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Sin City

An elderly cop saves a girl from a pedophile and child killer; a hulking brute exacts revenge for the woman he loved who was murdered; a man protects prostitutes from a corrupt police officer; and these four stories all take place in the fictional Basin City. lover's abusive ex-boyfriend; a poetic assassin who cleans up loose ends


Machete Cortez, a Mexican federal agent, tries to save a girl from the drug lord Torrez, but he is betrayed and his family is murdered. A third of a decade later, he is hired to eliminate John McLaughlin, a senator from Texas who is strongly opposed to Mexican immigration. As it turns out, this is all a setup as well, and the perpetrator has ties to his old enemy. Machete, having been wronged, has decided to exact his vengeance.

3 A Dame Worth Killing For in Sin City (2014)

This collection of short stories is the perfect follow-up to Sin City. Dwight McCarthy tries to rescue his ex-girlfriend Ava from her abusive husband; Johnny the Gambler is preoccupied with beating Senator Roark; Marv has trouble recalling what happened; Nancy Callahan seeks revenge for John Hartigan's death; and Johnny the Gambler is cocky and obsessed with winning.

In this hilarious comedy, Vincent Chase, a former Hollywood agent turned studio mogul, reunites with his former agent. He'll only join the film crew if he gets to direct the project himself.  

Junior Clay Beresford suffers from anesthesia awareness and wakes up in the middle of his heart transplant surgery In his paralyzed state, he learns that his new wife Sam and his doctor plotted his murder for the insurance payout. In the end, Lilith, Clay's mother, gives her own life so that her son can live.  

A Hollywood limo driver named Kevin "Stretch" Brzyzowski has a troubled past involving drugs and gambling, but he is trying to make amends while also repaying a debt to a feared Mexican gangster. Desperate for money, he takes a job as Roger Karos' driver. After Stretch witnesses Karos's increasingly bizarre behavior, the wealthy man draws him into some shady business deals.  

7 A Dictionary of Dreams (2003)

The Sleeping Dictionary is a romantic drama about a young British officer named John Truscott who is sent to a rural area of colonial Malaysia with the goal of introducing western values to the locals. A native woman named Selima is assigned to him to sleep with while also teaching him the lingo and the ways of the tribe. When they fall in love, however, both the colonizers and the natives have strong objections to the wedding.

10 Murderer I Containing (2010)

The deputy sheriff of a sleepy Texas town, Lou Ford, presents as a gentleman. Yet, after meeting a provocative prostitute, Ford's inner sociopath and sadist begin to emerge. A series of brutal murders and torturous interrogations follow the prostitute's assistance in what she thinks is his revenge against Chester Conway's son, heir to a fortune. How far does this go  

11 Have Never Experienced A Kiss (1999)

A copy editor for a Chicago newspaper, who is actually 25 years old, has been instructed to enroll in a high school as a freshman in order to report on the conduct of the student body. She does as she is told and enrolls at South Glen South High School, where she has difficulty establishing friendships despite her apparent youth. When she develops romantic feelings for her English professor, things become more difficult.  

A group of middle schoolers who are unhappy with their parents' choices for summer camps star in the comedy adventure film Camp Nowhere. Consequently, they devise a plan to create their own, adult-free summer camp, and they "hire" a former drama teacher to aid them in this endeavor.  

Divers Jared and Sam live a simple existence on a Bahamas beach, where they daydream about plundering the sunken treasure ships that dot the area. While snorkeling with his friends Bryce and Amanda, Jared finally realizes his lifelong dream of discovering ancient artifacts. However, not far away is a crashed plane that contains a large amount of cocaine.  

15 Amazing Four (2005)

The Fantastic Four is a film adaptation of the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, which consists of Mr. The heroes Dr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and The Thing fight to defeat the villain Dr. Doom After being exposed to cosmic radiation, four astronauts gain the abilities of elasticity, invisibility, fire, and superhuman strength and use them to defeat the equally superhuman sponsor of their space mission.

16 Holiday of Love, or St. Valentine's Day (2010)

Contrasting relationships in Los Angeles go through extraordinary highs and lows on Valentine's Day. Grandparents who have been married for many years weather a crisis together, a female army officer strikes up a conversation with a businessman traveling with her, and a florist plots to propose to his school teacher girlfriend, who has fallen for a married man. All this, and Valentine's Day has yet to arrive.  

17 Technique: The Afterlife (2016)

A retired contract killer named Arthur is forced to kill three men while making it look like accidents after his girlfriend is abducted by his arch-rival.  

