Discover the Top Fishing Shows to Watch on Television

Have you ever stumbled upon a fishing competition or an oceanic documentary whilst aimlessly flipping through TV channels? Did the show pique your interest and leave you craving more? Look no further as we've compiled a selection of the best fishing shows on television. However, the challenge now lies in deciding where to start.

Fishing shows offer an unparalleled blend of drama, intriguing facts, various fishing techniques, breathtaking locations, and real-life challenges that anglers endure, all intertwined with nature's awe-inspiring and destructive power. Among our top picks are River Monsters, Deadliest Catch, Wicked Tuna, Lunkerville, and Battlefish.

Fishing has taken the media world by storm, featuring in movies, TV series, documentaries, televised competitions and even accounts for entire channels dedicated solely to anglers and their sport. We have highlighted some of the most prevalent fishing shows on TV, what they entail and where you can locate them.

Identifying the best fishing shows can be arduous; however, some shows stand head and shoulders above the competition, garnering high ratings and worth investing several hours of your day watching due to their captivating storylines, exceptional camera work, phenomenal soundtracks, and superb editing.

River Monsters, a British and American documentary-style show, follows Jeremy Wade, a British biologist and extreme angler, as he travels around the globe exploring various bodies of water to locate the resident "monster" that inspired folklore in the area. This series' unique offering is the captivating selection of fresh and saltwater fish species, some of which are fascinating, whilst others are terrifying yet intriguing.

IMDB score: 8.1

Number of seasons: 9

Number of episodes: 89 to 103 (specials)

Running period: 2009 to 2017

River Monsters is accessible via Animal Planet Go, Apple TV, Discovery Plus, ROKU, Prime Video and VUDU.

Deadliest Catch, despite its giant spider-like crabs, is one of the most beloved American reality TV series. Several fishing vessels operating in Alaska's Bering Sea strive to fill their quota of Alaskan crabs in this show, shedding light on the perils of sudden storms, working on deep-sea fishing vessels, and the competitive nature of the industry, alongside the many conflicting personalities on the boats.

This show has received 80 Primetime Emmy nominations and won 29 awards.

IMDB score: 7.8

Number of seasons: 18

Number of episodes: 320

Running period: 2005 to present (2023)

Deadliest Catch is accessible via Discovery Plus, fuboTV, Google Play, HULU (season 13), and Prime Video.

If you're into fishing expeditions, there are plenty of TV shows available to choose from. Battlefish, a Netflix exclusive, follows American fishing vessels as they hunt Albacore tuna in the Pacific Ocean. The show provides an insight into the industry's personal and environmental struggles as well as its competitiveness, with five vessels patrolling the Oregon coast. The IMDB score for Battlefish is 7.1, and it has one season with eight episodes, running from 2018 to present.

For those who prefer to watch fishing tournaments and leagues, Major League Fishing on Outdoor Channel is an excellent choice. This show is a partnership between Professional Bass Tour Anglers' Association and Outdoor Channel, which hosts bass tournaments. The competitive series showcases the anglers' personalities and challenges during the tournament to help viewers connect with the contestants. A significant feature of the show is that each boat has an iPad and a referee to weigh the fish quickly, allowing them to be released immediately and updated for the competition. The IMDB score for Major League Fishing is 7.1, and it has no seasons or episodes as it is ongoing since 2012.

Addictive Fishing is a popular series among fishing enthusiasts and anglers. The show follows Captain Blair Wiggins on his fishing adventures around the United States, where he catches unique and interesting fish. Most expeditions are related to saltwater fishing and feature Wiggins' charismatic personality. Addictive Fishing has an IMDB score of 7 and has had 21 seasons so far, with approximately 270 episodes, airing 13 episodes per season from 1999 to 2021.

Wicked Tuna, similar to Deadliest Catch, is an American reality series that tracks Atlantic bluefin tuna anglers competing for the largest catch. The series focuses on the challenges of capturing these elusive fish, the internal strife, and the thrill of hauling in 500-pound monsters. National Geographic produces the show, and the commercial anglers operate out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The IMDB score for Wicked Tuna is 6.5, and it has had eleven seasons with 170 episodes so far, running from 2012 to present with plans for a 2023 season.

