Las Vegas's Top 10 Shows of the Next Decade

Some of the most mind-blowing and spectacular shows in the world can be found in Las Vegas. Seeing at least one of them is a must on any visit to Sin City. Every imaginable type of show imaginable can be found in Sin City, from water ballets to mind-boggling magic shows and everything in between. These performances will astound you because they feature world-class artists and unparalleled production values. We hope that our list of the 10 best shows in Las Vegas will help you narrow down the options if you're having trouble making a decision.

All the Best Las Vegas Shows Are Listed Here.

The Top Cirque du Soleil Performance

The centerpiece of the most successful show ever produced by Cirque du Soleil in Sin City is a magnificent pool of water. Expert acrobats, divers, synchronized swimmers, and wacky characters perform in and around the water to create a world unlike any you've ever seen. The word "magical" best captures the essence of "O," which defies easy explanation.

In the words of the Chicago Tribune, "O" is "as spectacular and inventive a live show as you are likely to find anywhere in the world." The Bellagio's theater is reminiscent of an elegant ballet hall and perfectly sets the mood for this show. It's the perfect place for a romantic evening with that special someone. Don't sit too close to the stage or you might get wet!

You can see Cirque du Soleil's "O" for as little as $114.

Definitely the Most Popular Family-Oriented Program

In this show, performed at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, three bald, blue men capture your imagination and run wild with it. The audience is drawn in by their humorous examination of the world's workings. In equal parts rock concert and comedy, Blue Man Group is guaranteed to leave you laughing and smiling. You may be wondering, "But what do they DO?" They do a lot of splashing neon paint around, catching marshmallows in their mouths, and making elaborate drum sets out of PVC pipe, to name a few.

This show is great for family outings because of its pure and uplifting vibe. After watching Blue Man Group, even if you're not a kid anymore, you'll wish you were.

Tickets to see Blue Man Group start at $54

The Greatest Magical Performance Ever

Since his groundbreaking television series debuted in the early 2000s, Criss Angel has been heralded as one of the world's finest magicians. In the most recent issue of Vanish, the world's largest magic magazine, he was honored with the G.I. O A T (All-Time Greatest) Now, in his Mindfreak show, Criss Angel brings his mind-boggling magic to the stage. It's been dubbed "The #1 Magic Show of All Time" by the Las Vegas Sun. ”

This is a magic show you won't soon forget, whether you're a longtime Criss Angel fan or have never heard of him before. With the swagger and stage presence of a rock star, he performs both his classic illusions and brand-new, never-before-seen creations. Planet Hollywood's theater has state-of-the-art equipment that can compete with any touring pop concert.

Price for Criss Angel's MINDFREAK starts at

The Finest Cirque du Soleil Performance Ever

Beautiful Cirque du Soleil show at The Mirage, based on the legacy of The Beatles' music. On a 360-degree rotating stage, acrobats, dancers, and aerialists perform to the music of The Beatles. Consequently, there are not many unsatisfactory locations within the auditorium.
The Beatles LOVE is an upbeat, joyful show where the performers actively engage the audience.

One cool thing is that no matter where in the theater you sit, you'll have a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience as different characters run out, interact with the crowd, and dance for you. Really, you feel like you're a part of it. Anyone, not just Beatles fans, will enjoy this show. If you want to impress your significant other, this is the movie to take them to.
A secret revealed: if you sit in row P or further back from the stage, you'll have a better view of the show's most jaw-dropping visual moment than anyone else in the audience. (Keeping the mystery intact )

Ticket prices start at for Cirque du Soleil's Beatles LOVE.

Greatest Honor Concert

Rather than being a weak tribute, this show is a genuine homage to the King of Pop and will leave you speechless. Everyone, whether or not they are Michael Jackson fans, should see this show. The show is incredibly well produced, with cutting-edge audio, video, and holographics that do justice to Michael's music in ways you never thought possible.

Dancers and acrobats run through the crowd, soar high above it, and even scale the walls to add to the show's electrifying atmosphere. It's a show that everyone can enjoy, whether they're an adult, a child, a couple, or just looking for a thrilling evening at the theater.

Starting at : Michael Jackson in "ONE," a Cirque du Soleil Production

The Most Amazing Magical Performance Ever

A reviewer for the Chicago Sun Times said, "Copperfield's spectacular illusion and artistry, will leave you gaping in unabashed amazement." Oprah Winfrey called David Copperfield "the greatest illusionist of our time," and by the end of his show, we were all wondering if he really was magic.

