The Evolution of Popular TV Miniseries: From 'Rich Man, Poor Man' to 'The Last of Us'

Throughout the history of television, there have been numerous miniseries that have captivated audiences with their compelling storylines and unforgettable characters. From the groundbreaking "Rich Man, Poor Man" to the recent sensation "WandaVision," these limited series have managed to leave a lasting impact on viewers around the world. In this article, we will explore the top 10 highest-rated TV miniseries of all time, as well as delve into some of the most anticipated upcoming releases. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into the world of popular TV miniseries that have stood the test of time.


Rich Man, Poor Man' (1976)

'Rich Man, Poor Man' (1976) YouTube


"Rich Man, Poor Man," a TV miniseries released in 1976, is based on a novel from the late 1960s. It tells the story of Rudy Jordache, a wealthy individual, and his rebellious brother Tom. Considered the first breakout TV miniseries, it has aged relatively well over the years. A sequel was later released, but the original remains a classic in the genre.

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Jesus of Nazareth' (1977)

'Jesus of Nazareth' (1977) ITC Entertainment; RAI


Directed by Franco Zeffirelli, "Jesus of Nazareth" is a legendary TV miniseries from 1977. It is the first mainstream visual account of Jesus' life, as told through a summary of the New Testament. This epic miniseries was especially popular among those who attended Catholic school in the late 1970s and '80s.

  'Roots' (1977) Warner Bros. Television

"Roots" is a highly acclaimed TV miniseries from 1977, based on Alex Haley's celebrated novel about the life of slave Kunta Kinte and his descendants. Starring LeVar Burton, it features legendary actors such as Ben Vereen, Lou Gossett Jr., and Ed Asner. "Roots" won nine Emmy Awards and spawned a sequel, a television movie, and a 2016 remake.

  'Shōgun' (1980) Paramount Television

"Shōgun" is one of the most notable and successful miniseries of the 1980s. It tells the story of John Blackthorne's rise through the shōgun and was a smash hit for NBC. This period saw actor Richard Chamberlain find fame through his roles in miniseries, including "Shōgun." Both the miniseries and Chamberlain received Golden Globe Awards.

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The Thorn Birds' (1983)

'The Thorn Birds' (1983) Warner Bros. Television Distribution


"The Thorn Birds" is a highly rated miniseries from 1983, starring Richard Chamberlain. Based on a popular novel, it tells the story of a priest named Ralph de Bricassart and his struggle between his faith and his feelings for a woman named Meggie Cleary. Despite being based on a popular novel, the subject matter was considered risqué for network television at the time.

  'V' (1983) Warner Bros; Domestic Television Distribution

"V" is a science-fiction miniseries from the early 1980s that attracted fans of all ages. It depicts the arrival of visitors who look like humans from another planet and their dissemination of Nazi-like propaganda on Earth. However, a group of resistors, led by characters Mike Donovan and Juliet Parrish, fight back and discover the true motives and identity of the "visitors," preventing their quest for world domination.

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V: The Final Battle' (1984)

'V: The Final Battle' (1984) Warner Bros; Domestic Television Distribution


"V: The Final Battle" is the sequel to the original "V" miniseries. It continues the story several months after the events of the first miniseries, with more action and growing intensity. Notably, it features the memorable and controversial birth of Robin's twins, following her brief relationship with a "visitor." While a weekly series followed, it didn't generate the same level of excitement as the miniseries.

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North and South' (1985)

'North and South' (1985) Warner Bros. Television


The "North and South" miniseries consists of three installments, with the original airing in 1985. It is the most acclaimed and nominated for several Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Starring Patrick Swayze, James Read, and Lesley-Anne Down, this TV adaptation of John Jakes's novel tells the story of friends who find themselves on different sides of the Civil War. It remains an entertaining watch to this day.

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Lonesome Dove' (1989)

'Lonesome Dove' (1989) Qintex Entertainment


Originally intended as a movie starring John Wayne and James Stewart, "Lonesome Dove" became a successful TV miniseries in 1989. It tells the western-themed story of former Texas Rangers, with Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones in the leading roles. The miniseries was so well-received and popular that it led to a weekly series continuing the story.

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The Stand' (1994)

'The Stand' (1994) CBS Television Distribution


"The Stand," a TV miniseries from 1994, is based on one of Stephen King's most popular novels. With a star-studded cast including Gary Sinise, Ossie Davis, Rob Lowe, and Jamey Sheridan, it was a major event for ABC. While it doesn't delve as deeply as the book, it provides a strong look into the complex lives of the characters and their struggles with good and evil.

