How many of Kevin Hart's movies and TV shows have you seen?

1 The Justice League of Pets from DC Comics (2022)
DC League of Super-Pets

Not only is Superman's best friend and one of Metropolis' most effective crime fighters, but Krypto the Super-Dog also possesses the same superpowers as the Man of Steel. When Lex Luthor captures the Justice League, Superman's faithful canine Krypto must come to the rescue. To help him, he recruits the powerful Bat hound Ace, the shape-shifting pig PB, the electrical squirrel Chip, and the turtle Merton.

2 The Hilarious Kevin Hart (2010)
Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny
3 "I'm a Grown Little Man," Kevin Hart jokes. (2009)
4 In Kevin Hart's words: "Laugh at My Pain" (2011)

Kevin Hart is a comedian, and he did this stand-up special in Los Angeles. This is the story of how one of the funniest comedians of all time got his start in the business.

6 Welcome to the Jungle (Jumanji) (2017)

A group of four high school students who are serving detention together by cleaning the school basement are suddenly transported into the mysterious world of the video game Jumanji in the form of their chosen avatars. They learn quickly that escaping the harsh virtual environment will require them to overcome numerous obstacles.

7 Film Review: Jumanji 2 (2019)

The plot of the adventure comedy fantasy film Jumanji: The Next Level centers on a group of friends who must return to the titular game in order to save one of their own. Soon, however, they find themselves embroiled in a game that is among the most perilous in the world, requiring them to venture across uncharted deserts and snowy mountains.   

8 Finally, the End Has Come (2013)

This feature film was directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and it is based on a story they wrote for the short film Jay and Seth versus the Apocalypse. Disaster strikes Los Angeles, and six friends are trapped inside a house. There are strains on their friendship as they wait for help, due to things like dwindling food supplies and other problems. They still need to figure out how to stay alive.

9 Engagement Bells (2015)

A socially inept guy has a problem two weeks before his wedding to the girl of his dreams: he doesn't have any groomsmen. As a result, he retains the services of the owner of a firm that acts as best man for stressed-out grooms.  

11 The Kevin Hart Explanation (2013)

Documentary filmmakers caught Kevin Hart performing material from one of his concert tours at Madison Square Garden for their comedy feature.  

12 Use Your Man Brain (2012)

Dominic, Jeremy, Michael, and Zeke are four friends who find out that their wives have all been reading the same Steve Harvey book and putting its relationship advice into practice. As a result, the group of friends resolves to use the book's advice against them.  

Henry "Razor" Sharp and Billy "The Kid" McDonnen were bitter rivals in the ring in the 1980s, but Sharp unexpectedly retired, leaving McDonnen and Sharp with an unfinished three-fight series. He reluctantly agrees to fight Kid again 30 years later when a boxing promoter approaches him with the proposition.  

Star of action comedies who became sober is branching out into dramatic roles. Andre Allen's career began in stand-up comedy before he found his niche in the action genre. He is currently in New York City, where he will be interviewed by Chelsea Brown of The New York Times. Andre's day with Chelsea winds down, and he's forced to face his past and return to his comedic roots.  

15 Intelligence Community (2016)

A former athlete turned dissatisfied forensic accountant named Calvin Joyner meets a heavily muscled man named Bob Stone, who claims to be Calvin's former severely bullied and overweight classmate, and asks Bob to review some transactions. He finds out that Stone is a rogue agent after a CIA raid, and soon becomes embroiled in a global, multimillion-dollar conspiracy.

16 The Commitment to Five Years (2012)

Tom Solomon, the kitchen's sous chef, is engaged to Ph D Violet Barnes, Graduate The wedding is postponed when Tom's friend gets Violet's sister pregnant. The couple's relationship is tested when Violet gets a job at the University of Michigan and they have to postpone their wedding repeatedly for various reasons.  

Ben Barber, a high school security guard, has been trying to win over Detective James Payton, the brother of his girlfriend. James decides to put Ben and his life in danger by taking him on a ride along before Ben even begins police training.  

18 Then Polly Showed Up. (2004)

After discovering his new wife's infidelity on their honeymoon, risk analyst Reuben Feffer meets his free-spirited ex-classmate Polly Prince at an art gallery and is immediately attracted to her. But when his wife makes amends, he puts their reconciliation through a risk assessment algorithm.

Hedge fund manager James King hires Darnell Lewis, an African-American businessman, to prepare him for prison after he is convicted of fraud and embezzlement. Darnell is lying when he says he has criminal experience, so he and his friend King need to come up with a plan to toughen him up fast.  

20 Concerning Last Night (2014)

Danny and Debbie play at being a couple for a night in this romantic comedy. The two of them wake up the following day with the idea of putting their relationship to the test in the real world.

21 Tough as Nails (2009)
22 A Question for Kevin Hart: Now What? (2016)

Kevin Hart, a stand-up comedian, performs for 50,000 people at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field. Everyday life, parenting, and the lives of those on the brink of sanity are all subjects he humorously explores.

Ben and his soon-to-be-brother-in-law James travel to Miami to arrest a drug dealer. But there isn't much time left before his wedding day to expose the crimes because they would be exposed.  

24 The Canadian Man (2022)

Teddy, recently laid off from his job at a Toronto gym, is at the center of the action comedy The Man from Toronto. Later, on Onancock for his wife's birthday, he forgets her at the spa and winds up at the wrong cabin, where a man is being held hostage. The mysterious and tough assassin known for his brutal interrogation techniques is mistaken for Teddy. Soon, the FBI shows up and, after learning the whole story, they convince Teddy to play along with the assassination in order to catch the real target, a dangerous man named Colonel Marin.

