How Many Spinoffs Did NCIS Have and What Order Were They Aired In?

The American procedural series NCIS has been airing on CBS since 2003, making it one of the network's longest-running programs. Given the show's runtime and meteoric rise in popularity over the last two decades, it's no surprise that NCIS has spawned a plethora of seasons, storylines, characters, and spin-offs, all of which we'll run down here and discuss in terms of the optimal viewing order for this acclaimed police procedural.

The show's premise is straightforward: it takes place in Washington, DC, and follows a fictional team of Special Agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Major Case Response Team as they investigate the murders and other criminal acts that target naval service members and their families. In charge of the NCIS team is Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a veteran of the United States Army who uses his command skills and knowledge of the law to bring criminals to justice.

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What Is The Exact Number Of NCIS TV Shows

NCIS has been airing on CBS since 2003 and has spawned numerous sequels and prequels. Presently, there are five NCIS series: four airing and one in production. NCIS: Los Angeles, the first spin-off from the original show that debuted in 2003, debuted on CBS in 2009 and has since amassed a total of 13 seasons, with a 14th on the horizon.

NCIS: Los Angeles was introduced in a two-part episode in the sixth season of the original series, and NCIS: New Orleans was introduced in a similar fashion in the eleventh season.

With the premiere of NCIS: Hawai'i in 2021, the series added a new spin-off to its roster. There are currently four NCIS television series.

The Chronology of the NCIS Shows, Quickly

The original NCIS was also a spin-off; the idea for the show originated on another CBS program, JAG. NCIS's main characters were first introduced to the JAG show in episodes 20 and 21, which aired in the eighth season and led up to its official premiere in 2003.

CBS has shown a lot of leeway in terms of crossovers between shows, and all NCIS shows take place in the same universe, with other shows like Scorpion and Hawaii Five-0 also appearing. Since we don't want to bore you with a lengthy explanation of the shows' timelines, we'll just tell you which seasons of which shows overlap.

A quick rundown of the NCIS series is as follows:

  1. Six seasons of NCIS, from 2003 to 2009.
  2. A Complete Collection of Seasons 1 through 5 of NCIS: Los Angeles (2009-2014)
  3. DVD box set containing seasons 7-11 of NCIS (2009-2014).
  4. Episodes 1-13 of NCIS: New Orleans (2014-2015).
  5. Season 6 of NCIS: Los Angeles aired in 2014 and 2015.
  6. Season 12 to Season 18 of NCIS (2014 to 2021).
  7. Episodes 7-12 of NCIS: Los Angeles (2015-2021).
  8. Season 2 through Season 7 of NCIS: New Orleans (2015 - 2021).
  9. Season Nineteen (2021–2022) of NCIS.
  10. 13th Season of NCIS: Los Angeles (2020-2021)
  11. Season 1 of NCIS: Hawaii will air in 2021 and 2022.

Seasons of NCIS are listed here in their proper order. We will definitely make note of the possibility of episode overlap if other shows' episodes are scheduled to air at the same time as this one.

Where Can I Find The NCIS Shows?

It's recommended that you watch the NCIS shows in chronological order for the best experience, despite the fact that the original series has spawned four spinoffs. Some episodes appear more than once on the list, possibly because of crossovers with other series or because characters from one show end up meeting their coworkers from another show who happen to live in a different city.

We advise you to watch the series in order because while each season has its own plot, NCIS really comes into its own whenever there is a crossover.

The Air Dates of Each Episode of the NCIS TV Series, In Chronological Order

The first six seasons of NCIS (from 2003 to 2009)

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

Beginning with NCIS's Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a Supervisor Special Agent, Anthony DiNozzo, a probationary agent, and Timothy McGee, all with the assistance of Caitlin Todd, a member of the President of the United States' Protection Detail, look into a murder on the Presidential plane. The President's dinner with the Navy commander ended in murder, and it's up to the NCIS team to find the killer before they land.