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Band of Brothers' (2001)

'Band of Brothers' (2001) HBO; Dreamworks Pictures


In the early 2000s, premium cable outlets like HBO brought back the glory of TV miniseries, with high production value and attention to detail. "Band of Brothers" stands out as one of the best in the genre. Based on Stephen E. Ambrose's book about "Easy Company" of the United States 101st Airborne Division during World War II, it was brought to life by the creative vision of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. The miniseries won seven Emmy Awards and the Golden Globe for Best Miniseries or Television Film.

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Angels In America' (2003)

'Angels In America' (2003) HBO


Another gem from HBO, "Angels In America" is a 2003 TV miniseries directed by the late Mike Nichols. It stars Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, and Emma Thompson. The miniseries is based on a play from the early 1990s and explores the lives of mid-'80s New Yorkers navigating the unknown world of AIDS amidst political and social conservatism. It received a combined total of nine Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

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John Adams' (2008)


'John Adams' (2008)

This miniseries, titled "John Adams," aired on HBO in 2008 and showcases the exceptional acting skills of Paul Giamatti, who portrays the second President of the United States. Giamatti's performance in this role is commendable and earned him a Best Actor Emmy Award. The miniseries, which chronicles the life of John Adams, was highly acclaimed and received a total of 13 Emmy Awards, including additional wins for Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson.


The Pacific' (2010)


'The Pacific' (2010)

Continuing the success of "Band of Brothers," HBO and Dreamworks Pictures released "The Pacific" in 2010. This miniseries focuses on the experiences of three U.S. Marines during World War II's Pacific campaign. Although "The Pacific" may not have attained the same level of fame as its predecessor, it still received critical acclaim and won eight Emmy Awards, including the prestigious Outstanding Miniseries honor.


The Night Of' (2016)


'The Night Of' (2016)

"The Night Of" is a crime drama miniseries that aired in 2016 and was produced by BBC Worldwide Productions, Bad Wolf, and Film Rites. Starring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed, the storyline revolves around a college student named "Naz" who is charged with the murder of a young woman in New York City. This gripping adaptation, based on the British series Criminal Justice, received critical acclaim and earned Riz Ahmed an Emmy for his outstanding performance. It was awarded a total of four Emmys.


The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story' (2016)


'The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story' (2016)

In 2016, FX released the first installment of its popular true crime series, "The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story." This miniseries delves into one of the most notorious cases in history, the O.J. Simpson murder trial. The star-studded cast includes Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson, Sterling K. Brown as Christopher Darden, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, and Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran. The miniseries garnered critical acclaim and earned Sarah Paulson and the overall series Golden Globe Awards.


Maniac' (2018)


'Maniac' (2018)

Netflix's miniseries "Maniac," released in 2018, reunites Jonah Hill and Emma Stone after their successful collaboration in the comedy film "Superbad." However, "Maniac" takes a different tone as a psychological dark comedy. Hill's character, Owen, and Stone's character, Annie, participate in an unconventional pharmaceutical trial led by questionable doctors. While the plot itself is intriguing, the true brilliance of the miniseries lies in the exceptional performances delivered by Hill and Stone.


Sharp Objects' (2018)


'Sharp Objects' (2018)

Another successful release by HBO, "Sharp Objects" premiered in 2018. This miniseries stars Amy Adams as Camille Preaker, an alcoholic reporter who also battles with psychological issues while investigating the murders of two young girls. Patricia Clarkson delivered an outstanding performance as Camille's overbearing mother, earning her a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. This unsettling psychological thriller resonated with audiences and received widespread acclaim.


Chernobyl' (2019)


'Chernobyl' (2019)

HBO's "Chernobyl" miniseries, released in 2019, vividly portrays the devastating nuclear plant disaster that occurred in 1986. The series delves into the untold stories of the first responders and volunteers involved during and after the tragedy. With its detailed and often graphic depiction, "Chernobyl" earned 19 Emmy nominations and won several awards, including Outstanding Limited Series.


When They See Us' (2019)


'When They See Us' (2019)

"When They See Us" is a meticulously detailed Netflix miniseries that premiered in 2019, focusing on the Central Park Five case from 1989. Directed by Ava DuVernay, this docudrama captivates viewers with its compelling storytelling. The series masterfully incorporates a modern-day historical event into its narrative, a feat that can often be challenging. DuVernay's direction and the exceptional performances by the cast make "When They See Us" a remarkable viewing experience.


