Here is a complete list of Emma Roberts' film and television credits.

American actress, singer, and producer Emma Roberts She entered this world on 10 February 1991, in Rhinebeck, New York, USA. Actor Eric Roberts raised her, and she is the niece of her sister Julia Roberts.


Outline of Materials

Roberts made her acting debut in the 2001 film "Blow" when she was just nine years old. From 2004 to 2007, she starred as Addie Singer on the Nickelodeon series "Unfabulous." She also has a long list of film credits, including Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, We're the Millers, and Scream 4. ”

Roberts is also a musician; she released an album in 2005 and contributed to the soundtrack of the film "Unfabulous" ”

Roberts has also worked as a producer, having co-founded the book-based content production company Belletrist in 2017.

Roberts has been honored for her contributions to the entertainment industry with multiple nominations and awards.

Early Life

Her parents, actor Eric Roberts and his then-girlfriend Kelly Cunningham, gave birth to her on February 10, 1991, in Rhinebeck, New York. After her parents divorced when she was young, her mother took her to live in places like New York and London, where she attended school.

Roberts' early interest in acting led to her debut in the 2001 film "Blow" at the tender age of 10 years old. She continued her acting career while enrolled at Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, California. Her breakthrough came in 2004, when she was cast as the lead in the Nickelodeon series "Unfabulous."

Roberts's father, Eric Roberts, and her aunt, Julia Roberts, are both famous actors. Kelly Nickels, her stepfather, is a musician and the bass player for Guns N' Roses.

Despite having famous parents, Roberts has made a name for herself in the acting world through her own skill and dedication.


Success in the entertainment industry has followed Emma Roberts for over two decades. She has appeared in films, and television shows, and has also pursued a music career Her resume includes several illustrious roles, such as:

  • Roberts portrayed Addie Singer, a middle school student who uses her songwriting skills to express herself, on the Nickelodeon series "Unfabulous" (2004-2007). Popularity of the show contributed to Roberts' rise to prominence as an actress.
  • Roberts portrayed the title character in the 2007 film adaptation of the beloved book series "Nancy Drew." The film did well at the box office and established Roberts as a leading Hollywood actor.
  • Roberts starred as high school student Jill Roberts in the horror film sequel "Scream 4" (2011), in which she was the intended victim of a new iteration of the Ghostface Killer. Roberts's performance earned her praise from critics, and the film was a commercial success.
  • Roberts has starred in multiple seasons of the critically acclaimed anthology series "American Horror Story" (2013-2019), for which she has received numerous awards.
  • The 2013 comedy "We're the Millers" starred Roberts as drug dealer Casey Mathis, who creates a fictitious family in order to smuggle drugs across the border. The film was financially successful and further solidified Roberts' reputation as a formidable comedic actress.

In 2005, Roberts released an album and has been involved in the music for several of her film and television projects.

Besides acting, Roberts has also worked as a producer, having co-founded the book-based content production company Belletrist in 2017.

Across her acting and singing careers, Emma Roberts has proven herself to be a gifted and adaptable performer.

Beginnings and Child Acting in the New Millennium

Young Emma Roberts made her acting debut in the early 2000s. Her first film role was a small one in Johnny Depp's 2001 film "Blow." Afterwards, she made appearances in a number of other films, such as "Grand Champion" (2002) and "Spymate" (2003).

Roberts got her big break in 2004 when she was cast as the main character in the Nickelodeon show "Unfabulous." A middle schooler named Addie Singer, who sang about her life and its challenges, was the focus of the show. Several awards, including a Young Artist Award and a Teen Choice Award, were considered for Roberts because of her performance.

Since her breakthrough in "Unfabulous," Roberts has been a constant presence in film and television throughout the 2000s. Her acting credits include "Drake & Josh" (2004), "Medium" (2007), "Aquamarine" (2006), and "Nancy Drew" (2007).

In the 2000s, Roberts worked on both his acting career and his music career. Her 2005 debut album, titled "Unfabulous and More," included both covers and original compositions and featured songs from her television series.

Overall, the decade of the 2000s was formative for Emma Roberts' career, as she became known as a talented child actor and began experimenting with other artistic mediums, such as music.

2010s: A time of critical acclaim and established roles

Emma Roberts had a pivotal decade in the 2010s, as she moved from child actor to more adult roles and garnered critical acclaim.

