Ranker's Top 10 Dance TV Shows Of All Time That Will Make You Want To Groove

The realm of dance is a mesmerizing art form that captivates viewers. With popular programs like Dancing With The Stars and even Disney Channel's Shake It Up, individuals of all ages can relish this euphoric and thrilling form of entertainment.

From hip-hop to ballet to salsa, dancing is a versatile and universal language that can unite people who are poles apart. While many television shows explore the world of dance, a few stand out in terms of views and popularity, per Ranker.

Note: Ranker listings are active and continuously collect votes, so some rankings may have altered since publishing.

Hit The Floor poster with main characters striking a pose on bleachers

Hit The Floor (2013-2018)

The BET program traces the lives of the LA Devil's dancers and their twisted and chaotic lives. The show encompasses drama, romance, and abundant exhilarating entertainment.

While the show does not entirely center on dance, it features what commonly happens behind the scenes of a squad filled with drama, along with astounding dance setups and routines. Fans adore this show due to its unique point of view on the lives of experienced dancers and the shocking adult content that accompanies it.

Shake It Up poster with Zendaya and Bella Thorne dancing and striking a pose

Shake It Up (2010-2013)

The Disney Channel program features Zendaya and Bella Thorne as they navigate school, friendship, and most notably, their performing arts careers on a local television show. As the two actresses gained fame pretty quickly after the show, it is no surprise that it was popular at the time on the network.

The children's program showcases exceptional dance routines, a melodious soundtrack, and peculiar dialogue in classic Disney Channel fashion. Even now, Disney enthusiasts discuss the show's influence and how it propelled the two main characters to stardom.

Bunheads poster with the ballerinas stretching and posing

The ABC Family original program spotlights the lives of ballet dancers. An endearing program that offers both comedy and occasional drama, it was an undiscovered classic, according to aficionados.

The wholesome show provides a glimpse into the professional and personal lives of the dancers, along with their beautiful and poignant dance routines. If this show did not make viewers want to take on ballet, nothing could!

Dancing With The Stars poster with a couple dancing and posing on stage

Dancing With The Stars (2005-Present)

This program presents a playful take on amateurs learning how to dance by inviting various celebrities to partake. Although some argue that recent format changes ruined the show, it is still undoubtedly one of the most prevalent and longest-lasting dance competition shows.

Professional dancers guiding novice celebrities through the intricacies of various dance styles resulted in an irresistible show. Fans claim that each year, they eagerly await the unveiling of the chosen celebs, relishing in the artful progression as they perfect their moves by the curtain close.

Bring It coach and dancers posing with hands on hips

Bring It! (2014-2018)

Unbridled drama, unparalleled performances, and unbeatable spirit; these are just some of the hallmarks of this reality show. Coach D and her Dancing Dolls prepare for upcoming competitions relentlessly, and their tenacity is always rewarded.

Despite her tough exterior, Coach Dā€™s nurturing relationship with her dancers tugs at the heartstrings and wows audiences. Their hip-hop routines are definitely a plus.

So You Think You Can Dance (2005-Present)

So You Think You Can Dance poster with dancer sillouhettes posing

In its 17th season, this dance extravaganza continues to shatter records and keep fans thrilled. From a sultry ballroom couple to a dynamic breakdancing troupe, the show never fails to showcase diverse talent.

With such a range of styles, audiences can anticipate surprises at every turn and will be blown away by the mind-bending skills on display. And with a revolving cast of judges, the show never gets stale.

World Of Dance (2017-2020)

World Of Dance judges posing together

The panel of judges, led by experienced judge Jennifer Lopez, along with professional dancer Derek Hough and music superstar Ne-Yo, oversee this competition. Winners are crowned "Best In The World," and receive a once-in-a-lifetime grand prize of one million dollars.

The stakes are sky-high, and only the most talented acts compete for the title. The performances, from the costumes to the stunts to the attitude, are unforgettable ā€“ it's clear that these teams came to win.

Dance Moms (2011-2019)

What started as a documentary series about the mothers of young dancers soon transcended its original premise. The moms often became embroiled in drama with the strict dance teacher, but the real standout moments were the young dancers themselves ā€“ watching them handle the pressures of competition was both fascinating and heart-wrenching.

Dance Moms' dancer daughters dancing and posing

Though the show was criticized for Abby Lee Miller's borderline abusive treatment of the dancers, viewers were mesmerized by the unfolding drama. And it launched some of today's biggest stars, like Maddie Ziegler and JoJo Siwa.

Step forward into the future (2013-2019)

This dance studio is a hub for a variety of activities, not just dancing. A-Troupe is gearing up for upcoming competitions, but relationships and friendships are put to the test. It's no secret that putting a bunch of teenagers in a confined space can be tricky.

The Next Step cast posing together

This wholesome drama is jam-packed with exhilarating dancing routines, ranging from casual battles on the beach to more choreographed numbers in the studio. The Next Step captures the hearts of many fans even to this day, thanks to its masterful balance of real-life issues and dance routines.

Dance Academy (2010-2013)

Dance Academy cast posing by lockers

Dance Academy follows a more serious tone, much like The Next Step, with a focus on a student named Tara attending a prestigious dancing academy and navigating the trials and tribulations of life as a young dancer.

It has become apparent that viewers at home cherish the combination of dance and conflict in any show, which this series has plenty of. Despite its comparably short run, Dance Academy left a lasting impression on its fans.

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