Watchmen' (2019)


'Watchmen' (2019)

HBO's "Watchmen" is technically categorized as a "limited series" and aired in 2019. Based on the DC Comic storyline and serving as a sequel to the original story, this miniseries presents an alternate reality where racial and social injustice persist. Regina King and Don Johnson deliver captivating performances as cops/vigilantes fighting against these injustices.


I Know This Much Is True' (2020)


'I Know This Much Is True' (2020)

"I Know This Much Is True," released in 2020, features Mark Ruffalo in a dual role as brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. Dominick's brother, Thomas, struggles with paranoid schizophrenia while Dominick navigates his own challenging life. Ruffalo's remarkable portrayal of both complex characters earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie.


The Right Stuff' (2020)


'The Right Stuff' (2020)

"The Right Stuff" is a recent miniseries available on Disney+ that has garnered attention and positive reviews. Released in 2020, it brilliantly recounts the story of the Mercury Seven, a group of United States Air Force test pilots who were trained to become astronauts. This miniseries provides a retelling of this legendary tale for a new generation, allowing them to appreciate and learn from this remarkable piece of history.


'WandaVision' (2021)

'WandaVision' (2021) Marvel Studios


The Marvel miniseries landscape has seen many successful entries in recent years, but none have reached the level of excellence achieved by 'WandaVision'. This show sets itself apart by seamlessly paying homage to classic sitcoms while showcasing the remarkable chemistry between Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). The emotional depth displayed by these superhuman characters is a true highlight of the series. Additionally, Kathryn Hahn's performance as the nosy neighbor/villain is simply superb and elevates the overall quality of the show.

27 out of 30


'Mare of Easttown,' (2021)

'Mare of Easttown,' (2021) HBO


Kate Winslet delivers an outstanding performance as Mare Sheehan in the emotionally gripping HBO miniseries, 'Mare of Easttown'. As an emotionally tormented detective sergeant in a rugged Pennsylvania town, Mare has faced personal tragedy and professional challenges. However, her resilience, loyalty, and likability make her an engaging character despite her flaws. The series received critical acclaim, earning four Primetime Emmy Awards, with Winslet taking home the award for Outstanding Lead Actress. Jean Smart's scene-stealing portrayal of the comically concerned mother, Helen Fahey, is also worth mentioning.

28 out of 30


'The Offer' (2022)

'The Offer' (2022) Paramount Television Studios


Miles Teller delivers a captivating performance as renowned producer Albert Ruddy in the Paramount miniseries, 'The Offer'. The series delves into the fascinating tale of how 'The Godfather' came to fruition. Teller's portrayal is complemented by Dan Fogler's surprising and brilliant performance as Francis Ford Coppola, the iconic director of 'The Godfather'. Additionally, Giovanni Ribisi delivers a strong performance as mob boss Joe Colombo, while Matthew Goode and Juno Temple received well-deserved Critics' Choice Award nominations for their supporting roles.

30 out of 30

10 Highest-Rated TV Mini-Series of All Time

  • Bodyguard (2018) – 8.1
  • Watchmen (2019) – 8.2
  • Mare of Easttown (2021) – 8.4
  • Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (2011) – 8.5
  • The Night Of (2016) – 8.5
  • The Haunting of Hill House (2018) – 8.6
  • The Queen’s Gambit (2020) – 8.6
  • When They See Us (2019) – 8.9
  • Band of Brothers (2001) – 9.4
  • Chernobyl (2019) – 9.4


Station Eleven

A young woman in odd clothing looks concerned.


Mackenzie Davis delivers a heart-wrenching performance in 'Station Eleven'. This lavish adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Emily St. John Mandel is a must-see for fans of HBO. Creator and showrunner Patrick Somerville has thoughtfully reimagined the setting and key elements of Mandel's dystopian drama, resulting in a story that feels both familiar and surprising. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a deadly pandemic, the series follows a resilient theater troupe known as the Traveling Symphony as they bring Shakespearean joy to the survivors. 'Station Eleven' expertly weaves together past and present, offering an almost alarmingly optimistic look at the aftermath of a devastating flu. The series features an exceptional ensemble cast, including Mackenzie Davis, Matilda Lawler, Himesh Patel, Gael García Bernal, and Danielle Deadwyler.

How to watch: Watch 'Station Eleven' on Max.


