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Some of us look forward to nothing more than winding down after a busy day by settling in with our go-to munchies and a juicy reality show. The genre connects us to our own aspirations, secrets, and vices, whether the subject matter is cooking, dating, lifestyle, survival, home improvement, talent competitions, or anything else.  

Perhaps it's the part of us that's always wanted to travel the world, see new things, laugh, and feel more empathy for others. Whatever it is that we're looking for in reality television, the selection is mind-boggling. We've compiled a list of the top Hulu reality shows to help you choose.

If you like Survivor but hate the constant backstabbing, Alone is a great alternative. The History series, which focuses solely on survival, isolates ten people in the wilderness and puts them to the test of their most basic instincts and abilities. The competitors are cut off from any communication with one another, and the only way to win is to stay alive the longest.

So far, all the winners have endured months-long stays in the wild. One winner who made it for 74 days told EW, "One of the biggest benefits of doing something like this is you get undistracted time to look inward and think about yourself," describing how the experience had a profound impact on him. When was the last time you had some alone time to think? —Kevin Jacobsen

See It on Hulu by Yourself

Since the early 2000s, reality TV has been ruled by "Bachelor Nation," and ABC's The Bachelorette has become a ratings powerhouse. A single woman competes against more than 20 potential suitors over the course of several weeks to find the one she will spend the rest of her life with. Even if the characters' connections don't continue beyond the series, the drama is compelling enough to keep fans coming back season after season.

Andi Dorfman, Hannah Brown, and Gabby Windey are just a few of the former Bachelor contestants turned Bachelorettes who have gone on to compete in other reality shows like Dancing With the Stars. —K J

The Bachelorette is available on Hulu.

You can't help but keep watching shows that are so dedicated to their concept, however narrow it may be. The Masked Singer is a prime example, having premiered in 2019 and continuing to this day with two new seasons airing annually on Fox. Celebrities dress up in elaborate costumes and sing cover versions of popular songs in this reality show that includes hidden clues in the video clips. After that, it's up to the star-studded panel of judges to guess who's hiding behind the disguise.

The audience is given just enough hints (but not too many) to keep us guessing, which is part of the fun of The Masked Singer. It is also a fascinating display of the vocal abilities (or lack thereof) of the celebrity contestants, unencumbered by their public personas. —K J

Check out Hulu's The Masked Singer.

MasterChef, based on the British series of the same name, was the latest addition to Gordon Ramsay's burgeoning television cooking empire. The show features culinary professionals competing in a variety of challenges that showcase their skills and originality. The results of the Elimination Test are then discussed by Ramsay and the other judges, with one contestant being eliminated each week until a winner is determined and awarded the grand prize of $250,000.

Ramsay said at the 2019 party celebrating MasterChef's 200 episodes, "Anyone who enjoys food can tune into MasterChef and learn something." We find enthusiastic home cooks who want to be the best in the business, train them up, and send them out into the world as professionals. MasterChef has spawned a spinoff, MasterChef Junior (also on Hulu), a cooking competition show for kids aged 8-13. —K J

Go to Hulu and see MasterChef.

As early as 2004, aspiring fashion designers were "making it work." The designers on Project Runway, winner of a Peabody Award, compete to see who can create the best outfit based on the week's theme. The judges, all of whom have extensive experience in the fashion industry, offer constructive criticism and eliminate the contestants they deem to be the least impressive until only one is left.

Project Runway established a niche for a new kind of reality competition that puts an emphasis on talent rather than superficial qualities at a time when humiliation and deception ruled the reality TV landscape. Top Chef and RuPaul's Drag Race are just two of the many talent competitions that have been inspired by the long-running series. —K J

Check out Hulu to see Project Runway.

After a long day at the office, there is nothing more relaxing than watching a group of extremely wealthy people argue over the merits of various startup ideas. It's unclear what exactly has kept Shark Tank successful since its debut in 2009; it could be the show's familiar rhythms, the banter between the "sharks," or the ingenuity of the inventors.

The show has won four consecutive Emmy awards for Outstanding Structured Reality Program from 2014 to 2017, and its panelists Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner have all been nominated for Emmys. —K J

See it on Hulu: Shark Tank

Many long-running reality shows are included here, but only Survivor can compete with its reputation and history. The basic premise of the show hasn't changed much since its 2000 debut: 16–20 strangers are castaways on an island and must learn to work together while secretly plotting the demise of their tribemates.

The show's longevity can be attributed to its exploration of human nature's inherent volatility. The show, which is a reflection of humanity's greatest strengths and weaknesses, has been called one of the greatest "social experiments" and there is no one way to win. To get through each day alive, even if it means voting out your best friend, is all that matters. —K J

Check out Hulu for Survivor.

The other 50%: how do they survive? Wife Swap attempted to address this question by having regular families with contrasting philosophies swap matriarchs for a short period of time. The wife must comply with the host family's rules for the first week of their visit, and then they get to impose their own rules on the family for the second week.

After two weeks, both families get together to compare notes, which can lead to tension. ABC broadcast the show from 2004 to 2010, with two brief returns in 2013 and 2019 and a spinoff, Celebrity Wife Swap, from 2012 to 2015. —K J

Wife Swap is available on Hulu.

If you have a serious case of wanderlust but lack the funds for an exciting around-the-world trip, then The Amazing Race is the show for you. The show is essentially an advertisement for the world's most interesting and beautiful locations, but it's also interesting on a micro level because each team consists of two people.

