Discover the Top 20 Superhero TV Series of All-Time, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes!

Table of contents

I. Introduction

- Superhero television has become popular in recent years

- The Arrowverse, Netflix's Marvel shows, Disney Marvel series, and other shows are gaining a lot of attention

- There are several superhero shows on The CW, Disney, HBO Max, and Prime Video

II. Marvel vs. DC shows

- Marvel produces multiple new superhero TV shows every year, mostly receiving critical acclaim

- DC has upped its output and is connected to the DCEU with Peacemaker and a Batman spin-off series coming soon

- Both production companies are using their streaming services to push comic book adaptations

III. Best superhero TV shows with critical acclaim

- Superman & Lois (86% on Rotten Tomatoes)

- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (received critical acclaim for approaching real-world problems)

IV. Superman & Lois show

- Only one season has been released so far but is a spin-off based on the Superman character introduced in Supergirl

- The show takes a different outlook on superhero tales and focuses on Superman and Lois as parents to two teenage boys, one of whom has inherited his father's superpowers

V. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show

- Second Disney Marvel series to hit the streaming service and received critical acclaim

- Showed the fallout from Avengers: Endgame with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

- Approach real-world problems that many comic book movies don't touch

VI. Conclusion

- Comic book entertainment on the small screen is resulting in some of the best superhero TV shows of all time

- Superhero television will continue to be prevalent, especially with the use of streaming services by production companies.

I. Moon Knight

- Most recent Marvel TV series

- Received great critical reviews

- Takes time to explore protagonist's past and struggles

Superman and Lois

- Succeeding in telling stories of broken characters

II. Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.

- Unusual stop-motion animated series

- Humorous and heartfelt

- Protagonist loses company to wealthy Silicon Valley-type

- Wants to get company back without losing family

III. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

- Recently started seventh season

- Expanding the number of Justice League members in the Arrowverse

- Spun off from Arrow and Flash

- Time-traveling adventures with beloved characters

IV. The Flash

- Renewed for upcoming eighth season

- Ties it with original Arrowverse show, Arrow

- Barry Allen becomes Flash after accident

- Heart and soul of Arrowverse and one of the best superhero series

I. Flash

A. Fights dangerous villains

B. Goes through version of Flashpoint

C. Introduces members of the Flash family

II. Supergirl

A. Started on CBS, moved to The CW

B. Features female lead

C. Melissa Benoit carries role to great heights

III. The Boys

A. Adult-oriented superhero show

B. Black ops group deals with out of control superpowered beings

C. The Seven steps over the line of good and bad

IV. WandaVision

A. First Disney series from Marvel

B. First two episodes in sitcom style from 50s and 60s

C. Adds depth to Wanda and Vision's characters

V. Legion

A. Live-action television series in the mutant corner of Marvel

B. Presents surreal and dark experience

C. Character struggles with mental illness, secretive government organizations, and uncertain superpowers.

I. Introduction

Bucky, Zemo, and Sam looking in the same direction in TFATWS

- Recap of the importance of superhero TV shows in the Marvel and DC universe

II. Hawkeye

- Discussion of the return of Hawkeye and the introduction of Kate Bishop

- The development of Hawkeye's character in the series

- Introduction of new major characters, including Yelena Belova, Echo, and Kingpin

III. Loki

- Overview of Loki as a fan-favorite character

- The success of the Disney+ show in introducing new characters and concepts

- Mention of the introduction of Kang the Conqueror

IV. Black Lightning

- Brief discussion of the show's initial departure from the Arrowverse

- The critical success of the show's original premise and character development

- The show's four-season run and ending in 2021

V. What If...?

- Discussion of the unique concept of alternate realities and timelines in the Marvel universe

Marc and Steven standing in a hallway in Moon Knight.

VI. Conclusion

- Final thoughts on the significance of superhero TV shows in the broader Marvel and DC universes.

I. Marvel's "What If...?" created a compelling narrative that may impact future Marvel films

A. Some episodes were stronger than others

B. The show explored other dimensions fans are excited to see in future seasons

C. Some characters were better in "What If...?" than their MCU versions

II. "Stargirl" is a critically acclaimed superhero TV show

A. Started on DC Universe, then replayed on The CW

B. Based on the classic Justice Society character of the same name

C. Brec Bassinger stars as Stargirl, a second-generation hero

D. Praised for its powerful villain team, the Injustice Society

III. "Peacemaker" is one of the best superhero TV shows airing today

A. Spin-off from "The Suicide Squad"

B. Beat out Green Lantern and Batman shows for the first DCEU comic book series on HBO Max

C. Critically acclaimed thanks to the charisma of John Cena and the direction of James Gunn

D. Solid mix of humor, heart, and action

M.O.D.O.K. torments a victim in M.O.D.O.K.

IV. "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is one of the highest-rated and best superhero TV shows of all time

A. First season not well received by fans or critics

B. Improved when it moved away from MCU stories and focused on its own characters

C. Moved to an alternate Earth through multiversal shenanigans

D. Ended on its own terms and finished as the highest-rated Marvel superhero TV show of all time.


This article explores the current landscape of superhero TV shows and highlights some of the highest-ranking series. It mentions the critically acclaimed Watchmen sequel by HBO, the eclectic and weird Doom Patrol by HBO Max, and the bombastic and violent Invincible by Amazon Prime Video.


The article discusses the original graphic novel by Alan Moore and the challenges of building on the complex themes and structure. It praises the HBO sequel for honoring Moore's characters and ideas, its political messaging and self-contained narrative. However, it notes there are currently no plans for a second season.

Doom Patrol:

The article praises Doom Patrol for its eclectic mix of strange characters and over-the-top villains, which has led to great critical heights. It contrasts it with the low ratings of Titans, which has struggled due to its adult-oriented subject matter.

Nate Heywood is suited up alongside Supergirl in Legends of Tomorrow


The article highlights Invincible as another successful superhero TV show on Amazon Prime Video with bombastic action, memorable characters, over-the-top violence, and philosophical themes around the effects of superpowers. It notes that despite its bright colors and Saturday morning look, it is strictly a show for adults and has an all-star cast of actors.

Additional information:

The article also includes a link to another article that explores ten Invincible characters and their MCU counterparts. It also indicates that the Watchmen and Doom Patrol series are currently available on their respective streaming services.


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    Barry in his Flash suit in The Flash

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      Wanda summons power outside in WandaVision.

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      David Haller uses his gifts in Legion


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      Kate Bishop fighting at Christmas in Hawkeye

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            Loki Shushing

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                  Black Lightning in a tunnel


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                              Stargirl with American Flag in Season 1 finale

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