Dr As a seasoned pathologist, Donald "Ducky" Mallard entertains his coworkers with interesting anecdotes and a novel approach to his work. In the pilot episode, the team must deal with a professional assassin who has broken into the NCIS morgue and is holding Ducky, Kate, and Gerald as hostages in order to steal the body of a deceased terrorist.

Gibbs is hurt during a hostage situation, and Kate is frustrated that she was unable to kill a terrorist. His name is revealed to be Ari Haswari.

Once again, Ari commits the act, and his true intentions become clear: he is affiliated with Al-Qaeda and intends to launch an attack against the United States. S By hurting Ari, Gibbs hopes to send a message to the bad guys.

Season 2 picks up after the team has dealt with the Ari situation and is trying to figure out how to stop Ari before he attacks the United States. S At the same time, several major cases are closed, McGee is given more screen time, and the final two episodes of Season 2 give us one of the most thrilling finales of the time. after they narrowly succeed in saving their teammates, the season finale sees the return of an old enemy: Ari Haswari.

When a beloved member of the team is tragically killed in the season finale, viewers are left reeling. New characters are introduced in Season 3: Mossad officer Ziva David and Jenny Shepard, the new Director of NCIS and an ex-lover of Gibbs.

This fourth season focuses on Ziva's readjustment to the team, Jenny's history, and Tony's decision to spend the entire season undercover. The fifth season continues in the vein of the previous four, with Tony dealing with the fallout of the season four finale, Jenny and Gibbs beginning their investigation into the show's backstory, and a major character in imminent danger.

During the premiere of Season 6, we see Leon Vance take over as the new Director of NCIS, the team struggle to cope with the death of one of their own, and several new characters make their debuts. Sparks of romance are flying this time of year; Tony has noticed something different about Ziva and is feeling a twinge of jealousy. Repeatedly, the team is hit with shocking news. The NCIS team is torn apart by the mole's infiltration in the season finale.

In episodes 22 and 23, we got the first offshoot of the NCIS universe, when McGee and Gibbs were sent to Los Angeles on a case and met their west coast counterparts.

Seasons 2-4 of NCIS: Los Angeles (2009-2014)

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

NCIS: Los Angeles is facing its own threats and difficulties after the case was solved with the help of the NCIS team on the east coast. G Callen and Special Agent Sam Hanna lead the way as they and their team hunt for terrorists planning to attack the United States. S while Callen investigates his own mysterious history

Season 2 introduces new characters Nell and Deeks while also exploring Callen's backstory. Hetty, the leader of NCIS, abruptly resigns, prompting her colleagues to investigate the circumstances surrounding her departure.

In season three of NCIS: Los Angeles, the team is confronted by a terrorist and serial killer who is planning to sell classified information to hostile nations. G Callen is in hot water again.

In season four, the NCIS team deals with the fallout from G Callen's deal and then embarks on a massive undercover mission in Iraq, where Callen and Kensi run into an old enemy. Kensi figures out she has feelings for Deeks.

Hetty is dealing with the fallout from her actions during the White Ghost case, and Hanna and Deeks are still reeling from the effects of being tortured by the Russian arms dealer at the beginning of the fifth season.

Seasons 7–11 of the original NCIS ran concurrently with the first five seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Three NCIS seasons (Seasons 7-11, 2009-2014)

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

The NCIS team faces enormous consequences in one of the best crime shows of the 2010s as Ziva leaves and Tony and the rest of the team try to bring her back. Ziva leaves her father and the Mossad behind as she joins NCIS as a special agent. In the meantime, Gibbs is being pursued by people from his past.

In season eight, the team is tasked with protecting Ziva's father, Eli, from a Palestinian terrorist group, and they also have to deal with a serial killer out for revenge on the agency.

The NCIS team deals with a terrorist out for revenge in season nine, and they lose a lot of people in the process after their headquarters are attacked.