Elizabeth I

The daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, Elizabeth I of England led a life defined by dramatic events. This celebrated 2005 mini-series focuses on the last 24 years of her remarkable 45-year reign as the so-called Virgin Queen. Despite her nickname, Queen Elizabeth had a strong desire for love and romance, though marriage meant relinquishing her throne to a man who would become king. Dame Helen Mirren delivers a fiery and passionate portrayal of Elizabeth, supported by the talented Jeremy Irons and Hugh Dancy. Under the direction of Tom Hooper, this sweeping two-part mini-series brings history to life and garnered nine Emmy Awards, including Best Mini-Series. From its visually stunning production design to its captivating performances and thrilling drama, 'Elizabeth I' is a must-watch.


How to watch: Watch 'Elizabeth I' on Max.


From the Earth to the Moon

Based on Andrew Chaikin's non-fiction book 'A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts', this stellar mini-series transports viewers back to the 1960s and 1970s to reveal the incredible true stories behind NASA's Apollo program. Produced by Tom Hanks, 'From the Earth to the Moon' is an ambitious undertaking that spans 12 episodes, showcasing the history and heroics of the Apollo missions. The series provides an in-depth look into the lives of the astronauts, both those who flew and those who were prepared to embark on these groundbreaking missions. With remarkable special effects that bring the space journeys to life, viewers are immersed in the experiences of these legendary explorers. Originally hailed as "TV's Biggest Mini-Series", this 1998 production earned the Primetime Emmy for Best Mini-Series. Take a trip back in time and discover why this series generated so much buzz.


How to watch: Watch 'From the Earth to the Moon' on Max.


The Lady and the Dale

A woman in pink stands with her children under an umbrella.


'The Lady and the Dale' offers an intriguing look into the complex story of Elizabeth Carmichael. This 2021 mini-series stands out as a uniquely fascinating addition to HBO's true crime offerings. Directors Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker provide a revealing exploration of Carmichael, an automobile executive, con artist, wife, mother, and transgender trailblazer. Throughout the years, her story has been tainted by speculation and transphobia. However, this four-episode documentary mini-series seeks to reclaim her narrative by presenting a balanced perspective that includes in-depth interviews with those who knew her best. With its animated photography, playful soundtrack, and a sense of adventure, 'The Lady and the Dale' captures the complexity and spirit of Elizabeth Carmichael, delivering a surprising, thrilling, and unforgettable viewing experience.

How to watch: Watch 'The Lady and the Dale' on Max.


True Detective


From the moment Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were cast as a duo of detectives on the hunt for an elusive killer, the 2014 show True Detective immediately established itself as a standout in the world of prestige TV. Audiences were captivated by the unnerving visuals, immersive cinematography, and the gripping question of how it would all unfold. Renowned filmmaker Cary Joji Fukunaga skillfully directed the entire premiere season, creating a vivid world filled with Southern-fried intrigue, chilling violence, and mind-bending philosophy. The series received critical acclaim, attracting dedicated viewers and earning five Primetime Emmy awards. The success of the first season paved the way for writer Nic Pizzolatto to continue crafting compelling stories in successive seasons. However, it all began with one remarkable mini-series.

How to watch: True Detective is streaming on Max.(opens in a new tab)


I May Destroy You


A couple at a night club.

"I May Destroy You" is a thought-provoking and compelling mini-series that showcases the talents of English writer, actress, and producer Michaela Coel, who gained recognition for her cheeky and sex-centric comedy series, Chewing Gum. With this addictive follow-up, Coel delves into darker themes, exploring the impact of social media, anti-Black racism, consent, and rape culture. In "I May Destroy You," Coel portrays Arabella Essiedu, a twenty-something writer who embraces a wild night out on the town. However, after experiencing a blackout, a bloody forehead, and troubling flashbacks, Arabella seeks solace in her friends, new lovers, and various distractions. Supported by a talented cast, including Weruche Opia and Paapa Essiedu, Coel delivers a mesmerizing performance as a woman on the verge. This critically acclaimed 12-part mini-series has garnered two BAFTAs, one for Coel's lead performance and another for Best Mini-Series, as well as multiple Emmy nominations.

How to watch: I May Destroy You is streaming on Max.(opens in a new tab)


Over the Garden Wall


Adventure Time creative director Patrick McHale brings us the enchanting animated mini-series, Over the Garden Wall, which made its debut on Cartoon Network in 2014. Set in a mysterious forest, the story follows two half-brothers, the lively Greg and the anxious Wirt, as they find themselves hopelessly lost. Their journey home relies on their trust in the kindness of strangers, including a troubled woodsman, a quirky baron, a demanding witch, and a sassy bluebird. However, they must also steer clear of the shadowy and deceptive Beast, who poses a great threat. Drawing inspiration from folklore and the Rubber Hose animation aesthetic, Over the Garden Wall presents a captivating and sometimes unnerving world filled with wonders and perils. With its imaginative storytelling, talented voice cast, and ten 11-minute episodes, this mini-series is a delightfully binge-worthy experience.