18 The Art of English Sexology: (2014)

Richard, the protagonist of this romantic comedy, decides to give up his playboy ways after his much younger girlfriend, Kate, becomes pregnant. She tells him she's fallen in love with someone else, and their soon-to-be-wed lives take an unexpected turn. Consequently, they break up, and Richard starts dating Kate's sibling Olivia.

19 A Holiday on the El Camino (2017)

A young man sets out to find his long-lost father in the dark comedy El Camino Christmas. After a shootout leaves him and five others trapped inside a liquor store, things take an unpleasant turn for him.  

20 Part Four: The Ascent of the Silver Surfer (2007)

It's business as usual for the Fantastic Four. Everything is set for the wedding of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, but the arrival of The Silver Surfer throws everything into disarray. The Fantastic Four have their hands full fending off Galactus, an intergalactic villain, and dealing with the return of Dr. Doom, who has returned with his own set of villainous plans for the world.

21 Greetings, Chuck, and Best of Luck. (2007)

For refusing to kiss a Goth girl when he was ten years old, Chuck was cursed that any woman he slept with would eventually marry the next man to ask her out. Though he's made it as a dentist, Chuck still has trouble keeping a steady relationship. His date, Carol, follows the pattern of every other woman he has sex with and eventually marries another man. The change, however, is that he has finally found the person with whom he can see himself spending the rest of his life. Do you think he'll be able to reverse the spell?

The protagonist of this comedic film is a successful businessman who seeks help from his ex-counselor after he is unable to cope with his brother's wedding and his parents' messy divorce from years earlier.

23 Adorable Slobs (2010)

In the third and final installment of the Meet the Parents series, Greg and Pam are happily raising their twins when Greg's father-in-law, Jack Byrnes, unexpectedly shows up to name his son-in-law as the new Byrnes family patriarch. Nonetheless, Jack is still skeptical of Greg, despite his action. Seeing Greg out with Andi Garcia, the object of his affection, only heightens his suspicions.

The protagonist of this supernatural horror film is a violinist who loses her vision and must have cornea transplant surgery to regain it. As soon as her vision returns, however, she begins to experience terrifying visions from the supernatural parallel world.  

Megan is only sixteen years old, but she has already become a highly skilled assassin. Curios about the lives of other young adults, she decides to fake her own death, adopt a new identity, and start attending a new high school.

Honey Daniels, a aspiring choreographer, meets music director Michael Ellis, who offers her the chance to choreograph a music video. Her life is turned upside down, however, when her mentor threatens to blacklist her from the music industry unless she sleeps with him.  

27 A Subtle Message (2010)

Each of the ten stories in the anthology film The Ten is based on one of the Ten Commandments from the Bible, the central text of Christianity.

Sarah, the sole survivor of a religious group that committed mass suicide 25 years earlier, travels to the site of the tragedy with Maggie and her documentary crew in an attempt to learn the truth about what happened.

31 Bloodsuckers Without a Name (2018)

In the romantic comedy The Love Guru, an American who was raised by gurus in India returns to his home country and embarks on a quest to become the best love guru in the world. One of his first cases involves counseling a professional hockey player whose wife recently left him for a rival athlete.  

34 Free Time in 4D: A Spy Film for Kids (2011)

Marissa, a former OSS agent who is now happily married, is called back into action when the evil Timekeeper threatens to conquer the planet. Marisa enlists Rebecca and Cecil, her resentful twin step-children. As soon as the twins discover that their stepmother is a top agent, they spring into super action and, with the help of Spy Kids Carmen and Juni, embark on a mission to save the world.

35 Challenge Cancer with Courage (2008)
36 The End of All Bananas Has Arrived (2012)
37 Weekend Update's Valentine's Special (2015)
38 Repeated cries of "baby" (2015)
Leave Earth Quickly! (2013)

An astronaut named Scorch Supernova gets himself into trouble when he answers an SOS from a hostile alien planet in the animated comedy sci-fi adventure film Escape from Planet Earth.  

President Rathcock of the United States hires Machete Cortez, a former Federal agent armed with a machete, to track down and kill Marcos Mendez before he can launch a nuclear missile. When Machete visits Mexico, he becomes the target of hit men and drug lords. When he finally catches up with Mendez, he discovers that the real bad guy is a megalomaniac named Luther Voz.  

I Just Had Sex on My Isolated Island (2010)
Alex Mack's Top-Secret Life
To paraphrase Taylor Swift: Bad Blood (2015)
Extra Footage from "Little Fockers" (2011)
Laugh Track from "Little Fockers" (2011)
Sin City Highest-Value Presentation 2006
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