Discover the Top Nine American Football TV Shows for Ultimate Entertainment.

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Football is a favorite pastime for many as it offers the adrenaline rush of watching a game and the thrill of seeing your team emerge victorious. However, if you, like us, seek to catch glimpses of the action behind the scenes, TV shows are an excellent way to experience that.

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  • Here are seven football TV series, not in any particular order, that will allow you to delve deeper into the sport and continue to enjoy it even when there is no game:
  • Playmakers, ESPN (2003)

ESPN Playmakers

Playmakers, a professional football player drama series on ESPN that ran for just eleven episodes, remains one of the most controversial works in the genre. Fans adored the show for its realistic portrayal of players struggling to balance the demands of their sport and personal lives amid drugs, women, and violence. Critics also praised its authenticity. Despite its status as ESPN's highest-rated series at the time, the show was canceled due to its close relationship with the NFL and the latter's dislike of the story.

If you are a football lover, Playmakers is among the best American football TV series to watch. It's raw, tough, and honest, with football at its core, making it an excellent binge-watching option.

coach tv show

Where to watch Playmakers:

  • Coach, ABC (1989 – 1997)

For a more light-hearted take on football TV series, we have the iconic Coach, a comedy series that follows Hayden Fox, a college football coach navigating his love for football with his personal life, including his relationships with his girlfriend-turned-wife Christine and estranged daughter Kelly. The show's nine-season run was watched by millions, and every episode's half-hour duration explores themes that are still relevant today, such as parenthood, adoption, and self-confidence.

hbo football show

If you prefer football with a little levity, Coach is the perfect choice. It is a comedy with a heart and an underlying message.

Where to watch Coach:

  • Ballers, HBO (2015 – 2019)

Ballers is an HBO football show that focuses less on football itself and more on the glamour that comes with being a famous football player. However, if you're on the hunt for a series that shows what it's like to be an NFL player, this show provides an engaging fictional account.

Spencer Strasmore, an ex-football star played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is the protagonist. The character has transitioned to a financial manager for the NFL's best and most accomplished players.

friday night lights tv show

This show gives viewers a glimpse of the lifestyle that surrounds football on the big stage, making it a popular choice for those craving a different perspective on the sport.

Where to watch Ballers:

    Ballers has reached its fifth season and has proven to be an entertaining, intriguing, and, most importantly, enjoyable show. If you want to gain insight into the glamorous aspects of professional football, Ballers is definitely worth watching.

    football series the cw

    Friday Night Lights, which originally aired on NBC/The 101 Network from 2006 to 2011, is a highly recommended football TV series that falls under the category of teen dramas. It's an excellent show about friendship, challenges, family, and most importantly, football. The story follows the Dillon Panthers, a high school football team from Texas, and their coaching staff. The show's five seasons perfectly capture the highs and lows of belonging to such a tight-knit, football-obsessed community. If you're curious about growing up in a small Texas town where football is central to life, Friday Night Lights is a must-watch series.

    All American is a newer football TV series that debuted on The CW in 2018. Although the show primarily focuses on high-school football, it is still a worthy addition to this list of the best football shows. Inspired by the experiences of professional football player Spencer Paysinger, All American is about Spencer James, an upcoming high-school football star from South Los Angeles, who is recruited by the Beverly Hills High School football coach to play for their team. This means adapting to a more high-end Beverly Hills lifestyle.

    The Game is another football drama that definitely deserves a spot on this list. The CW aired a spin-off of UPN's popular sitcom Girlfriends called The Game in 2006. The show was terminated by The CW after three seasons, but Viacom's BET Networks revived it. The show aired for six seasons on BET before being passed on to Paramount. The original series revolves around Melanie Barnett, a first-year medical student who moves to San Diego with her boyfriend, Derwin Davis, who is playing for the fictitious San Diego Sabers football team. During the series, we see Melanie learning how to balance her medical studies with being the girlfriend of a professional football player. The new Paramount show is set in Las Vegas and chronicles the life of the Las Vegas Fury football team players and their families.

    best football shows

    Looking for some great football-themed TV shows? Look no further as we have listed down three of the best and different series for you to choose from.

    First, we have Blue Mountain State. This sitcom is the perfect portrayal of a college party movie made into a TV show format, and football serves as the bridge between the show's main characters. Follow the three newest members of Blue Mountain State University's football team as they explore college life for the first time. Expect a lot of partying, drinking, sex, and of course, football.

    Necessary Roughness on USA Network

    Next up is Necessary Roughness. This TV show features the unsung heroes working behind the scenes of a football game - coaches, assistants, doctors, therapists, and more. Follow psychotherapist Dr. Dani Santino as she lands a job as a therapist for a professional football team, the New York Hawks. Watch her help the team's star player T.K. King through crisis and become one of the most sought-after therapists for athletes and other star clientele.

    Netflix football show

    The last on our list is Last Chance U. This documentary-style TV show explores a community college football program and the lives of its members. From struggles in the classroom to hard work on the field and behind the scenes, this Netflix football series shows every aspect of junior college football and what it takes to become a national football champion. The realness of this unscripted show will give you an authentic glimpse at how things are done at the junior college football level.

    Watch these amazing TV shows on their respective streaming platforms and get ready to go on a football journey like no other! P.S. Stay tuned as another TV series about football might be joining our list soon.

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