Beginning with the aftermath of the Navy Yard attack and the terrorist responsible for it, Season 10 focuses on the team's efforts to move forward. Tony is attempting to act on his feelings for his coworker, while the team is reeling from yet another devastating loss, this time of Vance and Ziva.

Ziva left after the events of season ten, Tony is devastated, and Gibbs and the rest of his team struggle to adapt to the agency's changes, all of which were introduced in season eleven.

NCIS: New Orleans, a spin-off series, premieres this season in Episodes 18 and 19.

Season Four of NCIS: New Orleans (2014-2015)

Season 6 of NCIS: Los Angeles and Season 12 of NCIS all premiere at the same time as the first season of NCIS: New Orleans. This spin-off's first season introduces fans to the NCIS cast as well as some new faces. In the second episode, the NCIS team from the east coast helps out with the investigation, marking yet another crossover between the two series.

Special Agent LaSalle has suffered a devastating loss, and the team must investigate the source of the radiation threat to New Orleans.

The sixth season of NCIS: Los Angeles aired in 2014 and 2015.

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

At this point, the NCIS team is giving it their all to prevent the attack in California. Sam and Callen are trapped on a submarine that is attempting to attack the aircraft carrier in San Diego while Hetty demonstrates once again why she is the boss.

Hetty is in danger for violating protocol, a small group of terrorists is attempting to assassinate Hetty, and a mole has infiltrated the NCIS team. G Callen revisits Russia and Mexico, and learns more about his past.

Overall, NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 was a The action in Los Angeles is high-stakes, and it overlaps with two other seasons of NCIS: New Orleans and Season 12 of NCIS.

Episodes 12-18 of NCIS (2014-2021)

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

There was a major shakeup in the NCIS cast in Season 11, and now we've been introduced to the new member of the team: Special Agent Ellie Bishop. New terrorists are recruiting young people to cause mayhem in Season 12, and there are some intriguing cold cases to investigate as well as Tony's father's visit. The loss of a key player on the team.

Tony's ex-girlfriend reappears, Gibbs fights for his life, Bishop deals with personal issues, and the NCIS team travels the world in search of him in Season 13.

With the departure of a pivotal Special Agent at the end of Season 14, new recruits Special Agent Torres, Officer of MI6, Clayton Reeves, and Special Agent Alexandra Quinn are brought on board. Episode 15 of the season features a crossover with the New Orleans NCIS team, with both groups trying to identify the identity of the shadowy organization under investigation by Homeland Security. Once again, Special Agents McGee, Bishop, and Torres must go to Paraguay to find a missing Navy SEAL.

Jacqueline Sloan, a new Special Agent, joins the team in Season 15 to replace Quinn, and the group continues their search for their missing Paraguayan colleagues. One character is in grave danger, and Sloane must confront issues from her past that date back to her time in Afghanistan.

Season 16 focuses on the aftermath of Director Vance's disappearance, with Gibbs assuming acting control of NCIS in the meantime. In the season finale, a major character leaves the show, and another fan-favorite character returns.

The COVID19 pandemic has reduced Season 17 to just 20 episodes, and when Ziva David reappears, the NCIS team has no idea why she returned. Ziva helps her former team and then tells them she has a daughter with none other than Tony and that she and Tony currently reside in Paris. After years of speculation, this plot has finally been resolved, and the audience has erupted in joy.

Special Agents Sloan and Bishop, two integral members of the NCIS team, leave the show in Season 18, which features only 16 episodes. She initially relocated to Afghanistan so that she could carry on her friend's legacy of service by assisting the locals there, and Bishop later revealed herself to be a member of the team nobody had expected.

Only Ducky Mallard and Leroy Jethro Gibbs have been with the show for its entire eighteen-year run. NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles have shared the air for all of these seasons.

Seasons 7-12 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" (2015-2021)

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

The events of the sixth season are continued in the seventh, with the NCIS team looking for Callen in the wake of the tragedy involving Arkady. When Special Agent Hanna's son is in danger, it's up to his team to rescue him from the terrorists.

