Do you know how many movies and TV shows starring Jennifer Connelly you've seen?

1 Maverick, the Best Gun in the World (2022)
Top Gun: Maverick

Pete Mitchell, better known by his nickname, Maverick, served for over 30 years in the Navy as a highly skilled aviator. One of the recent college grads he's mentoring is the son of his late best friend. But circumstances force him to face the demons of his past.

2 A Dream's Final Recital (2000)
Requiem for a Dream

In order to realize their dreams, four drug addicts with boring lives go on a downward spiral. Although Harry Goldfarb encourages his girlfriend Marion to become a prostitute so she can pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, he also helps his friend and fellow drug dealer Tyrone secure a large shipment. His mom, who is recently widowed, begins a drug-assisted diet so she can appear attractive on her favorite talk show.

3 When America Was Young (1984)

The film is a biopic about David "Noodles" Aaronson, who, along with his friends Max, Cockeye, and Patsy, rose to prominence in the New York underworld during Prohibition and whose life is chronicled over the course of four decades through flashbacks. then went into self-imposed exile, only to return years later and discover an important fact about his origins

4 An Excellent Intellect (2001)

The film is based in part on Sylvia Nasar's biography of the Nobel Prize–winning mathematician John Nash. The remarkable discovery he made early in his career helped him to quickly rise to the top. But he develops paranoid schizophrenia and has to struggle for a long time before he succeeds and wins the Nobel Prize.  

The poor fisherman who discovered this gem is now the target of smugglers and a business gang. The human cost of the 'blood diamonds' used to fund wars in Africa is highlighted in this political thriller, which also features a journalist on the hunt for the truth.

In this neo-noir film, we follow amnesiac John Murdoch as he wakes up in a hotel only to learn that a mysterious group known only as "the Strangers" is out to kill him for a string of murders he did not commit. Throughout the course of the film, he learns to harness his latent abilities and ultimately defeats the aliens known as the Strangers, who are conducting experiments on and controlling human beings.   

Focusing on a group of elite firefighters who put their lives on the line to save a town from a catastrophic fire, this film is an example of historical action drama.

8 Infants and Toddlers (2006)

Sarah Pierce, a depressed housewife, meets Brad Adamson, a law student, while they are both taking their kids to the park. After realizing they are both unhappy in their marriages and in their lives, the two decide to start dating, which only adds more drama to everyone's lives.  

9 The Sand and Fog House (2003)

Uncared-for reformed addict Kathy Nicolo has her California coast home seized by authorities due to an unpaid tax bill. Behrani, an Iranian refugee, wins the auction and plans to use the money to help support his family. To prevent the Iranian family from reclaiming her home, Kathy enlists the aid of Officer Lester. What will happen if these two sides continue to clash?

Babysitting her half-brother Toby against her will, rebellious teen Sarah secretly hopes that Goblin King Jareth will kidnap the infant and take him away. Sarah, feeling remorse, begs Jareth to return Toby, and her wish is granted instantly. He instructs her to enter the Labyrinth, a maze of illusion populated by bizarre creatures and mind-boggling puzzles, and retrieve Toby from its center before the clock strikes midnight.  

11 In the film Alita: Battle Angel, the protagonist is a mechanik named Alit (2018)

In the future, a caring doctor locates a female cyborg with an unharmed human brain and gives her a new cyborg body. After the doctor's daughter passes away, she is given the name Alita, but upon waking up, she has no recollection of her previous life. The movie follows her as she adjusts to her new life and the perilous urban landscape.   

After his wife Erica leaves him for a much younger man, the struggling novelist Bill Borgens spends his time spying on Erica and her new husband, Martin. He's also trying to teach his kids, Rusty and Sam, a jaded outlook on romance. The family as a unit seeks to understand the nature of love and the value of life.  

The life of American artist Jackson Pollock is the subject of this dramatic biopic. The film depicts Pollock's rise from obscure artist to leading figure in abstract expressionism.

The protagonist of Phenomena, a horror mystery film, is a young girl with a fascinating special ability: she can talk to insects. Very soon, she will be attending a boarding school in Switzerland. After a series of murders, she believes her skills will be invaluable.  

15 Reservation Highway (2007)

Ethan Learner hires Dwight Arno, a lawyer, after his son is killed in an accident on Reservation Road. Learner wants to know who is to blame for his son's death. Unfortunately for him, Dwight is the one who accidentally killed his son, and he has no idea about this.

The naturalist Charles Darwin is the subject of a biographical drama film called Creation, which follows Darwin as he struggles to finish his book "On the Origin of Species." He tries to keep the peace with his wife, whose religious views are at odds with his own evolutionary theories, and he struggles to strike a balance between faith and science.     

This film is based on a 1930s comic book hero. When stunt pilot Cliff Secord discovers a rocket-powered jetpack, he is suddenly able to fly. He dons a mask and saves not only Jenny, his girlfriend, but also other people. As his reputation as The Rocketeer grows, he becomes a target for everyone from the FBI to the Nazis of Nazi Germany.

18 Educative Heightening (1995)

Higher Learning is a drama/thriller film about three diverse first-year students who face racism and other challenges at their university.