Treasure hunter Ben Finnegan is on the trail of the 'Queen's dowry,' which vanished in the Caribbean in 1715. He is in debt to a gangster and recently divorced from his wife Tess. Ben hitsches a ride on Nigel Honeycutt's yacht, where Tess is employed as a stewardess, thanks to a clue he discovered. During the thrilling hunt, they rediscover each other and their chemistry. There are others who want the treasure, though.  

26 In a Drillbit, Taylor (2008)

Three freshmen, Ryan, Emmit, and Wade, decide that hiring a bodyguard is the best way to protect themselves from the bullies at their high school and post an ad seeking one online. After considering dozens of potential candidates, they settle on Drillbit Taylor. Unfortunately, they fail to account for the fact that Taylor is unhoused and intends to rob them in order to fund his trip to Canada.  

27 Similarly, you should think like a man. (2014)

The five couples in the romantic comedy film Think Like a Man are all going to Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate a wedding and have some fun. On the other hand, comical mishaps ensue.

28 Cause of Death: Funeral (2010)

Aaron's father passes away, prompting a funeral service. However, things go horribly wrong during the ceremony as family secrets are revealed and bodies go missing.  

In the comedy film Night School, we follow protagonist Teddy Walker as he is compelled to enroll in evening classes after accidentally blowing up his place of employment. He must now contend with a few oddball classmates and a professor who doesn't think much of him.

Cindy Campbell, a news reporter, discovers a deadly videotape that will kill anyone who watches it in this satirical film. Cindy suspects the mysterious crop circles on Tom Logan's farm are related to the footage on the tape. When she hears the news that aliens are coming, she knows she has to do whatever she can to help the President stop them.  

31 Asshats in the bud (2010)

In the third and final installment of the Meet the Parents franchise, Greg and Pam are happily raising their twins when Greg's father-in-law, Jack Byrnes, unexpectedly shows up and names Greg as his heir. Nonetheless, Jack is still skeptical of Greg, despite his action. The sight of Greg and Andi Garcia only fuels his suspicions.

32 35 and the Clock Is Running (2011)
33 Soldiers on Paper (2002)

Cindy Campbell is destitute and lonely after the death of her husband, so she takes a job at a haunted house and begins dating her divorced next-door neighbor, Tom Ryan. In any case, her plans for the future are thwarted by an alien invasion, and the ghost of a Japanese boy tells her to visit a secret village to learn how to defeat the invaders.

When an alien spaceship with a human shape crashes on Earth, the crew runs into trouble when the ship's captain develops feelings for a local woman named Gina.  

36 Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008)

Parodying the genre of superhero films, including those starring Spider-Man, Batman, the X-Men, etc. In the film, protagonist Rick Riker gets bitten by a radioactive dragonfly and develops superpowers. While dating Jill as Dragonfly, he battles his archenemy, the villainous Hourglass.  

Nashawn Wade sues an airline after a series of bad experiences, and the company ultimately pays him a fortune. He decides to put the money to good use and launches his own full-service airline.

Mike and Fred, two teenagers in this comedy, both want to start sexual relationships with the girls they like. Arriving at the wrong apartment, they meet a woman named Betty who they hope can satisfy their sexual needs, but things quickly become complicated.

Darrell is a famous DJ who saves the life of a major mob boss. In return for his services, the mobster's daughter is put under his protection. When he starts having feelings for her, things get complicated.

40 Comedy Extravaganza Featuring the Best Comedians in the World (2009)
42 Take a trip with H&M. (2016)
44 Few Shared Features (2011)
45 Rubber Bandz in Plastic Cups (2014)
47 A Project by Burr and Hart With No Name (2010)
50 Hold Together (2014)
51 Hollywood, North (2001)
53 The Final Assault (2006)
54 A Business-Like Entity (2010)
55 Agent H, Kevin Hart (2012)
56 Succumbing to History's Clichés: The End of a Dynast (2003)
Film: The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

When Max, a spoiled Jack Russel Terrier, tries to get rid of Ozone, the family cat, the cat gets into trouble. They are on their way to the pound when they are saved by the leader of the abandoned pets, a rabbit named Snowball.  

The sequel to "The Secret Life of Pets" (2019)

Max confronts his fears with the help of Rooster, a sheepdog he meets on a farm. In the meantime, Snowball the rabbit teams up with a dog named Daisy to help a young white tiger cub she met on a flight back home.

The Original Thrilling Film Starring Captain Underpants (2017)

This animated comedy-action film follows George and Harold, two mischievous misfits who hypnotize their principal into believing he is the superhero Captain Underpants.

The Fast & the Furious Present: Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Luke Hobbs, a member of the diplomatic security service, and Deckard Shaw, a former British military operative and current social outcast, have always taken different routes in life. Brixton Lorr, a cyber-genetically enhanced soldier with superhuman strength, has recently taken control of a deadly pathogen with the potential to forever alter humankind. Hobbs and Shaw need to put aside their differences and cooperate if they want to bring Lorr down.  

This film is a sendup of several recent blockbusters and follows four orphans from diverse backgrounds as they converge at a chocolate factory. To their surprise, they find themselves in White Bitch-controlled Gnarnia, a magical land full of adventure. They need the help of a pirate, a lion, and some wizards to get things back to normal.

In Hollywood, Only the Real Men Marry
The Legend of Kröd Mändoon and the Burning Blade
Kevin Hart is as unfeeling as ice.
Recorded Live from Sunset Strip's Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Club (2010)
Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Will Make You Thrill to Pieces
Extra Footage from "Little Fockers" (2011)
Kevin Hart's Next Level Special
Can You Do This? by Aloe Blacc (2014)
The Seven Dollar Video Production Company
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