Season 8 focuses on a mole in the department, Hetty is questioned once more, and Sam Hanna faces off against an old enemy.

The ninth season of NCIS features a new director, an undercover Callen, and a trip to Vietnam to figure out what's up with Hetty. Mexico is the destination for the season-ending trip.

In season ten, the team addresses the fallout from their mission in Mexico. After one of their own turns traitor, Callen and Hanna team up with the Navy to track down the ISIS sympathizers aboard the USS aircraft.

Episodes in Season Eleven find the team traveling the globe to assist other organizations in dealing with a new terrorist threat.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Season 12 only has 18 episodes, and it focuses on Kensi and Deeks as they make challenging choices for their relationship. This season, NCIS is dealing with the Russian threat, Deeks is having trouble in his job, and Hetty is back.

Seasons 2–7 of NCIS: New Orleans (2015–2021)

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

A Russian sleeper agent is involved with Abby Sciuto's brother, and the original NCIS team and the new NCIS must work together to find out who it is. As the NCIS mole's influence grows, New Orleans faces an increasingly grave threat.

The third season sees the departure of a pivotal team member, another crossover with the east coast NCIS team, and Pride's turn to rogue behavior.

In season four, we see how Special Agent Pride negotiates with the former mayor of New Orleans, a key member of the team leaves, and one of the NCIS agents finally learns the truth about their family history.

In the fifth season, Pride fights for his life, and a new member of the NCIS team is introduced. They have to go to Russia because of the case.

In season six, a member of the NCIS team passes away, and the agency as a whole is shaken to its core. After the team's former leader comes under suspicion, one of the members decides to look into the situation.

To become the first NCIS series to end, NCIS: New Orleans has concluded after Season 7. Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, this season attempts to do its duty in a potentially volatile setting.

Season 19 of NCIS will air in 2021 and 2022.

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

After nineteen seasons on NCIS, series regular Mark Harmon is leaving the show, and this season, new cast members Gary Cole and Jessica Knight will be joining the NCIS team.

To cope with Gibbs' departure to Alaska and the new team member and Supervisor's handling of investigations and accusations leveled against him, the team does what it can to support him. Jane Tennant calls on Torres for assistance with a case in the season finale (episode 17) in a crossover with the new NCIS: Hawai'i.

To date, this is the most recent season of NCIS to be made available to the public.

Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles airs in 2021 and 2022.

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

During Season 13 of NCIS: Los Angeles, we see some team members making plans for their families, G Callen delving deeper into his past and making a major life decision, and the team dealing with a brutal heist crew that uses military-issued weapons to rob banks.

The newest installment of the NCIS: Los Angeles series.

Season 1 of NCIS: Hawai'i will air in 2021 and 2022.

NCIS Series in Order & How Many Spinoffs Are There?

NCIS: Hawai'i is a spin-off from the original series. The show's creators were inspired by another classic series, Hawaii Five-0. The first season of NCIS: Hawai'i consists of 22 episodes, and the show will grow from there.

Is There an Absolute Minimum Number of Episodes of NCIS That You Must View Before Attempting to Understand the

To get the most out of the experience, we advise you to watch the episodes in the order given below. One can safely switch from one show to another without missing anything, as they all have unique narrative arcs and foci. Individual preference is ultimately decisive.

Is There Going to Be Another Season of NCIS?

CBS has repeatedly shown they are willing to release more episodes of NCIS, which remains very popular with viewers. A few other projects were planned, including a spin-off of the NCIS: Los Angeles series called NCIS: Red, but the network ultimately decided against airing it.

We noticed that NCIS: Hawai'i was given its own series, and we've already placed an order for season two. NCIS is expanding internationally for the first time with the creation of a spin-off series set in Sydney. In the meantime, fans can look forward to the upcoming special twenty-first season of the original NCIS show, the fourteenth season of NCIS: Los Angeles, and the already-mentioned second season of NCIS: Hawai'i. No need for NCIS followers to worry; new episodes are constantly being produced.

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