19 An awakening of the dead (2000)

Fielding Pierce wants to be a politician, and he falls for Sarah, a selfless idealist who has dedicated her life to helping others. Sadly, she is killed in an explosion while aiding the Chilean resistance. Fielding starts having visions of his dead lover during a congressional campaign nine years later.

21 He's not really into you. (2009)

The film, which is based on Greg Behrendt's book of the same name, chronicles the experiences of nine individuals as they attempt to negotiate the thorny terrain of romantic relationships. Gigi, who consistently misreads the romantic interests of her dates, is the only consistent element in the story.  

22 Creation of the Abbotts (1997)

Doug Holt and Jacey, two poor brothers, compete for the affections of the wealthy Abbott sisters. But it's trickier than it looks

After some job searching, Harry Madox finds employment as a used-car salesman in a rural area. He is able to pull off a successful bank robbery after noticing a security breach at the institution. But he is quickly arrested, and his boss's wife, Dolly, comes through with an alibi to have him released. But she uses blackmail to force him into an affair, even though he has feelings for another woman.

24 The Fall at Mulholland (1996)

After becoming dissatisfied with the rules and flaws of the justice system, a group of four LAPD detectives decide to carry out the illegal execution of a major gangster. When a young woman's body is discovered at a building site, they are called immediately. A film of her having sex in a motel room arrives as the detectives dig deeper.  

Father and daughter Mo and Meggie Folchart were both born with the ability to bring fictional characters to life. Resa is trapped in the book when Mo releases the villain Capricorn from the novel Inkheart into the real world. In order to save Resa, Mo and Meggie must figure out how to make it through Capricorn.  

Peter, a thief who was brought up by a demonic figure, breaks into Beverley Penn's mansion. But he falls for Beverley, an heiress, and she is poisoned and dies in his arms. After realizing he can reincarnate, he sets out to rescue her.  

27 Music from an American Pastoral (2016)

Swedish couple's world collapses when their daughter Merry goes missing after a bombing. Once Merry is blamed for the explosion by the FBI, things take a turn for the worse. Rita Cohen, a 22-year-old college student, approaches Swede and asks for $10,000, implying that she knows where Merry is. Worse yet, she absconds with the cash, making an already bad situation much worse.  

28 A Brief Moment of Eternal Happiness (1985)

After receiving instructions from God, Noah begins building a massive boat large enough to hold his family, including his wife, three biological sons, and adopted daughter, and two of each species of animal on Earth. But when Cain's descendant Tubal-cain hears about the impending flood, he gathers an army to conquer the ark by force.

30 Prospects for a Profession (1991)

Moviegoers can watch Career Opportunities and learn about Jim, the awkward son of a local cement contractor, who is stuck at home and has no plans for his future. After getting locked in a department store one night, he meets the daughter of a wealthy businessman and his life takes an unexpected turn. They quickly find out how much they have in common.    

In this superhero film, we learn how Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk after being exposed to gamma radiation. The fact that Hulk is mentally unstable while being pursued by the US military is also made clear. Eventually, Hulk must face off against his biological father, who has his own nefarious agenda.  

Remade from a Japanese film of the same name, Dark Water is a horror-thriller that was released in 2005. In the wake of a contentious custody battle, a mother and daughter try to start over. Yet, she begins to have disturbing visions and hear strange noises, prompting her to wonder if she is imagining things or if they are actually there.  

34 The Day the World Came to a Halt (2008)

The humanoid alien Klaatu arrives in Central Park, accompanied by the indestructible GORT robot. Helen Benson and her son Jacob, both scientists, come to the grim conclusion that the only way to save Earth is to wipe out all human life. With newfound knowledge of humanity, Klaatu fights to save it from GORT.  

Two childhood friends become business partners in this black comedy. Their relationship deteriorates after one of them learns that the other's wife is cheating on him.  

37 The Highway to Heaven (2011)

Dan Day, an evangelical pastor, shoots and kills the atheist Dr. Paul Blaylock while they are having a discussion about a new book. To avoid any negative publicity, he pretends the death was a suicide. But Carl, an ex-deadhead, sees it happen, and Dan Day unleashes a horde of Christians on him.    

39 Love and the Darkness (1994)
41 The Core of Fairness (1992)
"Spider-Man: Homecoming" (2017)

Peter Parker goes back to school and fighting crime after fighting with the Avengers, but his mentor Tony Stark takes away his high-tech suit because of Peter's reckless behavior. Peter, however, has a lead on the supervillain Vulture and must go after him on his own. Vulture is a mysterious villain who has access to advanced Chitauri technology.

In the distant future, machines have taken over after a war between humans and robots has eliminated all human life. But in the final days of human civilization, a rag doll named Nine comes to life, gathers up eight others like him, and rallies them to fight the machines that seek to destroy them. They represent Earth's last, best chance at sustaining life.

I Drove All Night by Roy Orbison (1992)
It Was a Green World That Day (2009)
A Brilliant Brain An Award for the Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role 2002 A Brilliant Brain Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor or Actress in a Supporting Role in a Film 2002
Think Like a Champion Most Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role 2002
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