The host, Phil Keoghan, has been in charge of the show for over 20 years, and he has maintained his neutral, pleasant demeanor throughout, despite the show's increasingly interesting and varied contestants (middle-aged YouTubers, twin radio hosts, a man who spent nearly 10 years wrongfully imprisoned for a murder, etc.). ) Anyone can enjoy The Amazing Race because of its abundance of human connection (and chaos), breathtaking scenery, daring challenges, and nonstop action. Author: Sophie van Bastelaer

The Amazing Race is available on Hulu.

Bong Appetit on Vice TV is "where high-end cuisine meets high-end cannabis;" it's not your typical cooking show, but it's more wholesome than you might think. This show highlights one of cannabis' most restorative qualities: its ability to enhance and develop food, at a time when the stigma surrounding cannabis is still pervasive in the social sphere, albeit with considerably less ferocity than in the past.

Canna-challenges (like CBD-infused desserts and infused breakfast foods) are presented in each episode to dispel common misconceptions about cannabis. It's a refreshing change of pace, with intriguing characters and even more intriguing food. —SvB 

Enjoy Hulu's Bong Appetit now.

Catfish: The TV Show, a spin-off of the 2010 documentary of the same name, continued filming during the height of the pandemic while many other reality shows either cancelled or drastically altered their formats. You might be surprised to learn that the show is still airing (how are so many people still falling for catfishing schemes?). ) moved its operations to the potentially disastrous platform of Zoom However, the show's hosts, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford, were instrumental in keeping the show interesting, emotional, cringe-worthy, and funny — all the best parts of a dating show.

Crawford, a 2019 addition who has revitalized the show, contrasts well with Schulman's wry sincerity thanks to his brash charm and compassionate honesty. The balanced duo handled the production changes brought on by the pandemic with poise and humor, and they are better off now than before. —SvB

Catfish is a show you can catch on Hulu.

The Great House Revival is the perfect show for you if you love Irish accents and home improvement programs. It's one of the few international reality shows on Hulu, and it follows families who have bought old houses all over Ireland with the intention of restoring and modernizing them without losing their historic character.

The clients and their host, architect Hugh Wallace, are not just renovating houses; they are also working on barns, rectories, and pharmacies. The Great House Revival is probably the best option on this list for those dreary days when all you want to do is curl up with a cup of tea, but it is largely unknown to most North American television viewers. —SvB

Check out Hulu's The Great House Revival.

Spectating a hot sauce competition is always entertaining, but when the contestants are famous people, the thrill is multiplied. Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans, is an incendiary take on the standard celebrity interview in which the stars eat progressively hotter chicken wings while answering questions about themselves (notable guests have included Paul Rudd, Kristen Bell, and Idris Elba).

While some famous people seem to thrive under stress, others seem to have a terrible time. Either way, it's a clever, entertaining, and highly-watchable talk show that explores the age-old question: how does subjecting famous people to extreme physical discomfort affect how open they are willing to be during an interview? —SvB

See the hottest ones on Hulu.

Whether you love them, hate them, love to hate them, or hate to love them, the show never fails to remind you why the Kardashians are one of the most talked-about families in the world. The entertainment value and production quality of The Kardashians are both very high, and you may be surprised by how human (and relatable) the show's socialites seem. It's not as obviously staged as the first season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but it still manages to be both funny and touching.

The Kardashians gives us the glitzy drama the KarJenners are known for, with a new candor and vulnerability we didn't know we were missing. This includes surprising perspectives on Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé's highly publicized relationships as well as surprisingly tender conversations on what it means to be a family. —SvB

Get your Kardashian fix on Hulu.

The most shocking thing about Naked and Afraid is that contestants get...nothing in exchange for being stripped down to their underwear for three weeks with a complete stranger of the opposite sex. There is no payoff other than the satisfaction of making it this far. That alone is enough to put it on this list, but knowing that the contestants will receive no compensation for their pain and suffering only adds to the show's allure.  

There has been an uptick in wilderness-themed television shows in recent years, though survivalist shows like Survivor have been around for much longer. Despite living in a technologically advanced society, many of us are fascinated by depictions of simpler times, at least when viewed from the safety and convenience of our own couches. One of the crudest and most fascinating survivalist shows streaming at the moment is Naked and Afraid, which is based on the idea that its participants should live like cavemen. —SvB

Naked and Afraid is available on Hulu.

When RuPaul's Drag Race first aired in 2009, it became an instant phenomenon, and the show's popularity has only grown since then. Drag Race, a performance competition show in which a panel of judges (headed by the iconic RuPaul) evaluate drag queens throughout a series of challenges, has spawned spin-offs, created stars (such as Trixie Mattel), and successfully integrated drag into mainstream media.

With good reason, Drag Race has spawned its own subculture of pop culture enthusiasts; the show is hugely significant culturally as one of the most successful LGBTQ television shows in history, and is adored by viewers for providing them with so much triumph, drama, talent, and, above all, style. —SvB

Enjoy RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 on Hulu.

Undercover Boss is one of the most heartwarming reality shows because it goes beyond the basic entertainment of watching a CEO cluelessly clean a milkshake machine or scrub a toilet. In each episode, the boss takes on a trainee role among the blue-collar workers, is put through his or her paces, and then implements new policies to improve the way the company is run.

It's not any less interesting or meaningful to watch because the character arcs involve rewarding the trainee's hardworking "co-workers" and "bosses" with special bonuses or opportunities. Seeing a character grow and mature, whether in a literal or figurative sense, can be reassuring, and the show is a pleasant reminder that, despite external differences, human emotions are consistent across all people and all situations. —SvB

Go to Hulu and watch Undercover Boss.

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