An Ordered List of All Pokemon Anime Series

Ash, Brock and Misty in the wood catching Pokemon in Pokemon.

I want to be the best there has ever been, like no one else has been. ”

Don't pretend you don't know the song's introductory lyrics. As children of the 1990s and 2000s, we all became familiar with Pokemon through the various media it was released in. I've recently become interested in the video games based on the Pokemon franchise, but as a kid I was always a fan of the TV show. While I'm looking forward to the upcoming 2021 TV season, every once in a while I'd rather watch something from the past.

There are many reasons to love Pokemon, but one of the best is that the game's regions, characters, stories, and new Pokemon are always being improved and expanded upon with each new series of games. However, this in no way implies that there are no significant differences between them. Here, then, is a ranking of every Pokemon anime series, from the first to the most recent.

Ash with his companion, Goh, fist-bumping in Pokemon: Journeys.

Serie de viajes nmero 8

There's just something... off about Journeys.

Obviously they had to come up with something for Generation 8, but I just don't feel like this series lives up to the standards set by the others. I like traveling around the Galor region and discovering new Pokemon, but it just isn't the same. Despite being appreciated on occasion, Journeys features far too many throwbacks to previously established regions.

While I understand that Pokemon is primarily designed for kids, I can't help but think that the earlier seasons of the shows had some excellent opportunities to teach kids about life lessons and the importance of responsibility. That's what I don't get about this show. I'm not going to watch this, and it's not just because it's available on Netflix.

Ash with his new companions running in Pokemon: Black/White.

Seventh in the Black and White Series

Okay, I'll admit it: Before I saw the entire Journeys series, this was my least favorite. The black-and-white combination isn't always a bad thing Nonetheless, it's not always bad either.

The New York City setting is my favorite aspect of the show. I love the idea of applying that to a Pokemon show. What really bothers me, though, is how forgettable the Black/White series was. The video games were entertaining, but I can't remember any of the anime's characters, not even Ash's new allies. That's when you realize it's just kind of meh

Ash with his Pikachu on the beach in Pokemon: Sun and Moon.

Seasons of the Sun and Moon, Number Six

Pokemon Sun and Moon were two of my favorite games. The setting's resemblance to the Hawaiian islands intrigued me, and the beautiful scenery really brought to life many of the anime's depictions of Hawaii. The introductory characters were already adorable. I mean, come on, who doesn't adore Rowlet?

However, the animation is keeping me from giving it a higher rating.

I remember a different Ash from this one. He has the strangest appearance. Not even Pikachu has retained his original appearance. The odd expressions and eerie gazes in their eyes have really thrown me off. As opposed to the norm, Due to this, rewatching the series has proven to be a daunting task for me. In Journeys, Ash at least appears somewhat normal. See how... I have no idea what he's thinking here.

Ash with Misty and Brock getting scared in Pokemon: Johto.

Johto Series #5

Regarding Pokemon, Johto is just about average. Okay, I'll say it.

It will never measure up to Indigo. It's not the worst thing ever, but it's not even close to the worst things on this list. Placed roughly in the center I loved following Brock, Misty, and Ash as they continued their adventures in Johto. Cyndaquil is my favorite of the new Pokemon introduced in this generation.

However, it doesn't improve upon the strengths of the preceding installments. It's very similar to the previous episodes, and while that formula works for Pokemon, I've seen better episodes that delve deeper and deliver more meaningful messages than Johto. I'm relieved that the following season showed signs of shaking things up a bit

Ash with one of his brand new companions, May, in Pokemon: Ruby & Saphire.

To Sum It Up, It's a Ruby and a Sapphire

Ruby and sapphire... Regarding this Pokemon series, I feel conflicted.

I liked how they began to switch up Ash's sidekicks a little bit in this season. I liked Misty, but it was refreshing to see her have a change of heart and pursue her own goals instead of blindly following Ash. There's a reason why Pokemon from Generation 3 are considered classics in their own right.

The main reason I ranked this series so low is because, while I appreciate the new developments with Ash's sidekicks, I just can't get behind Max. Wonderful May While I enjoyed her story and character overall, I couldn't help but feel that Max was just trying too hard to be like Brock. While it's cute to have someone trying to follow in your footsteps, the similarities between the two characters were almost too striking. Certainly, they could have made better use of his talents. Otherwise, the Hoenn region is fantastic, and the fights are fantastic. Absolutely one of the best shows ever made

Ash with Serena, Clemont, and his little sister, Bonnie on their journey.

The XY Series, Number 3

My entire being belongs to Ash and Serena. Whether the ship sinks or not, I'm going down with it.

When compared to the other Pokemon series, XY is by far my favorite. Not only was the story fantastic in comparison to the earlier seasons, but some of the Pokemon added in Generation 6 were super epic, like Greninja, which became so popular it became a character to fight within Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Serena Williams is a major factor in this.

Little is revealed about Ash's early life. His mother had a Mr. X, he and Gary were friends, and he eventually became rivals with Gary. Mime, and maybe a couple of other interesting tidbits; however, we were never really given any substantial background story as to who he was as a young child. Serena, the cute sidekick with a crush on Ash, enters the picture with her stories and character development, and she and Ash's other sidekicks end up helping him mature into a better person overall. As a continuation of the Pokemon series, it works wonderfully.

Dawn with her Piplup in the opening episode of Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl

Sequence 2: Diamonds and Pearls

But despite my admiration for Serena, Dawn is unrivaled. As well as the terms diamond and pearl

There are countless reasons why Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are such a defining chapter in the franchise's history. The video game upon which it is based is excellent, the anime is very good (with some profound episodes, such as when Jessie gives up Dustox for love and Pikachu questions his evolution for the first time since Season 1), and the supporting characters are superb.

Dawn herself is a fantastic addition to Ash’s team and a welcome change after May and Max, because while she’s still a trainer, her main dream is to be the best coordinator in the Pokemon league, and news flash – she’s not the best and makes mistakes just like normal heroes in fiction shows convincingly that defeat is not the end of the world As a child, she was one of my role models, and I'll always admire her because she is tough, kind, and cute. Not to mention, who doesn't adore Piplup Or Turtwig The Chimchar even How adorable they all are!

Ash, Misty and Brock in the original anime of Pokemon: Indigo League.

First, the Indigo League Books

And yet, Indio League must be ranked first. You had to have known this day would come at some point. This was the first of many successful series.

Given the current state of the U.S. economy, it's difficult to believe that this series is older than twenty years. S Both the 1998 U.S. and 1997 Tokyo releases of the film are legendary for different reasons. Ash and Pikachu are the franchise's poster children, and they make their debut here. It's the first place most of us encounter nuanced narratives, and the first place many of us learn that hard work and perseverance can pay off and make us the "very best" in whatever field we choose. Pokemon teaches us the value of friendship and perseverance, and its universe is stunning.

A cultural revolution was sparked, and no matter what happens, we will always treasure this series. All of us kids grew up with Pokemon, and for us, it all began with a boy and his Pikachu.

If you had to choose, which Pokemon game would you say is your favorite, and why? What is your preferred pal? However, let's be honest: as long as Pikachu is around, who cares who Ash travels with, am I right?

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