How to watch: Over the Garden Wall(opens in a new tab) is streaming on Max.(opens in a new tab)


Miracle Workers


Three people play music around a campfire in the Western.

Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Steve Buscemi join forces in the comedy mini-series, Miracle Workers, set on the Oregon Trail. While mini-series often lean towards drama, this show breaks the mold with its unique brand of comedy. It started as a seven-episode arc about two bumbling angels attempting to save the world and win a bet with a frustrated God. Creator Simon Rich took a different approach, crafting an office comedy where the angels are listless, irritable, and inept, while God is a needy and ineffectual oaf struggling to impress his parents. The humor in Miracle Workers is irreverent and offbeat, highlighted by the stellar performances of Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, and Steve Buscemi. The show was such a hit that it transitioned into an anthology format, with subsequent seasons exploring merciless medieval settings and the treacherous Oregon Trail. The existence of this absurd yet brilliant show is truly a miracle.

How to watch: Miracle Workers(opens in a new tab) is streaming on Max.(opens in a new tab)




A middle-aged woman sits on a bed, a projection of a cowboy plays over her.

Landscapers is a British mini-series that offers a truly trippy experience for fans of true crime. Written by Ed Sinclair and directed by Will Sharpe, this series is based on a real double homicide case from Mansfield, England, where love served as the motive despite the brutal nature of the killings. Renowned English actors Olivia Colman and David Thewlis take on the roles of Susan and Christopher Edwards, a married couple whose love for each other and Hollywood movies intertwines in a disturbing way. Landscapers blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction, incorporating fantasy scenes inspired by Westerns, romances, and larger-than-life films that promise a happy ending. Despite the whimsical elements, the series delves into dark humor, allowing audiences to contemplate the notion of "true crime entertainment" and the blurred lines between reality and imagination.

How to watch: Landscapers(opens in a new tab) is streaming on Max.(opens in a new tab)


Mind Over Murder


The documentary mini-series titled "Mind Over Murder" presents a true crime story that is truly remarkable on multiple levels. The story begins in 1985, when a beloved grandmother was tragically murdered in her own home, leaving behind a perplexing trail of clues. One dedicated police officer made it his mission to apprehend any potential suspect, even if it meant forcefully fitting the pieces of this perplexing crime together. Several decades later, the Beatrice Six, who were wrongfully accused, were finally exonerated. However, their story doesn't end there. In "Mind Over Murder," Director Nanfu Wang artfully guides viewers through the case, exploring the accusations, false confessions, and the aftermath. Through interviews with members of the Beatrice Six, the investigator who transformed from a hero to a villain, the victims' families, and a theater troupe attempting to reconcile conflicting narratives, the six hour-long episodes of the series not only unravel a shocking tale of horror and homicide but also explore the profound concepts of empathy and the healing power of forgiveness.

How to watch: You can stream "Mind Over Murder" on Max by visiting this link.


The Last of Us


The highly popular video game adaptation, "The Last of Us," created by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, will soon extend beyond its status as a limited series. Following the resounding success of Season 1, the series has been renewed for a Season 2. However, with its nine hour-long episodes, "The Last of Us" definitely fulfills the desire for a captivating and self-contained miniseries experience. The series features Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in leading roles as survivors who find themselves thrown together in a post-apocalyptic America ravaged by a persistent fungus that transforms humans into something akin to zombies. In order to save mankind's future, hardened mercenary Joel must escort the sarcastic and resourceful teenager Ellie across the United States to a safe zone. Along the treacherous journey, they encounter not only a variety of dangerous creatures but also individuals who redefine the meaning of evil. This series not only provides hair-raising horror, comical puns, and an unforgettable soundtrack but also delivers some of the most emotionally devastating moments seen onscreen in 2023. Embrace the experience and prepare yourself for a cathartic release of emotions.

How to watch: You can watch "The Last of Us" on Max by following this link.

In a world where binge-watching has become a way of life, high-quality TV miniseries have stood out as the epitome of captivating storytelling. From the Emmy-winning "Band of Brothers" to the gripping "Chernobyl" and the mind-bending "Watchmen," these shows have pushed the boundaries of the small screen and won the hearts of millions. As we delve into the 10 highest-rated TV miniseries of all time, we are reminded of the power of this compact format to captivate, entertain, and leave a lasting imprint on our cultural landscape. So grab your remote, settle in, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with these masterpieces of television artistry.

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