Discover the Top Ten British Reality Shows Ranked by IMDb

The upcoming return of Big Brother UK signals a potential challenger for the top spot in the reality TV market.

While reality shows may not appeal to everyone, British producers have created some of the most beloved and award-winning series in the genre.

But how do these shows rank on IMDb? Here are some of the best reality TV shows produced in Britain, across multiple channels and streaming services.

The cast members of The One That Got Away sitting together

The One That Got Away - 4.9

Amazon Prime Video entered the reality TV space with The One That Got Away, which premiered earlier this year. In the show, singletons attempt to reconnect with their ex-partners to rekindle their relationships.

Although a second season has not yet been confirmed, the first season fulfilled the wishes of fans who craved more shows like Love Island. This newcomer may not have been around for long, but it could satisfy viewers who are still reeling from the latest Love Island finale. Speaking of which...

Jacques and Paige relaxing in the sun in Love Island UK season 8

A revival of the popular show from 2015, Love Island has attracted a massive following over the years. Every season features a group of singles who hope to find love and win prizes by successfully pairing up with one another at a luxurious villa.

The show just wrapped up its eighth season and has become one of the most successful reality TV shows in recent memory. Fans can even find Instagram accounts for the most popular contestants to stay up-to-date on their lives. Love Island's international success has led to spin-offs in other countries too.

Naked Attraction puts a unique spin on the dating game show format. A single man or woman selects a potential partner based on physical attraction judged by exposed body parts of six suitors. Viewers also get to see if the couple can truly connect after they meet with each other.

Contestants pose nude in colored boxes on Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction has been on the air since 2016 and currently has five seasons. The show had caused controversy for featuring naked bodies on primetime TV but has still managed to become a hit with audiences.

Netflix also entered the reality TV scene with Snowflake Mountain. In this series, ten privileged young adults rely on the guidance of two expert guides to learn survival skills by living off the land.

Cast member of Snowflake Mountain with a chest

Although this show may not have reached the same level of success as some of the others on the list, it still showcases the variety of reality TV programming available to audiences in the UK.

It is unclear if the aforementioned show will receive a renewing for another season, but a number of its enthusiasts have shared their sentiments on IMDb. According to reviews from sage-26683 to thejdrage, it appears that the show tells "an enjoyable tale of egocentric individuals learning to function as a group" and is a "fun viewing experience." Hopefully, these admirers will soon have new episodes to relish, but for now, they can at least find the Snowflake Mountain show cast on social media and stay updated on their latest endeavors.

90 Day Fiancé, one of the most prominent reality shows of all time, has finally arrived in the United Kingdom with 90 Day Fiancé UK. Similar to its initial series, each episode highlights the relationship progression of a British citizen and their international partner in an effort to determine if their love can withstand the test of time.

Victoria and Sean 90 Day Fiance UK Season 1

Although this recently unveiled rendition has only been out for a month, fans have already grown fond of it and the compelling new stars featured on it. With luck, this British take on the beloved American classic will follow in its footsteps, but until then, viewers will have to enjoy this season as it is.

The Circle, a British reality competition series blending social media and Big Brother elements to make a one-of-a-kind program, has earned worldwide versions. Contestants utilize their true selves or fabricated personas to connect with one another from isolated apartments on a virtual social media platform. Currently spanning three seasons and a celebrity special, viewers hope the show that inspired the US adaptation will make a comeback chock-full of ingenious twists.

Split image of Ruksana looking confused & daniel posing and smiling in The Circle.

Escape to the Chateau, a reality show that is light in mood, is among the best-rated TV series on IMDb. It tracks the progress of Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree, who are raising their children and restoring a Château in France called Château de la Motte-Husson that serves as their abode and events facility. Over the course of the eight current seasons, audiences have seen their devotion and hard labor turn the Chateau into something exceptional. Yet, the couple's charisma is what made the program so successful and feel-good for viewers.

Dick and Angel from Escape to the Chateau

The Great British Bake Off, known as The Great British Baking Show in the United States, has taken the world by storm due to its uplifting and encouraging atmosphere from beginning to end. This show follows a group of novice bakers as they compete to become the ultimate baker, facing various daunting recipes and obstacles that test their abilities to the fullest.

What makes this reality competition show stand out is that despite the contestants striving to be the winner, they support each other and lend a helping hand whenever possible. The remarkable hosting and support by Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas have resulted in some of the most outstanding episodes in the entire series.

Top Gear, now in its 32nd season, has not slowed down after shaking up the show with new hosts over the last few years. The BBC has finally found the right combination of Paddy McGuinness, Andrew Flintoff, and Chris Harris, who drive around some of the most impressive vehicles and engage in fun challenges while sharing their banter along the way.

Top Gear - Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc to co-host

Although the format of the show has not changed much since its first episode nearly two decades ago, it has managed to maintain its classic formula that attracts both car enthusiasts and those who struggle to differentiate between car parts. The show has stayed current by tackling present-day driver issues, as well as featuring the latest electric cars.

After James May and Richard Hammond presented The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime Video, Jeremy Clarkson ventured into farming. The hilarious results that followed when Clarkson attempted to become a working farmer are revealed in the eight episodes of Clarkson's Farm.

Clarkson's Farm, Jeremy and Kaleb

Clarkson's Farm quickly became one of Amazon Prime Video's biggest hits and garnered positive reviews last year. Fans can look forward to a new season in the future, although the release date remains unknown. In the meantime, it continues to be one of IMDb's highest-rated reality TV shows of all time.

NEXT: Fans are eagerly anticipating 10 Things They Hope To See In Clarkson's Farm Season 2.

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