating the challenges brought on by a pandemic.

Watch "Motel Makeover" on Netflix now.


"Selling Tampa"Netflix


Selling Tampa


Step into the competitive world of real estate in this captivating reality series. Follow a group of real estate agents from the Black-owned agency Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida, as they navigate the ups and downs of the industry.

Watch "Selling Tampa" on Netflix now.


"Amazing Interiors"Netflix


Amazing Interiors


Prepare to have your perception challenged as you delve into the world of "ordinary" homes with extraordinary interiors. This awe-inspiring series showcases homes that may appear average from the outside but hide remarkable and unique designs behind their doors.

Watch "Amazing Interiors" on Netflix now.


"Instant Hotel"Netflix


Instant Hotel


Unleash your inner host with this thrilling reality competition series. Join teams of Australian homeowners as they stay overnight in each other's rentals and rate their experiences. All of them are vying for the coveted title of best "Instant Hotel".

Watch "Instant Hotel" on Netflix now.


"Sparking Joy"Netflix


Marriage or Mortgage


Wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes come together to assist newly engaged couples in making a life-altering decision. Do they want to invest in a dream wedding or in their own house? Sarah believes in the magic of weddings, considering them one of life's most precious moments, while Nichole believes in the practicality of homeownership. Will the couples choose love or a solid investment?

Watch "Marriage or Mortgage" on Netflix now.


"Get Organized With The Home Edit"Netflix


Get Organized With The Home Edit


Embark on a journey of transformation and decluttering in this enthralling eight-episode reality series. Enter the homes of both celebrities and "ordinary" individuals as they learn the art of organization and style from the experts. With appearances from notable figures like Reese Witherspoon and Khloé Kardashian, you will be captivated by the process of turning chaotic spaces into beautiful and welcoming havens.

Watch "Get Organized With The Home Edit" on Netflix now.


"Tidying Up With Marie Kondo"Everett Collection


Tidying Up With Marie Kondo


Join renowned author Marie Kondo as she embarks on a meaningful journey to transform the lives of disorganized individuals. Through her unique art of tidying up, she guides participants to declutter their homes and, in the process, create spaces that spark joy. Get ready to witness the satisfying and mesmerizing magic of organization.

Watch "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" on Netflix.


"Million Dollar Beach House"Netflix


Million Dollar Beach House


Indulge in the opulence of luxury real estate in the Hamptons with this captivating reality series. Similar to the hit show "Selling Sunset," the series revolves around the savvy agents of Nest Seekers who cater to high-end clients seeking their dream homes. Prepare to be entranced by the breathtaking estates showcased on the show.

Watch "Million Dollar Beach House" on Netflix now.


"Tiny House Nation"Everett Collection


Tiny House Nation


Embark on an extraordinary adventure across America with renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they design and build tiny houses. These incredible homes, all measuring less than 500 square feet, redefine the concept of compact living.

Watch "Tiny House Nation" on Netflix now.


"Dream Home Makeover"Netflix

Be inspired by the incredible transformations of homes in this captivating reality series. Join design experts Shea and Syd McGee as they work their magic and turn ordinary houses into dream homes. With their impeccable taste and keen eye for detail, they create beautiful and personalized spaces that exceed their clients' wildest dreams.

Watch "Dream Home Makeover" on Netflix now.


Dream Home Makeover


Shea and Syd McGee, founders of Studio McGee, host a captivating makeover series called "Dream Home Makeover" on Netflix. The show focuses on real families who are in need of assistance in refreshing their homes to reflect their unique styles and preferences. If you're interested, you can watch "Dream Home Makeover" on Netflix now.

"Interior Design Masters"Netflix


Good Bones


The dynamic mother-daughter duo, who go by the name "Good Bones," have made a huge impact in the world of home renovation with their highly popular HGTV show. Their exceptional talent for transforming dilapidated homes into stunning works of art sets them apart from the rest. To witness their incredible transformations, you can stream "Good Bones" now.

best home improvement shows good bonesHGTVSTREAM NOW


Maine Cabin Masters


"Maine Cabin Masters," the top program on DIY Network, has captivated an impressive 3.5 million viewers since its season three premiere. Chase Morrill, together with his brother, sister, and best friend, embarks on a journey across Maine to revive old cabins. The show is a perfect escape, providing viewers with a sense of tranquility reminiscent of a lakeside retreat. If you're looking for a getaway, we recommend exploring these 16 stunning cabins as well.

