The Top 10 Film and TV Scores by Olivia Rodrigo

According to People, while there will be a fourth season of the High School Musical franchise, fans will have to say goodbye to Olivia Rodrigo's character, Nini.

It's sad to hear this because Rodrigo has been such a great addition to the cast. But this frees her up to concentrate on her music, which has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. When your music is featured in mainstream media like TV shows and movies, you know you've made it as a singer, and that's exactly what's happened to Rodrigo.

Traitor and viciousness in Gossip Girl

The cast of the Gossip Girl reboot poses on stairs

In 2021's Gossip Girl, a new group of students and their teachers engage in vicious online harassment of one another. There are a number of serious issues addressed in Gossip Girl, including the sexual assault of a famous singer and the death of Julien's father. Rodrigo's "Traitor" begins to play as Julien requests the artist to remain in hiding.

The show synchronizes musical cues with the on-screen actions and expressions of the characters. The song "Traitor" was an inspired choice, its lyrics and despondent melody perfectly capturing the fleeting nature of the scenario. One of the best song selections for the show was "Brutal," which was featured in the season one finale.

Devil in Ohio Netflix

The horror film Devil in Ohio follows a young woman who escapes a cult and the psychiatrist who unwittingly takes her in. Episode 1 of this book-to-film adaptation shows Mae desperately trying to hitch a ride out of the terrible place she finds herself. Within the first episode, she hears "good 4 u" by Rodrigo y Gabriela blasting from a passing car.

The song's inclusion provides an odd counterpoint to the shocking prologue. Though only a few lines of the song are audible, the selection of those lines seems deliberate. The phrase "Good for you" You appear to be in good spirits and health. Maybe Mae is thinking to herself, "Not me, if you ever cared to ask," as the driver goes by her. She's unhappy and sick, but the driver doesn't seem to mind.

Hillcrest Mean Girls Do Revenge

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke star in the Netflix film "Do Revenge." There are surprising turns at every turn, and numerous fantastic references to popular culture throughout. The film opens with Drea (Mendes) being betrayed by her friends and boyfriend after a nude video of her is leaked online. A scene of Camila sobbing alone in her room to the tune of "Brutal"

Do Revenge's "Brutal" is the perfect anthem. Rodrigo's song explores the darkness of existence and the cruelty of humankind. Even though Do Revenge is an exaggerated look at high school and the party scene, Rodrigo's song still fits in with the film's larger message.


One of Us Is Lying, based on a series of books by Karen M. McManus, centers on four students at Bayview High School and the fallout from the death of a disliked classmate.

To the tune of Rodrigo's "Brutal," Episode 5 opens with a glimpse of Addy strutting through the school hallway in her brand-new 'do. The Bayview 4 decide to ignore their classmates' judgmental stares and dance carefree to "good 4 u" at Homecoming in the sixth episode. Both songs work wonderfully in their designated settings. Her music and the show share a teen angst vibe that works well together.

Nini performing

There was a lot of trepidation among HSM devotees when a spin-off series was announced. It's hard to think of the world without this show, which is widely credited with launching Rodrigo's successful music career.

In the show, Rodrigo portrays Nini. The producers recognized her abilities and asked her to write some songs for her character to sing. Thus, she penned "All I Want," "The Rose Song," and "Just A Moment" with Nini's on-screen beau, Joshua Bassett. Rodrigo's songs are always the highlights of a show that is otherwise packed with musical numbers. Given the quality of the lyrics and music, it's no surprise that Rodrigo has had such widespread success.

Olivia Rodrigo singings deja vu

As a documentary musical, Driving Home 2 U gives listeners a glimpse into Rodrigo's creative process while writing the songs for her self-titled debut. While touring from Utah to Los Angeles, Rodrigo and her crew make several stops along the way for unannounced performances of her music. In particular, her rendition of "Traitor" is stunning.

She painstakingly plays each instrument in the song, records herself singing along, and then listens to the recording. Fans who have heard these songs hundreds of times will be intrigued by the unique twists that each performance in Driving Home 2 U offers.

Travis and Arianna lock arms in the office in Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

The biopic Super Pumped reveals the lies and manipulation that were integral to the rise of Uber.

A senior Apple executive confronts Travis Kalanick with the question of why so many women are leaving the company. As "Brutal" plays, Susan Fowler enters the frame and explains that the high turnover rate may be related to the persistent sexual harassment that employees face at work. This use of Rodrigo's music serves to emphasize the harshness of the setting and highlight Susan's badass personality.

Boy and girl at the beach in The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty, based on a novel by Jenny Han, follows Belly and her family on their traditional summer vacation to visit Cousins. This summer has it all: romance, heartbreak, and everything in between. Both "Brutal" and "1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back" can be found in the series pilot for this Prime Original series. Both pieces are played during pivotal moments in the episode: when the guys fight at the bonfire and when their first night in "Cousins" comes to a tumultuous close.

The song "Brutal" has left its mark on popular culture by becoming the most frequently used song in movies and television. For no other reason than to have another upbeat track on the album, People reports that "Brutal" was written in 24 hours on a whim by Rodrigo. She had no idea that her spontaneous idea would become the anthem of her generation. When it comes to "1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back," that song is lovely and doesn't get nearly enough praise.

Regé-Jean Page And Beck Bennet Jam Out To Driver’s License By Olivia Rodrigo

The satire and parodies on Saturday Night Live have made it a cultural phenomenon. After Olivia's debut single spent a month at number one, the variety show finally decided to use it in a skit.

Regé-Jean Page and a group of guys are at a bar listening to "Driver's License" by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Instead of poking fun at it, they incorporate the song's sentiment into a heartfelt and hilarious skit. Olivia's actual birthday was the air date of the episode. On Twitter, she tweeted her astonishment and gratitude at the sketch, calling it the "best birthday present ever." As her fame grew, she was eventually asked to perform on the season's second-to-last episode.

A group of Queens performing on the main stage in RuPaul's Drag Race

After 26 years on the air, RuPaul's Drag Race has proven to be a hit with viewers and critics alike. A number of drag queens vie for a sizable cash prize and the opportunity to showcase their talents in public.

Drag Race veterans DeJa, Jorgeous, and Daya face off in a lip sync battle to Rodrigo's "good 4 U" in this episode from season 14. The stakes are high, because only one person can advance. This is always a tense moment in the episode, both for the audience and the competitors. The winner of the competition uses this song as an outlet for his or her rage. Daya reveals in an interview, "the song is about being pissed off, so I could really tap into that" "

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