Even the smallest illusions in his show are absolutely incredible. All of the spectators are incredulously asking, "How did he do that?" While David Copperfield's show isn't as flashy as Criss Angel's Mindfreak, it's still incredibly entertaining and features some truly incredible illusions.
The MGM Grand is hosting David Copperfield, and the show is appropriate for all ages.

Price starts at for a David Copperfield show.

Superb Variety Program.

V The Ultimate Variety Show

7. Variety Show V: The Greatest Variety Show Ever

A rotating cast of comics, contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, and other great performers—many of whom have appeared on TV talents shows—perform in this highly entertaining Las Vegas variety show, which plays at Planet Hollywood in a special auditorium built for it called the V Theatre. Every performance is different, so you'll never know what to expect from these internationally renowned artists. All members of the family can enjoy the show, as it appeals to viewers of all ages.

You won't be able to sit still once the show begins; it moves at a breakneck pace. Some have compared it to "seven shows rolled into one," praising its wide appeal.

Prices for V: The Ultimate Variety Show start at $47

Outstanding Program for Children and Their Parents

Come enjoy a fantastically entertaining dinner show that will transport you back in time to the reign of King Arthur. Feast on a delicious three-course meal the medieval way (with your hands) as brave warriors fight it out for honor and glory. In an oval-shaped arena theater at Excalibur, spectators can watch the jousting action from any direction.

In Tournament of Kings, spectators are encouraged to get loud and participate in the action. The theater is divided into sections, each of which is named after a different country. This show is great for people of all ages because of the fun and festivities it provides, but it is especially enjoyable to enjoy with a large group of friends in honor of a special occasion.

Starting at for Tournament of Kings

The Top Rated Adult Program

Absinthe is located in a mirror-and-velvet-covered circus tent that dates back a century at Caesar's Palace. The moment you enter the tent, you'll be whisked away to another world, where you'll witness what the New York Times has called "Cirque du Soleil as channeled through The Rocky Horror Show." The daring and provocative performances are based on the circus, burlesque, and cabaret acts of late-19th-century Europe, but are updated for a modern audience.

Taking place on a tiny circular stage in the middle of the circus tent, this show is hosted by the filthy rich and wildly eccentric Gazillionaire. This brings the enthralling mayhem right up to the seats of the audience. This is the show to see if you want to experience something completely out of the ordinary and can only find its logical home in Las Vegas. Actually, Las Vegas Weekly called Absinthe "the greatest show in Las Vegas history" just recently.
Audience members must be 18 years or older to drink absinthe.

Order Your Absinthe Tickets Today!

The Most Amazing Magical Performance Ever

Penn and Teller

Possibly best known for their TV show "Penn & Teller: BS," , which garnered a total of 16 Emmy nominations Penn and Teller, the legendary comedy/magic duo, will be performing at Rio de Janeiro's Rio Theater on May 25. With a show deemed "the single best show in Vegas" by the Los Angeles Times, they have been entertaining audiences there for 26 years.

Between incredible magic tricks, from intricate sleight-of-hand routines to grand illusions, Penn (the only one who talks) shares stories with the audience, making you feel like you know them. To top it all off, they share some of their most closely guarded secrets with you.
We really appreciated the opportunity to chat with Penn and Teller after the show, as is extended to all attendees.

Starting at just , Penn & Teller will amaze you!

Excellence in Adult Entertainment

Thunder From Down Under at Excalibur is the naughtiest and most exciting male revue in Sin City. At this event, you'll have the chance to chat it up with some of Australia's hottest dudes. This is an absolute must-see on any Las Vegas girls' night out itinerary.

The theater has an upbeat, celebratory vibe, like being at a wild and crazy party. Watching these muscular, attractive men strut their stuff on the dance floor is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We also appreciated their sense of humor, which caused the crowd to roar with delight on multiple occasions.

Starting at only for Australia's "Thunder From Down Under"

Favorite Mature-Audience Program

The girls in Fantasy put on the best adult revues in Sin City. The Luxor's multi-award winning show is marking 20 years on the Las Vegas Strip in 2018. To achieve the level of sophistication, wit, sexiness, and endearing all at once is no easy task, but that is exactly what we have in Fantasy. Their hot bodies and natural dancing ability will have you completely smitten.

Fantasy is everything and nothing like you imagine it's going to be, hosted by Lorena Peril, who sings and wise-cracks her way into your heart immediately and keeps the audience entertained throughout. And if you book the front row, there's a chance you'll be a part of the show (though we can't guarantee it won't make you blush)!

The Imaginary for Only $52

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