These 16 cabins will make you start thinking about a getaway as well.

Flipping Out" cast members, from left, Jenni Pulos, Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez attend the Bravo Network 2013 Upfront on in New YorkEvan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock


Trading Spaces


If you're bold enough to trust your neighbors with your home, then "Trading Spaces" is the show for you. In this unique home improvement series, two sets of neighbors surprise each other by redecorating a room in each other's homes, with a budget of $2,000. The show originally aired from 2000 to 2008 but made a comeback in 2018. Join the excitement and see how these brave neighbors transform their spaces. You can even stream it now!

best home improvement showsBob Riha JrSTREAM NOW


Restored by the Fords


The Property Brothers aren't the only sibling powerhouses in the field of home renovation. Leanne and Steve Ford, a talented brother-sister duo, specialize in transforming unconventional living spaces with unique layouts into modern and stylish homes. With Leanne's expertise in interior design and Steve's skill as a carpenter and licensed contractor, this dream team is unstoppable. Discover their incredible transformations.

Learn more about Leanne and Steve Ford here.


Love It or List It


Are you torn between keeping your newly renovated home or finding a new one? "Love It or List It" is a show that helps homeowners make this tough decision. Co-hosts Hilary Farr and David Visentin bring their expertise and charming banter to the table as they guide families through the process. Tune in for the incredible makeovers and stay for the enjoyable dynamic between Hilary and David.

Love It or List ItSTREAM NOW


Celebrity I.O.U.


The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are back with a brand-new series called "Celebrity I.O.U.," where they help celebrities like Brad Pitt and Melissa McCarthy surprise their loved ones with extraordinary home renovations. Witness the heartwarming transformations and the gratitude that pours out from these celebrity homeowners.

Celebrity I.O.U.Learn more about "Celebrity I.O.U." here.


This Old House


"This Old House" holds the distinction of being the show that kickstarted the home improvement TV genre. Since its premiere in 1979, the show has continued to captivate an audience of 2.3 million weekly viewers. The Emmy-winning PBS hit has seen a few changes over the years, but its reliability and beloved status remain unmatched. Take a journey with "This Old House" as it continues to offer valuable insights into the realm of home renovations.

This Old HouseLearn more about "This Old House" here.


Flip or Flop


Join real estate agents and former spouses Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack (formerly Christina Anstead) as they navigate the world of house flipping in sunny Southern California. "Flip or Flop" has garnered a strong following of over a million viewers, thanks to the unique chemistry and captivating transformations showcased on the show.

best home improvement showsDiscovery STREAM NOW


Stay Here


Hosted by Peter Lorimer and Genevieve Gorder, "Stay Here" is a captivating Netflix home improvement show that helps homeowners transform their short-term vacation rentals into irresistible boutique-style hotels. Lorimer and Gorder guide property owners in increasing their rental property income by elevating interior design and enhancing amenities. The show has received rave reviews, with many property owners crediting it for their increased success.

Watch "Stay Here" on Netflix

Kevin McCloud cuts a ribbon at Grand Designs Live launch, London, UK - 29 Apr 2017Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock


Grand Designs


"Grand Designs," hosted by Kevin McCloud, has become a British design show sensation, attracting an average of 3.286 million viewers. The series is available for streaming on Netflix in the domestic market. McCloud and his team have tackled a wide range of projects, from underground homes to repurposing a water tower. One of the show's distinctive features is its incorporation of sustainable architecture, providing viewers with inspiration for environmentally friendly design.

Explore these 10 inexpensive upgrades for a more sustainable home.

VintageFlip_HGTVSeries_JessieAndTinaRodriguezCourtesy of HGTV


Vintage Flip


"Vintage Flip" appeals to those with a love for vintage house features. With an impressive viewership of 1.291 million, the show offers a delightful glimpse into the restoration of nostalgic homes. However, keep in mind that not all vintage features are practical in today's homes. To avoid outdated pitfalls, check out these 19 old home features that may no longer be useful.