You can catch these shows on various TV networks and streaming services such as ROKU, Prime Video, YouTube TV, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and Hulu.

Discover an interesting twist to fishing competitions in this reality-cum-gameshow series that has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. Contestants vie against each other for a grand prize of $30,000 by taking on specific challenges throughout the series. While those who emerge victorious move on to the next round, the losers go home empty-handed. The show has a strong theme of catch-and-release and features 24 challenges over the course of eight weeks in various fishing locations across the United States. Although the casting for Season 2 began in 2013, only Season 1 is available, with an IMDB score of 6 and a running period from 2013 to the present.

If over-the-top drama and watching professional anglers do their thing is not your cup of tea, Lunkerville is the fresh breath of air you need. The laid-back series follows host Michael de Avila as he embarks on a bass fishing adventure, showcasing recreational anglers from different parts of the U.S. and Canada and their favorite fishing spots. The show does not feature the host as a “super-angler” but rather focuses on regular people as it appeals to audiences who can connect with them. The show has 14 seasons, 182 episodes, and a running period from 2004 until the present, with an IMDB score that is unrated.

Bill Dance Outdoors, the longest-running fishing show, is a must-watch for any fishing enthusiast. Host Bill Dance, a legend in the field, educates viewers on various fishing techniques for recreational fishing and other technical aspects. Over the last 40-plus years, Bill has won the hearts of anglers across the US, and some hilarious “bloopers” from his shows have only made him more endearing. While he specializes in large and smallmouth bass, the techniques he offers extend to other forms and types of fishing. The show has an IMDB score that is unrated, over 900 episodes, and has been running since 1968.

To catch up on these fishing shows, head on over to these streaming platforms: Vudu, Animal Planet Go, My Outdoor TV, Roku, Prime Video, Vimeo, World Fishing Network, Apple TV, Disney+, and ESPN (previously).

If you're a fishing enthusiast looking for some quality TV shows or movies, you're in luck. There are numerous options available to you through various platforms, both free and paid. Some of the most popular streaming services like NBCSN, Prime Video, and World Fishing Network showcase a wealth of amazing fishing shows.

You can explore a vast range of fishing shows that cater to your interests, whether it's about tournaments or real-life experiences. Some notable shows on these platforms include Bassmaster Fishing Elite Series, A Fishing Story With Ronnie Green, Lobster Wars, and Scott Martin Challenge. These shows are available on a variety of streaming platforms, cable/satellite TV, and online.

In addition to TV shows, there are also many movies that feature fishing as a central theme or part of the story. Movies such as Jaws, The Old Man And The Sea, and Castaway use fishing as a major plot point.

If you're interested in a platform that is solely dedicated to fishing, Fishing TV is the perfect place for you. You can access hundreds of fishing shows on this subscription-based network, including in-house productions and external sources. This platform offers a variety of channels and content that cater to your interests, including educational, tournament, and reality. So, whether it's TV shows or movies, Fishing TV, or other dedicated fishing channels, you are sure to find the best content that matches your interests. Happy fishing!

Discover a wide array of channels dedicated to fishing! Whether you're interested in carp, coarse and match, fly fishing, planet fish, predators, saltwater, or World Fishing Day, you have plenty of options to choose from. These channels feature specialized programming that covers fishing tips, boating, and outdoor lifestyle, among other related topics.

One of the platforms that have gained popularity among fishing enthusiasts is the World Fishing Network. Available on Smart TVs since 2009, it offers a rich selection of shows, including Backwoods Backstage, Big Water Adventures, Bill Dance Outdoors/ Saltwater, CFN Fish Off, Extreme Angler, and Facts Of Fishing.

Another well-established platform is the Outdoor Channel, which has been airing shows since 2005. Many of the series mentioned before are available on this network, which also has close ties to the World Fishing Network. Cable and satellite users can access both channels, and mobile and online options are also available.

When it comes to TV fishing shows, you can find something for everyone's taste. From reality shows to educational programs, and even tournament-related content, there are many popular options to choose from. Some of the most beloved series are River Monsters, Deadliest Catch, Bill Dance Outdoors, and Addictive Fishing.

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