Roberts played Noelle, a depressed adolescent, in the 2010 film "It's Kind of a Funny Story." Reviews were generally favorable, and the film was instrumental in establishing Roberts as a credible dramatic actress.

The 2011 horror film "Scream 4", in which Roberts starred, was a commercial and critical success. In her role as the film's protagonist, Jill Roberts, she was praised for striking a good tone between the film's horror and humor.

Roberts's career in film and television did not end after "Scream 4" Both the independent drama "Celeste and Jesse Forever" (2012) and the successful comedy "We're the Millers" (2013) featured her. Additionally, she started working on the anthology series "American Horror Story," for which she appeared in multiple seasons and received praise from critics.

Roberts maintained her music career alongside her acting career, appearing on a number of soundtracks and working with other musicians like Ashley Tisdale.

For Emma Roberts, the 2010s were a time of development and critical acclaim as she broadened her acting repertoire and pursued new artistic endeavors.

2020: New Actors on the Scene

Emma Roberts has kept busy in the entertainment industry in the 2030s, appearing in a wide range of film and television roles.

She had a leading role in the Netflix romantic comedy "Holidate," which was released in 2020. Critics weren't unanimous in their praise, but the film was a financial success and helped cement Roberts' reputation as a serious comedic talent.

Later that year, Roberts starred as Brooke Thompson on "American Horror Story: 1984," a horror-comedy series on Netflix. Roberts' performance as a whole was praised for its ability to strike a good balance between the show's humor and horror, and the series was well-received by both critics and viewers.

Both "Little Italy," a romantic drama, and "Paradise Hills," a science fiction thriller, featured Roberts as a leading actor in 2021. She also starred in and served as executive producer for the Carola Lovering novel-inspired romantic comedy series Tell Me Lies.

Next up for Roberts is the drama The Belair Estate, and before that, the romantic comedy About Fate. In addition, she will star in and serve as executive producer for a miniseries adaptation of the timeless novel "About Time."

Emma Roberts has maintained her reputation as a multi-talented actress in the 2020s by appearing in a wide range of projects across multiple media.

Intimate sphere

Emma Roberts has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight, and both her professional and private life have been scrutinized by the press.

Roberts started dating actor Evan Peters in 2012, after meeting him on the set of "Adult World." Prior to their engagement in 2013, the couple's relationship had been on-and-off for years. Yet, in 2015, they broke off their engagement, only to reconcile later that same year. As time went on, they repeatedly split up and reconciled before finally calling it quits this year.

Dating actor Garrett Hedlund began in 2020 for Roberts. In December of that year, the couple gave birth to a son whom they named Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

Roberts has discussed not only her personal relationships but also her mental health struggles openly. She's done a lot of public speaking to combat the stigma associated with mental health issues after opening up about her own struggles with anxiety and depression.

Roberts has also been featured on numerous "best dressed" lists due to her impeccable style. Several high-profile fashion publications, including Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar, have featured her work.

Some of Emma Roberts' film and TV credits include:


  • 2001: "Blow"
  • 2003's "World Series Champion"
  • 'Aquamarine' was released in 2006.
  • Released in 2006, "Nancy Drew"
  • Wild Child (2008)
  • Valentine's Day 2010
  • It's a Funny Story, (2010), a 2010 Film.
  • In 2011, we saw "Scream 4" in theaters.
  • "Celeste and Jesse Forever" was released in 2012.
  • It's the year 2013, and "We're the Millers"
  • 2015: "Palo Alto"
  • Michael 2015: "I Am"
  • 2015: "Ashby"
  • Author: 2017 - "The Blackcoat's Daughter"
  • "In a Relationship" (2018)
  • "Paradise Hills" 2019
  • "Holidate" in 2020
  • Little Italy, Year 2021
  • Dated 2021, "Fate" is about chance.

TV shows:

  • "Unfabulous" from 2004-2007.
  • Lyme life (2008).
  • 2012-2013: "The Real World"
  • Season 3 of "American Horror Story," airing in 2013–2014, is titled "Coven."
  • Freak Show (season 4) of "American Horror Story" aired in 2014-2015.
  • This year's edition of "Scream Queens"
  • "American Horror Story: Hotel" (season 5) premieres in 2016.
  • American Horror Story Season 7: Cult (2017)
  • American Horror Story Season 8: Apocalypse (2018)
  • "American Horror Story: 1984" (season 9) premieres in 2019.
  • 2020: "Don't Lie to Me"
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