The Top Martin Lawrence Performances You Can't Miss, Ranked!


    Martin Lawrence remains a household name in Hollywood due to his remarkable career as a comedian and actor. He first gained recognition for his role on the ABC sitcom What's Happening Now!! (1987-1988) and eventually rose to stardom in the '90s alongside other notable Black actors like Eddie Murphy and Will Smith. With a plethora of successful comedy and action films under his belt, Martin Lawrence has become a prominent figure in American pop culture.

    House Party

    House Party (1990):

      Reginald Hudlin directed the comedy film, House Party, which features Christopher Kid Reid and Christorpher Play Martin from the hip-hop duo, Kid 'n Play. The movie follows the duo as they throw a party, only for things to take an unexpected turn. Martin Lawrence makes a guest appearance in the film as Bilal, a reluctant yet fantastic party DJ. Despite his limited screen time, Lawrence's exceptional acting skills manage to make audiences laugh. The film has become a cult classic over the years.

      A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

      A Thin Line Between Love and Hate:

        Martin Lawrence's talent goes beyond just acting, as demonstrated by his work as director and co-writer in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Along with Kenny Buford, Bentley Kyle Evans, and Kim Bass, Lawrence wrote the screenplay, directed and starred in the comedy thriller. The film follows a player named Darnell, a role portrayed by Lawrence, who becomes entangled with an obsessive lover named Brandi, portrayed by Lynn Whitfield. Though similar to Fatal Attraction (1987), Lawrence incorporated humor into the plot, making it quite an enjoyable film. The comedy comes to life in memorable scenes, such as Darnell's visit to the police station to request a restraining order against Brandi, only to be ridiculed by the authorities. The film further displays Martin's abilities as a multi-talented actor.



          Martin Lawrence plays the titular role in an American sitcom of the same name, which focuses on his playful and romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Gina. With the show's additional focus on his other friendships with Pam, Tommy, and Cole, Martin captivated the hearts of thousands over its five seasons. Martin's character is both sassy and family-man oriented, with a selfish and macho upfront attitude. Lawrence won the People's Choice Award, NAACP Image Award, and got nominated twice for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award, showcasing his acting expertise.

          Bad Boys

          Bad Boys (1995):

            Bad Boys is a buddy-cop action-comedy film featuring narcotic detectives Marcus and Mike, portrayed by Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, respectively. The film initially received mixed reviews from critics, yet was still a commercial hit. The movie's success led to a cult following over the years, with Lawrence's exceptional chemistry with Smith as a significant reason. In the film, Marcus and Mike discover that 100 million dollars' worth of heroin has gone missing from their headquarters. Pair this with a series of action-packed and hilarious scenes, showcasing Lawrence's comedic abilities, and Bad Boys becomes an icon of the action-comedy genre.

            Bad Boys For Life

            Bad Boys for Life (2020):

              In Bad Boys for Life, the third installment in the franchise, co-directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Martin Lawrence reprises his role as Marcus, alongside Will Smith as Mike. In the film, the pair investigates a series of murders that are unexplainably tied to Mike's past. The film received praise from both critics and audiences and even ranked as the fourth highest-grossing film of the year in 2020. The chemistry between the two lead characters is evident, with audiences experiencing iconic moments scattered throughout the film.

              Blue Streak (1999):

                Blue Streak is perhaps one of Martin Lawrence's most popular performances, portraying Miles, a jewel thief who accidentally leaves a diamond at a police station. Pretending to be a detective, Miles ends up getting assigned to a case with Detective Carlson, portrayed by Luke Wilson. The twist on the usual buddy-cop film leads to a series of humorous and action-packed scenes that continue to entertain audiences after almost two decades since the film's release.

                Blue Streak

                Life (1999):

                  Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence star in the buddy-comedy film Life directed by Ted Demme. The film tells the story of Ray and Claude, two inmates wrongfully accused of murder and sentenced to life in prison. The film is mixed in terms of critical reception but gained a cult following for both Lawrence and Murphy's superb performances. Their relationship as both friends and foes in the film leads to numerous comedic scenes worth watching.



                    Martin Lawrence has created a legacy in Hollywood with his exceptional skills as a comedian and actor. From his guest appearance in House Party to his leading roles in the Bad Boys franchise and beyond, Lawrence continues to captivate audiences with his unique talent. Martin Lawrence may now be a household name in Hollywood, but his journey to stardom was undoubtedly filled with hard work and success.

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