A. Daddario, Alexandra

Daddario began filming her role as court reporter Lisa Tragnetti, who is having an extramarital affair, in January 2013.[20] She appeared in four episodes of the first season of the HBO anthology series True Detective.

Daddario joined the cast of the premiere season of the HBO anthology series True Detective in the beginning of 2013. She played Lisa Tragnetti, a court reporter having an affair with one of the main characters, in a four-episode arc. There was a lot of buzz about her sexless appearances in the show. The following year, [21] she starred as Blake Gaines in the disaster film San Andreas and had a cameo in the pilot episode of the Fox comedy series The Last Man on Earth. The following year, she appeared as a guest star on American Horror Story: Hotel, playing a made-up version of fashion designer Natacha Rambova. [24]

She has been seeing the producer Andrew Form since 2020. They made the announcement on December 2nd, 2021. They tied the knot in June of 2022 [44]. [45]

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