Discover 19 old home features you may want to reconsider.

GoodBones_Season_4_KarenELaine_Mina_Starsiak_HawkCourtesy of HGTV


Love It Or List It


The ever-popular "Love It or List It" attracts an estimated 1.479 million viewers who can't get enough of the exciting duo, Hilary Farr and David Visentin. What sets this show apart from others in the home improvement genre is its unique premise, keeping viewers engaged with fresh twists. If you're considering a move, check out these 20 signs that might indicate it's time for a change.

Discover 20 signs it might be time for you to move.

MaineCabinMasters_DIYNetworkCourtesy of DIY Network


Flipping Out


"Flipping Out" has held the attention of over a million viewers for a significant period of time due to the entertaining dynamic between Jeff, Zoila, and Jenny. The show's ups and downs, along with Jeff's larger-than-life personality, have kept audiences intrigued. If you find yourself needing to hire help for your own home projects, here are 10 things you should do when faced with contractor problems.

Explore the 10 things to do when you have contractor problems.



Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" quickly became a sensation, attracting a staggering 15.8 million viewers at its peak. After a hiatus, the show is set to make a comeback in 2020 on HGTV, following its original run on ABC from 2003 to 2012. Hosted by Ty Pennington and his crew, the show touches countless lives as they transform homes for deserving families. Relive the magic of this heartwarming show as it returns to television.

Learn more about the upcoming return of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" here.

David Collins, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France and Damian HobrookPatrick Lewis/Starpix for Netflix/Shutterstock


Queer Eye


Ever since its revival on Netflix, "Queer Eye" has captivated audiences with its heartfelt stories of transformation. While the show isn't always focused on home improvement, each season offers plenty of inspiring moments. With its first season earning an impressive 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, "Queer Eye" continues to uplift and empower viewers.

Watch "Queer Eye" on Netflix now.

This Old House CastCourtesy of This Old House


This Old House


Since its premiere in 1979, "This Old House" has remained a beloved show, drawing in a weekly audience of 2.3 million viewers. The show played a pivotal role in shaping the DIY home improvement TV market. It originally featured Bob Vila as the host until 1989, then Steve Thomas took over until 2003, and currently, Kevin O'Connor leads the way. With 17 Emmy awards under its belt, "This Old House" continues to provide valuable insights into the world of home renovations.

Learn more about "This Old House" here.

Joanie Sprague,John Gidding Sabrina Soto, Brett Tutor, Kaki Lee, Laurie Smith, Vern Yip, Dough Wilson, Paige Davis, Ty Pennington, Hildi Santo-Tomas and Frank Bielec at the TCA winter press tour in Los AngelesDavid Buchan/Variety/Shutterstock


Trading Spaces


"Trading Spaces" is a show full of surprises, where neighbors come together to redecorate a room in each other's homes with a budget of $2,000. The show creates a unique experience as neighbors step out of their comfort zones and transform their living spaces. Originally airing from 2000 to 2008, the show returned in 2018 with the same delightful concept and new surprises. Be part of the excitement and witness the incredible transformations unfold.

best home improvement showsBob Riha JrSTREAM NOW


Property Brothers


The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are loved by many viewers for their popular show. Drawing in around 2.015 million viewers, the show has become a favorite among home improvement enthusiasts. Another show they host, Brother vs. Brother, has also garnered a significant viewership of 2.694 million. Although their initial aspirations were in the entertainment industry, the Scott brothers have successfully entertained audiences with their real estate and remodeling expertise over the years. While they do receive criticism for some of their more unconventional renovations, their show remains at the top of the best home improvement shows.

If you prefer listening to home improvement tips, you should consider adding these podcasts to your queue: podcasts.


In a world full of jaw-dropping home transformations and captivating makeovers, these Best Home Renovation TV Shows have truly taken the real estate and design industry by storm. From the glitz and glamour of Selling Sunset to the heartwarming tales in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, there's a show for every design enthusiast out there. So, buckle up and get ready to be inspired as these talented experts turn ordinary houses into extraordinary dream homes. Whether you're looking to enhance your own space or simply indulge in some architectural eye candy, these shows are sure to leave you in awe of the power of creativity and the endless possibilities of home renovation.

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