Here are the top 12 films and TV shows that feature Zendaya that you can watch now.

the 12 best movies and television shows you can watch zendaya in right now

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Zendaya has been one of the most talked-about actresses in recent months thanks to the success of the second season premiere of the hit HBO series Euphoria and the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters. However, Z's screen work has been met with universal acclaim. In 2020, she won her first Primetime Emmy Award for her role as Rue Bennett in the TV series Euphoria, and it's likely that more awards will come Z's way in the years to come.

She's only 25 years old, and she's already played a wide variety of roles. Initially known for her roles in the dance-focused Shake It Up sitcom and her own spy series, K. C Undercover Within a short time, Zendaya was cast in more serious roles like Rue and Marie in the Netflix film Malcolm & Marie. As if that weren't enough, she became a commercial success by costarring with Tom Holland in the new Spider-Man films.

I was just wondering what else Zendaya has been in recently. Below you'll find a list of 12 of her most notable works, along with streaming links.

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To date, Zendaya's performance in Euphoria is the most notable one of her career. She portrays Rue Bennett, a 17-year-old heroin addict who is fighting for her life. She's a part of a cast of high schoolers dealing with the real-world complexities of drugs, sexuality, and social media.

Actors Hunter Schafer (Jules), Jacob Elordi (Nate), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), Alexa Demie (Maddy), Angus Cloud (Fez), Storm Reid (Gia), and Maude Apatow (Lexi) join Zendaya in the cast.

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2 The Spider-Man movie "Homecoming"

The first film of Tom Holland's tenure as Spider-Man, Homecoming depicts Peter Parker's adjustment to his new dual identity and return to his Aunt May after spending time with the Avengers. A character played by Zendaya, Michelle Jones-Watson (or "MJ"), is Peter's bright classmate and the eventual captain of the school's academic decathlon team.


3 A Spider-Man Movie Set Far Away From New York

Peter Parker and his classmates, including Mary Jane, Ned, and a few others, travel to Europe during the summer. During their time there, the chemistry between Peter and MJ only grows stronger. But Nick Fury interrupts the vacation to ask Spider-Man for help with the Elemental attacks.


4 Marvel's "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

After having his identity as Spider-Man revealed by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), Peter Parker has a tough time in the third and final film of the Tom Holland-led Spider-Man trilogy, titled No Way Home. To wrap up her time as MJ, Zendaya is back.

Even so, Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige, the film's producers, have dropped hints about a planned sequel trilogy. Is there going to be more Tom and Zendaya scenes? Awaiting further information.

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Dune is a story set in the distant future, and it follows the adventures of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), who has been thrust into a great destiny and must fight to ensure the survival of his people. This requires him to visit Arrakis, the most hostile planet in the known universe. Here he meets the local girl, Chani (Zendaya), to whom he is instantly attracted.

We feel it's only right to warn you that Zendaya appears on screen for all of seven minutes in this science fiction flick. Legendary Entertainment has given the go-ahead to film Dune: Part Two, so fans can (hopefully) look forward to seeing more of Zendaya in the future.

Go to HULU or Amazon Prime to watch it.

That is the most amazing shooow ever!" Hugh Jackman and Zendaya star in a musical, and Zendaya's co-stars include Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, and Rebecca Ferguson. Performer P, whose life story serves as the inspiration for the film, is the central protagonist. T Barnum and the origins of the modern-day, itinerant Barnum & Bailey Circus k equivalent to "The Greatest Show on Earth"

Actress Zendaya portrays trapeze artist Anne Wheeler in one of P T The antics of Barnum

You can stream it on Disney or Amazon Prime.

Malcolm & Marie is a black-and-white film that follows a filmmaker (John David Washington) and his girlfriend (Zendaya) as they spend a single night together at home following Malcolm's movie premiere. However, the lighthearted atmosphere of the evening begins to change as underlying tensions and personal struggles emerge and threaten to weaken their relationship.

Sam Levinson, who also created Euphoria and directed the film, helms the romantic drama.

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8 Title: "Space Jam - A New Legacy"

Starring Zendaya as Lola Bunny, this sequel to the 1996 animated film Space Jam features a new cast of voice actors. The fictional version of LeBron James teams up with the Looney Tunes to rescue his kidnapped son.

Look at it on HULU, or Amazon Prime, or HBO GO, or any of the other services out there.

Zendaya went on to star in her own Disney Channel series after Shake It Up. During this game, she chose K. C Cooper, a teen genius in math and karate who lives in the nation's capital, C She finds out that her parents are secret agents and is recruited to work for them.

The show's three seasons aired between 2015 and 2017. Zendaya agreed to play the part, but only after Disney met all of her demands. Some of these alterations included recognizing her as a producer, altering the title from "Super Awesome Katy" to something less generic, and giving the main character some karate chops.

I checked to see if she could sing, act, and dance to make sure she wasn't any good before dating her. That she lacked an artistic bone in her body," she told Vogue in 2017. I didn't want the audience to beOh, yeah, and then she sings this episode' shocked when it actually happened. ’ No She has no musical talent whatsoever and is unable to dance. Those are things she just can't do. Girls can be more than just princesses. ”

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When Zendaya's character Zoey Stevens' phone experiences a series of misfortunes, she discovers a miraculous app on it and uses it to help others. The boys in her life, from her obnoxious stepbrothers to her noisy stepfather to her secret crush, are all under the control of this supernatural app.

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With Bella Thorne, her co-star from "Shake It Up," Zendaya stars in the Disney Channel original movie "Frenemies." (Nick Robinson, who played the lead in both Love, Simon and its spinoff, Love, Victor, is also a part of the ensemble cast. )

As the title implies, the film follows three groups of friends as they transition from being best friends to being mortal enemies and back again. When their online magazine is acquired by a major New York City publishing house, best friends Halley Brandon (Zendaya) and Avalon Greene (Bella Thorne) find themselves competing for the same senior editor position.

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The original source Featuring the irresistible "Everybody, everybody get out on the floor..." theme song by Selena Gomez, Zendaya's first major series, Shake It Up, ran on the Disney Channel from 2010 to 2013.

Bella Thorne plays Rocky Blue's best friend, Cece Jones, and Zendaya plays Rocky Blue. The series follows the two as they try out for and eventually make it into the Chicago production of Shake It Up. , a regional dance competition on television, and pursue their goal of making it as professional dancers.

Check it out on DISNEY!

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